We can appreciate that Paris Hilton loves animals but we think she’s way off base with her mini-cat. We hear she’s got a cat that was bred to be a tiny dwarf and like most dwarves it has short bowed legs. We think breeding animals to be dwarfs or midgets is unethical and they usually have numerous health problems because of it. They’re cute, but not healthy or able to function like a regular cat. For example these short legged cats can’t jump like normal felines and might break bones because their legs aren’t long enough to absorb the shock. Plus they have internal problems. But as long as wealthy people like Paris buy these pets, they will be produced by unscrupulous breeders. Paris should think about adopting her cats at a shelter.


Posted by Janet on March 21, 2007

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  1. By Bev
    On March 21, 2007 at

    I didnt know a dog could buy a cat

  2. By Mario Lavenderia aka Perez Hilton
    On March 21, 2007 at

    I hope the cat scrathes her beady druggy eyes out

  3. By Ethel Mae Potter
    On March 21, 2007 at

    That poor cat will catch herpes from her scagness

  4. By Bobby Fendi
    On March 21, 2007 at

    2 smelly pussies in 1 car,yuck

  5. By Uola Gabor
    On March 21, 2007 at

    My Dears.In my day,a TRUE Lady would never be seen with some smelly rat on ones arm,unless of course it was a mink from Schiwmers of Beverly Hills.This woman is not worthy of the film they wasted on her.

  6. By shiloh is a privledged blob !
    On March 21, 2007 at

    The kitten is absolutely adorable !
    My main concern is that ParASS belongs to the throw away society .
    I hope the kitten doesn’t end up in a shelter . ParASS seems to have a hard time taking responsibility & committing .

  7. By Anonymous
    On March 21, 2007 at

    I hope the cat uses cisco adlers sac as a scratching post

  8. By Jackie Harris
    On March 21, 2007 at

    Paris Hilton is over,over,over.Please stop writing about her and her nasty ugly droopy face,shes vermon with a herpe cave.

  9. By Shirl McKliensky
    On March 21, 2007 at

    Paris Hilton is too skinny,Id like to take her to claim jumper and feed her a chicken fried stake and mashed potatoes and country cats wouldnt wanna leave the house away from their food bowels

  10. By Thelma Harper
    On March 21, 2007 at

    If I could get the ugly stick away from Kimberly Stewart I would beat paris over the head with it further.

  11. By Ioyla Boylen
    On March 21, 2007 at

    No thelma I would go further,Id like to take Nicole Richie up Paris Hiltons wide arse

  12. By Dame Judy Drench
    On March 21, 2007 at

    Paris Hilton has a dirty neither reigon that smells like a tuna barge in the sun,thats why cats like her.

  13. By Anonymous
    On March 21, 2007 at

    Throw water on the witch and watch her melt

  14. By Tiffany N.Y.
    On March 21, 2007 at

    SHEEEEEEEEEEET.This cracker think she all that? Hell no,My weave is REAL hair from india,she aint got no love.

  15. By Joyce DeHalfwit
    On March 21, 2007 at

    you would think with all her money she would get that awful beak fixed and that lazy droopy eye as well.

  16. By Anonymous
    On March 21, 2007 at

    Where can I buy a midget cat? I want one.

  17. By Anonymous
    On March 22, 2007 at

    The only reason she acquires animal is to use them as props in hopes her picture will be taken and used just as it is here. Come on, Janet, ignore this ignorant witch.

  18. By Anonymous
    On March 22, 2007 at

    poor cat.. its bad enough to be ‘brought’ by paris but worse to be bred as cute midget cats

  19. By Margo Channing
    On March 22, 2007 at

    no comment

  20. By Anonymous
    On March 22, 2007 at

    I agree with your sentiments, she collects animals and then gives them away, and getting a cat like this only exaserbates the problem of “designer” cats and dogs in this country

  21. By An Animal is Not a Toy
    On March 22, 2007 at

    Looks like a regulation Himalyan kitten to me but I feel the need to pre-emptively call the ASPCA.

  22. By babygreens
    On March 22, 2007 at

    This has to be one of the sickest things I have ever heard in my life! Millions of perfectly healthy and sweet cats and dogs are killed ever year because they are unwanted and now people are breeding cats to be have a handicap???!!! I want to throw up.

  23. By Anonymous
    On March 22, 2007 at

    Well said Janet

  24. By Anonymous
    On March 22, 2007 at

    When I see homeless people with pets, I always think that those poor animals lost on the pet owner lottery.
    I think the same thing when I see Paris Hilton, Britney, or Lindsey with a pet. You have to home and sober to keep them company everyonce in a while.
    At lease homeless people spend a lot of time with their pet companions!

  25. By Anonymous
    On March 22, 2007 at

    lmao at your comments.

  26. By lindsay firecrotch lohan
    On March 22, 2007 at

    Everything is a possession to parasite. That poor cat, along with the rest of her pets are used for her amusement and thrown away when she is bored with them. She is a herpes sore with no heart, soul or feelings.

  27. By fancy feast.
    On March 22, 2007 at

    its just a dumb little himalayian kitten. i had two himalayian cats and while they were absolutely gorgeous, they were complete bitches. no matter how hard i tried to please them, they would whine and whine and whine like they were dying..i swear i tried everything under the sun, thinking that i sould do something to make them happy….but no, it didnt freaking matter…i put up with those pussies crap for several years until i finally found them a home with someone who really appreciated their true beauty, but had no clue what little horrid creatures they were….
    so, in brief, my assesment is that this cat with paris is a perfect match!.

  28. By Jess
    On March 22, 2007 at

    Fancy feast, I don’t blame the cats for not liking you. You’re a dumbass.

  29. By Angelina collects orphans
    On March 22, 2007 at

    Fancy feast !
    I see you are part of the throw away society .
    In other words if a cat or dog doesn’t kiss your ass and act perfect then you throw him / her away !
    I work with animal rescue groups and we see your kind everyday 🙁
    Let me add that your type of behavior is a pattern . God help your kids , spouse , family & friends . If they are not perfect all the time …
    Fancy feast you are no better than ParASS !

  30. By Anonymous
    On March 23, 2007 at

    Fame whore. Anytime you take a cat outside it should be in a cat carrer. The cat could freak out and easily run away. So many pets are lost this way because of the parade of stupids like PH.

  31. By Anonymous
    On March 23, 2007 at

    It’s one big pathetic situation.

  32. By Bad Dog Sam.
    On March 23, 2007 at

    Angelina collects orphans.
    Crazy cat ladies too the rescue!
    Meow, meow, meeeeow!

  33. By cat odor is contributing to global warming
    On March 23, 2007 at

    here come out all the pussycat defenders…. boo hoooo hoooo.
    there is not a single smell on the planet that is worse than cat piss.
    oh and the joy of cat scratches.

  34. By Anonymous
    On March 23, 2007 at


  35. By Mittens
    On March 23, 2007 at


  36. By Socks
    On March 23, 2007 at


  37. By Lesley
    On March 24, 2007 at

    Janet, thank you for saying some things about breeders. Paris Hilton is always about what entertains her that particular day. Thanks for letting people know they should be responsible in their choices.

  38. By Anonymous
    On March 28, 2007 at

    I cannot believe!!!
    I see you are part of the society without escrupulos, that there is single people who interests the money to him and it does not concern the suffering the animals It’s one big PATHETIC situation…

  39. By Anonymous
    On April 3, 2007 at

    she ‘s nuts

  40. By MEOW
    On April 5, 2007 at


  41. By Kath
    On April 7, 2007 at

    Stupid slut, what next? “animal lover”..hahaha

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