Days after Lindsay Lohan claims she had an “appendectomy,” she was out until 5 AM dancing with Travis Barker.


Posted by Janet on January 11, 2007

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  1. By Anonymous
    On January 12, 2007 at

    Well no duh. Lyndsay Liehan strikes again! Appendectomies are painful and recovery takes a few days. It’s quite painful to walk afterwards. The place where she went in Century city is an upscale emergency hospital. And as far as I can tell, they don’t do appendectomies there. She most likely was there to get her antiviral (herpes) Rx filled.

  2. By Anonymous
    On January 12, 2007 at

    Can her skin and face look any more skankier?

  3. By Hedda Bopper
    On January 12, 2007 at

    Please no more storys about this has been scag……Oh No!

  4. By Anonymous
    On January 12, 2007 at

    Appendectomy – ha! That little trollop must think people are as stupid as she is if she thinks we buy into a no-recovery time appendectomy (applies to her manager and agent, too). Puhlease!

  5. By Nelson
    On January 12, 2007 at

    One of my sources told me that Lindsay’s little unexpected trip to the hospital caused her film production to have to temporarily shut down at the cost of nearly 1 million dollars. In the process, she managed to alienate many of the producers and crew members. She will soon be virtually uninsurable and, consequently, out of work. Her popularity BEHIND the camera is fading fast.
    Of note: I hear that she actually had to go back for a follow up procedure because she may have reinjured herself from partying before she was fully healed from whatever mystery procedure was performed. And why did she walk out of the hospital instead of being pushed out in a wheelchair, which is customary (legal) procedure for patient discharge?

  6. By Anonymous
    On January 12, 2007 at

    I work for a surgeon and we have never EVER had anyone resume their regular life the following day after surgery. If she had it done laparoscopic she would be sore and bloated from the air that they inflat you with that you wouldn’t want to be out in public. I think it’s a big ruse on her PR people. She probably OD’d.

  7. By Scottina
    On January 12, 2007 at

    The sooner Janet stops running features like this on her, the sooner we’ll be rid of her.

  8. By Anonymous
    On January 12, 2007 at

    You forget that Hollyweird is very forgiving, unless you are Mel Gibson (but he has his own money to make movies so who cares if they don’t forgive him).
    Supposedly, Lyndsay has caused grief for many directors and producers, yet she still finds work. Why is that? Because they think she still can make them money. If her movies start to flop and her behavior continues to cause studios money, she’ll find herself more in the company of Paris Hilton to keep in the limelight.

  9. By Patrick
    On January 12, 2007 at

    The girl is “JUST” fried!
    The yellow complexion indicates a screaming liver.
    When are you stepping in to protect your money maker?

  10. By Zelinka's Mommie
    On January 12, 2007 at

    My brother had an appendectomy when he was in his late 20s. He was in good health and suddenly fell ill. He was in the hospital for 5 days and then it took another 2 weeks to recover at home. As a psychic ,I can assure you this is a lie ( that Lindsay had an appendectomy) . I feel bad for her-“as you reap”… she seems to be on the course to totally self destruction. People who do drugs are frequently liars. So many hard working- just as capable actors out there looking for a break and she is pissing it all away.

  11. By Anonymous
    On January 12, 2007 at

    Note to 10:25…name her last big box office movie? The real news is she hasn’t made a successful money-making movie, where she was the star to carry it, since “Mean Girls” and that’s been several years ago. She needs a hit, and soon.

  12. By Kathy
    On January 12, 2007 at

    that does not even look like Lindsey Lohan people.
    conundrum solved.

  13. By Paulette
    On January 12, 2007 at

    I had my appendix removed and spent a week in the hospital. It took another two weeks before I went back to work and I was walking slowly for a long time. I watch LL leave the hospital and thought then there was NO way she had her appendix removed. She was walking too fast. I lost a lot of respect for her that day and I didn’t have a lot left.

  14. By Anonymous
    On January 13, 2007 at

    Liar. Her mother needs to let go of the $$ and put her daughter’s well-being first and get this child some help! She is sinking fast!

  15. By Jenna
    On January 14, 2007 at

    She looks like this girl in my building who is a known crack head… Snorting coke won’t make you look like that… she’s smoking the shit.

  16. By Big Bird
    On January 15, 2007 at

    You know, one celebrity from ages ago comes to mind when i think of lindsay and her troubles….
    Judy Garland. Judy’s mother was her stage mom from hell. judy was put on all kinds of drugs at the encouragement of her filmmakers to have her lose weight and have so much energy that they could tape two shows a day. Naturally, judy became an addict, and suffered terribly with breakdowns that would land her in the hospital time and again. In Judy’s case, it seems that the people closest to her were more interested in making money off of her undeniable talent rather than considering her well being.

    its sad watching a young girl being so exploited. she is not even 21, and has the reputation of a drunken skank??
    its all just so sad.
    poor girl is gonna crash hard.

  17. By Anonymous
    On January 15, 2007 at

    i wanted to believe the appendixx story

  18. By Anonymous
    On February 15, 2007 at

    You would expect this site to be a little more educated about addiction – surely you’ve all graduated the 60’s and understand the devastating nature of the disease – the aggression here is astounding!!!

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