Hey, Lindsay Lohan! Just wanted you to know that you’re not fooling US! Insiders are saying the Lohan “jewelry heist” was a big fat publicity stunt set up by the publicity hungry actress. Apparently she can’t get enough attention and made a deal with photographers to be present when she “discovered” her bag of jewelry was missing at the airport. Do you REALLY believe that Lindsay HAS a million dollars worth of jewelry – and if she did, would she really schlep it to the airport? Come ON. Apparently Lindsay set up so many bikini shots this summer that the photo market was overloaded and her stock went down. Don’t tell us you BELIEVED her story that a PAPARAZZO found the big orange bag! Trust us, Lindsay learned a few things from Paris Hilton – every time she leaves the house she alerts photogs. These so called intrusive paparazzo shots are set ups! And we suspect it goes a step further – that the photographers have to split the profits with Lindsay!


Posted by Janet on September 13, 2006

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  1. By Jacque Itch
    On September 13, 2006 at

    She’s giving Paris a run for her herpes in the publicity stunts department.

  2. By Anonymous
    On September 13, 2006 at

    This is so true. Lindsay is a publicity whore. She will do anything or anyone for press.

  3. By Local LA'er
    On September 13, 2006 at

    She really did get the bag stolen.
    And yes, we all know Lohan is loves the attention, and likes to play damsel in distress.
    Theres pics of her exposed crotch floating around on other gossip blogs.

  4. By Anonymous
    On September 13, 2006 at

    Damn. Bitch had me feeling sorry for her. That’s no small feat.

  5. By Anonymous
    On September 13, 2006 at

    Question: what other young starlet has her “privates” “faked”…oh that’s right None!
    Even if the photos of her “privates” (which are not so private any more) were “fake”, La Linds “rep” is so poor that someone could make money selling the “fake” photos as the real thing.
    This girl is at an all time low!

  6. By Anonymous
    On September 13, 2006 at

    Why would anyone feel sorry for a spoiled little brat? My god, there are a lot of other people to feel sorry for. Not this little drunk tramp and her missing bobbles…

  7. By Anonymous
    On September 13, 2006 at

    Why would anyone feel sorry for a spoiled little brat? My god, there are a lot of other people to feel sorry for. Not this little drunk tramp and her missing bobbles…

  8. By Anonymous
    On September 13, 2006 at

    Name me her last hit movie? Yup thought so. I wish this bitch would just crawl under a rock and OD.

  9. By Anonymous
    On September 14, 2006 at

    just FYI to “local LA’er”.
    all of the firecrotch shots ARE real. been verified by the photogs who took the original.
    every blog I saw them on put up a disclaimer saying words to the effect of “not sure if they’re real but…” and all of them now have “updates” confirming that they’re real.

  10. By mel
    On September 15, 2006 at

    And I will always stick to me word……..SHE’S PROVING THEY WORLD RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! All of it!!!!!!! TRUE!!!!!!!!!! And we knew it…:)

  11. By Kai
    On September 15, 2006 at

    Man, she’s up to all of Paris’s old tricks.. crotchshots, manswapping, missing items (Paris’s dog that was “found” at her grandmothers). For sworn enemies, they seem to have a lot in common.
    It seems like LiLo had the Hollywood career Paris desperately wants, and Paris had the White Hot Fame for Doing Nothing that LiLo desperately wants, so somehow they tried to become eachother and are now failing miserably at it. Or something

  12. By vanee
    On September 16, 2006 at

    fake boobs, fake everything!

  13. By Anonymous
    On September 16, 2006 at

    i hate the big old ugly orange bag…..

  14. By actright
    On September 18, 2006 at

    wow that is funny i ready about her stolen jewerly and felt nothing for her…..guess i had a good reason………….SHE’S A FAKER!!!

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