Just as we’ve been telling you all along, Rihanna and Chris Brown have been in constant touch and ARE planning to get back together sometime after his sentencing Wednesday. She has already taken the very important FIRST step toward reconciliation. Rihanna is REQUESTING a less restrictive protective order against Chris. That means he won’t have to stay fifty yards away – he can sit on her lap if she lets him – and you can bet she will. They’ve been postponing resuming their romance until their handlers felt a reasonable amount of time had passed and Chris seemed sufficiently sorry. Will fans forgive and forget?


Posted by Janet on August 4, 2009

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  1. By right
    On August 4, 2009 at

    They are both losers. The last beating was just a warm-up for what he will probably give her in the future. Then he will hire an expensive mouthpiece and “walk” again. The hoodrats will still buy their crap.

  2. By Noble Cascade
    On August 4, 2009 at

    He ought to beat her ass everyday of her life…if she is that stupid.

  3. By gay tallywacker
    On August 4, 2009 at

    She loves the drama and can’t wait to go at it again with Chris. He’s the bigger idiot if he goes back.

  4. By Jasper's Goat
    On August 4, 2009 at

    Hey, let ’em have it – they enjoy the make-ups. She apparently enjoys it – a sick mentality that many women have.

  5. By Bettye Bluejay
    On August 4, 2009 at

    It was reported late last week that they were both staying in the same hotel “by coincidence” my ass.

  6. By Reta
    On August 4, 2009 at

    Bobbie Brown and Whitney Houston 2.0


  7. By captain america
    On August 4, 2009 at

    there were appearently a few problems.

  8. By Deven
    On August 5, 2009 at

    When he beats her to death, you can all weep and wail. Apparently, she’s so stupid, she’s begging for it. They’re both brain-dead and deserve each other. Stay tuned.

  9. By BigTonyT
    On August 5, 2009 at

    Yup, they are both mental for getting back together, if that is true. This will ruin both their careers if it happens.

  10. By E
    On August 5, 2009 at

    RIP Rihanna. It’s just a matter of time.

  11. By PoopieStryker
    On August 5, 2009 at

    Jasper’s Goat

    She apparently enjoys it – a sick mentality that many women have.

    Hey Jasper,

    I once uttered the same words and was called a mysoginist. He is her first serious romance and she does not fathom a meaningful and healthy relationship with anyone else. She gets a pass for being young and stupid, which is an insult to many young people out there (both male and female) who are also young but very intelligent.

    These two lack maturity and will learn about life the hard way. Let’s face it, he won’t forget what he’s gone through because of her. I say this because in his mind, it’s her fault he beat her. While no one deserves a beating, she was doing shyt in that car that made him go over the edge. This is not an excuse for him, but it’s well known she instigates things and this is a recipe for disaster. I was called a mysogist because ‘he’ is supposed to walk away no matter what she is doing, so the discussion went. Stay tuned.
    The court should resume it’s business because if the fool kills her, the state of Cal will be blamed for not completing the process to justice in spite of the victim’s plea to let her jump-off go.
    They may have had a chance to resume success by starting a frest. They chose this, thus their careers are over, they just don’t know it.

  12. By Jeri Sinefelt
    On August 6, 2009 at

    Good common sense…vs….raging hormones….which will win. Care to guess?

  13. By Neena
    On August 7, 2009 at

    If this is true she is very stupid to go back to him.

  14. By jenna clarke
    On August 21, 2009 at

    dear chris brown I love you always in my heart I need you come to formal with me you are sexy and hot date together she cheasing of you with other guys don’t apologise to her why not she is bitch I need you not her I can’t stop loving you I can’t stop thinking about you she want you back say no I got new girlfriend my name is jenna clarke I live in austraila ps I love you

  15. By Stacy
    On November 7, 2010 at

    i think if they like each other they should be together.


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