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Elvis’s granddaughter Riley Keough didn’t skimp with the eyeliner on her 20th birthday. She celebrated the big event at El Cid in Silverlake with lots of wild and crazy friends including Avril Lavigne and Ashlee Simpson.


Posted by Janet on May 30, 2009

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  1. By gerard vandenberg
    On May 30, 2009 at

    Most american girls never grow up, folks!!

  2. By Anonymous
    On May 30, 2009 at

    She looks like a hooker.

  3. By celeste
    On May 31, 2009 at

    This girl has no chance….several strikes against her (via her family)….Priscilla, adultery with Mike Stone and divorcing Elvis, living with a man 20 years out of wedlock and having a drug-addicted son…..Lisa Marie, 3 marriages, drugs. Above all, they are into the worst of the worst: Scientology. The only chance Riley has is to find a good man and be everything her granny and mama are not. It appears that she is already on the wrong road, because she has been around men, drugs, and partying since a young age. The eyeliner and fashion sense shows she is already going downward.

  4. By Bambi
    On May 31, 2009 at

    Good grief Charie Brown, she has such a looooong face.

  5. By Pill poppin Elvis
    On May 31, 2009 at

    And she most likely will become a phuck up like her mom, grandma and grandpa. Who is her dad or does Lisa Marie not remember who knocked her up because she was in a drug induced stupor?

  6. By Anonymous
    On May 31, 2009 at

    And next up Lourdes and they will take over the filthiness Paris and the other young sluts evolved into..

  7. By always anon
    On May 31, 2009 at

    oh my, i didn’t realize janet’s site had such a huge following of bible belt judgement hags…now i do!

  8. By Ozzy
    On May 31, 2009 at

    I bet if Elvis was still alive, he’d try to have sex with her. Better keep bill clinton away from her too. He’ll try some nasty thing with cigars to her.

  9. By pig
    On May 31, 2009 at

    @ 5:37 PM, always anon,: After reading all the comments, I fail to see where any ‘hags’ are JUDGING this family. The world was shocked when Pris took up with M.Stone, divorced Elvis, shacked up with Marco Garibaldi for 21 years, had a kid out of wedlock and now he is almost dead from drugs. The world was shocked when it was known that Lisa was drugging, has married 3 times, the most famous of course being Michael Jackson. And you must know that Scientology is a demonic cult, esp. since tiny Tom Cruise is the SCI-master. Soooo, how could all these FACTS be judging? I am half-way p**sed off.

  10. By pig
    On May 31, 2009 at

    Another Presley FACT: Riley Keough has already had several affairs and parties like a demon, and started doing so at a young age. After she observed her mama and grandmama, is it any wonder?

  11. By Anonymous
    On May 31, 2009 at

    Are those knee pads? Yikes!!! She looks like a strung-out street ho. I’m sure she isn’t, but looks are the first thing people see.

  12. By Anonymous
    On May 31, 2009 at

    The world was shocked??? Yes dear, time stood still for months and Housecows wept over their sacks of chips and fried chicken when Priscilla took up with Mike. Such a tragedy the likes of which the world has never seen. Americans are just too much.

  13. By Generation X
    On June 1, 2009 at

    These may be fancy knee pads, and she most likely has worn out several knee pads, since she started her quest to be a star and a model. I suspect the casting couch is still alive and well.

  14. By Anonymous
    On June 1, 2009 at

    I always read it was Elvis who cheated on Priscilla and she just had enough and took refuge in the arms of another man. So what. Was she expected to put up with it? Lisa on the other hand did have problems growing up but seems to have landed in a happy place now with a good husband and beautiful twins.
    Riley is gorgeous and looks every bit the fashion model she is.
    The negative comments above really do sound like a mentally disturbed person posted them.

  15. By Anonymous
    On June 3, 2009 at

    She looks like a Ghoul! is she auditioning for a part in the Twilight series? I bet she wishes that was true, the slut…

  16. By WhoareU
    On July 26, 2009 at

    I read all the post here and let me tell you this; You are all either, very sick or jealous! Tell me that when you were young you have never been in a place where they serve alcool or a place to dance & have fun. Okay these days kids are or might be faster to jump from kiss to bed but hey that’s life! Tell me that; when you were under 21 you have never party and kissed the other sex! Think about this…OMG you did!!! So shut-off and write something nice here…Celebs are just like you & me, eat, sh**t & the rest by the same place…

    The best time to have fun it’s when you are young, single and able to…

  17. By some of you suck
    On August 6, 2009 at

    Pig that’s a good name for you, that’s what you’re typing like, A STUPID RETARDED PIG


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