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Rihanna is trying to pull a fast one on the press with all these fake “romances” that seem to be set up by her own people. First, she was linked with an ex boyfriend in Barbados, Negus Sealy, and that didn’t pan out. The she ran into basketball player Andrew Bynum in a restaurant, introduced herself, and insisted on being photographed with him. Rumors of a romance were rampant until he admitted he was flattered, but barely knew her. Most recently she was linked to rapper Aubrey “Drake” Graham, and that rumor proved to be false too. Chris Brown’s lawyer is currently plea bargaining with the prosecutor and hoping to avoid jail time for Chris’s beating of Rihanna in February. Rihanna wants it to look like she’s moved on and started dating other guys, when actually she is secretly still in love with Chris. We predict they will be back together as soon as Chris’ case is finalized.


Posted by Janet on May 23, 2009

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  1. By pig
    On May 23, 2009 at

    I’m so sick of this low IQ skag. She is so dumb, she would date Osama bin Laden and not even know who he is. If she goes back with Chris Brown, they are both beyond ignorant.

  2. By Anonymous
    On May 23, 2009 at

    The way the system works in the U.S.: Mark Geragos will earn $250K, chris brown will be required to film several psa’s on (not) whippin your hos ass, and three years probation. Then the happy couple can move on. Til the next time he beats her.

  3. By Meg
    On May 23, 2009 at

    She obviously isn’t too bright intellectually or emotionally. Let her get her ass whipped, it appears she likes it. I only worry about legion of LG’s following Rihanna’s ‘thinking’ and becoming victims of domestic abuse…

  4. By Rihanna's "Woody the Woodpecker 'do" is a definite DON'T!
    On May 23, 2009 at

    Don’t know about her love life — don’t really care, but…

  5. By Anonymous
    On May 23, 2009 at

    The photo says all: she’s a freak: look at the hair and shades. And, freak in the negative way. They deserve each other. Let him beat her to death before she gets it that he loves her.

  6. By Anonymous
    On May 23, 2009 at

    Don’t be fooled folks, Rihanna is involved in a traditional “Pimp & Ho” relationship with Chief Pimp Jay-Zee. He siphons 95% of her income into his pocket and decides who she dates and for how long. If Rihanna misbehaves she is ‘pimp slapped’. Brown was working for Jay-Z. If this wasn’t the case Brown would now be dead.

  7. By strom
    On May 24, 2009 at

    It’s well known R is eating a great deal of pussy and thought that Chris was simply a cover. Maybe they both go both ways.

  8. By Shelly
    On May 24, 2009 at

    My opinion is that if a woman goes back to a “man” who abuses her, she deserves whatever she gets. She may feel “love” for that person because she’s remembering their relationship *and is stuck in a time warp) when it first began, but believe me, HE has seriously moved on from that, and feels NO love for her. Only contempt.

  9. By Ronald McDonald
    On May 24, 2009 at

    The more I learn about what a fake piece of shiite this zit named Rihanna is, the more I understand why Chirs beat her. I can only hope her career fades away.

  10. By PoopieStriker
    On May 24, 2009 at

    Honestly, we know nothing about these two morons and only what they could not hide. A public beating. I do know one thing. If she goes back to the woman beater, her career will be over forshur. She is in a holding pattern now. But if she goes back nobody will buy her music. In any event, she has failed to recognized that when the iron is hot you strike fast and often. Then, the magic fades away slowly because people want to jump on the next NEW thing. GAGA! And she too will be gone soon from short term memory.

  11. By sunshine
    On May 26, 2009 at

    I totally agree Janet on this matter. I’ve been saying this from the beginning that her PR team is trying to leak her to anyone other than Chris. I have a question for people who read my comment. How is everyone going to feel if Rihanna was the abuser in this relationship and not Chris? I think there is alot more to this story and recently I was reading a article where it stated that if the real truth comes out about not only what happened that night but in there relationship her career will be over. They have witness that may have to testify that they saw RiRi hit on Chris numerous of times but he would walk away. People can only take so much before that lose it and I think that’s what happened to Chris that night.

  12. […] Chris, Rihanna is also stalking him via Twitter.Chris enjoys every minute of it. If Tran visited this website she would know that Chris and Rihanna are DOOMED to get back together eventually and she is just […]


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