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Pamela Anderson’s make up artist must have taken the day off, because she has Amy Winehouse eyes and lips like Eminem’s ex wife in this photo. Did someone at E! do this to her? But all is not lost- she does have an impressive set of teeth.


Posted by hoodlum on August 26, 2008

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  1. By Art Chic
    On August 26, 2008 at

    Too much tweek and sun.
    Still, she appeared to be a nice person on her reality show

  2. By Anonymous
    On August 26, 2008 at

    Halloween is early this year, folks. Behold… FrankenPam!

  3. By Anonymous
    On August 26, 2008 at

    She has become a caricature of herself?
    BTW I don’t like her on her show which means I don’t like the show.

  4. By And so it goes
    On August 26, 2008 at

    That top lip has always been so weird looking…like a cocktail weiner stretched across, with no little middle indentation like most lips. The nose looks like a premature baby fist.
    I’m too nice to mention the dark roots, the wrinkley forehead and neck, the drawn-on eyebrows, and the fake tits, and I guess everything else is cool on the sex queen.

  5. By lindy
    On August 26, 2008 at

    Looks like the party is over.

  6. By Anonymous
    On August 26, 2008 at

    QUE FEA = How Fugly omg what happened to her she disgusts me.

  7. By kait
    On August 26, 2008 at

    She looks like a caricature of her young, beautiful sel–the one that was first captured for the world on the JumboTron at that football game where she was first discovered in 1989.

  8. By gerard Vandenberg
    On August 26, 2008 at

    It can be difficult for some persons to accept their AGE?

  9. By Kittee Kattee
    On August 27, 2008 at

    The airbrush artist quit, too.
    I never watched Baywatch so all I knew about her for the longest time was that she was most famous for being Pamela Anderson And Whatever Last Name She’s Going By At The Moment.
    Then I saw a bio on her and they showed her when she came to Hollywood. Man! She was BEAUTIFUL then!!!! WHAT HAPPENED?!?!?!?!

  10. By Reta
    On August 27, 2008 at

    Talk about waaaaay past your prime!!! Give it up Pam and GO AWAY already…you’re hurting our eyes!! Can’t you see without your bifocals, so when you put on your makeup you can’t tell it’s already on and you keep putting on more & more & more?
    Do you get your paints out of a one gallon can, or the economy five gallon? Home Depot Paint Department?
    I think they recalled that color because of it being toxic…it makes the user resemble a whore, so I’d take the left over can back if I were you, try to get a refund, if you can, and maybe they can exchange it for some industrial grade paint remover and some heavy duty sandpaper to scrape that crap off what’s left of your face, (and don’t forget the chisel).
    Or, maybe you’re auditioning for the joker in the next Batman movie? THAT might explain it!!!!

  11. By Anonymous
    On August 27, 2008 at

    This diseased prostitute is horrid. One can’t help but compare her to the other diseased prostitute, Vadge.

  12. By I am smart
    On August 27, 2008 at

    She has already had an eye infection due to too much mascara/eyeliner that morphed into her eye. Will she ever learn? And will she ever learn to leave alone the likes of Tommy Lee and Kid Rock. Her future will be bleak unless she wakes up, but it may be already too late, who knows. I hope the boys are being taken care of. She has been on TV, bragging that she has no help with them and does it all herself.

  13. By Anonymous
    On August 27, 2008 at

    UGLY, UGLY, FUUUUUUUUUGLY. Pammie should be the main character for the next big monster horror movie. How can this woman think she’s sexy, looking like that? I feel sorry for her boys, having such a skanky ho for a mom.

  14. By strom
    On August 27, 2008 at

    She and Diana Ross are well know for having the largest and most willing clams in Hollytown! A fright in the morning no doubt.

  15. By stephen
    On August 27, 2008 at


  16. By Anonymous
    On August 27, 2008 at

    I hope she is saving her money. She needs to learn a new trade her looks are not going to get her anywhere.

  17. By jean
    On August 27, 2008 at

    Now I can stop lamenting about which scary person to be for Halloween. Now, where do I find a cheap wig and some driveway tar for my eyes?

  18. By Ventura
    On August 28, 2008 at

    Ewwww! And notice even her famous cleavage is wrinkly with a visible implant showing through. My daddy always told me looks don’t last forever and women need to have other attributes as they get older.

  19. By Anonymous
    On August 28, 2008 at

    First time I’ve ever seen a woman with her lips smeared all over her face.

  20. By Anonymous
    On August 28, 2008 at

    once she was soooo pretty, now just a degrated mess…no wonder her show is grainy, she has to cover her wrinkes, horrible makeup etc. but she still has her smarts and her kids!

  21. By Anonymous
    On August 29, 2008 at

    Let me be the first to announce, the Joker in the next Batman movie is…

  22. By WTF?
    On August 30, 2008 at

    Dear God …

  23. By Anonymous
    On August 30, 2008 at

    OOPS! That is actually an early photo of Tammy Fay Baker (look her up, all you young’uns)

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