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The missing piece to the Robin Williams puzzle has surfaced at last. His suicide inspired many discussions of why a person SO fortunate in SO many ways would entertain the notion of suicide. Depression can be treated. Substance abuse can be treated. And he had a loving family to support him throughout. But Parkinson’s Disease cannot be cured. And it can be more devastating than Alzheimer’s. Robin’s wife just mentioned the Parkinsons diagnosis today, and didn’t think it had any effect on Robin’s death. She was wrong. It’s an awful degenerative disease that destroys quality of life. Combine that diagnosis with Robin’s other problems and you’ve got the answer. So sad.


Posted by Janet on August 14, 2014

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  1. By Patrick
    On August 14, 2014 at

    How about him and his current wife were heading for divorce so three alimony payments looming. Robin and his wife did not sleep together and she left the house unaware of his condition yet Robins personal assistant showed up 45 minutes after she left the house frantically searching for him and when discovered Robins wife would not answer the assts phone calls. How about a 6 million dollar herpes lawsuit? How about pending bankruptcy? And most importantly! Robin wasn’t funny anymore. There isn’t very much these days to make fun of. The joke was on him in the end. His t.v. series was cancelled after one season. Did any of you watch it? He was a Supernova from the beginning to the end. The funniest man of my generation. And now he will be a sad metaphor for wealth, fame and success. And how you can’t buy or create personal happiness regardless of how much you give.

  2. By Rick
    On August 14, 2014 at

    I don’t know if his current was is in his latest will. If so, I guess she will whatever left him.

    Hopefully, he did leave her something. I think the estate is required to continue making alimony payments to the ex-wives

  3. By Rick
    On August 14, 2014 at

    and then there is Michael J. Fox who has the ability to make the best of Parkinson’s, always looking up. He doesn’t have the addictive personality that Robin had.

  4. By Depression Does Kill Janet
    On August 14, 2014 at

    Janet, please let me help you understand about depression a little bit more. Treatment can make your depression bearable. But it will never take the devastating pain you still feel on a second to second basis. Just like parkinsons is disease of the nervous system, depression is a disease of the brain. Both can be treatable, but they are both degenerative & there is no cure for either. Please be a little more sensitive & do your homework first.

  5. By Bluejay
    On August 14, 2014 at

    There are a lot of people with advanced Parkinson’s still trying to make something of their lives. I don’t know about what Patrick said, but there seems to have been drug addiction involved. Drug and alcohol addictions exaberate already existing clinical depression.

  6. By daniel ortiz
    On August 14, 2014 at

    I had one thought after reading the news reports…is it possible he was doing some kind of erotic asphyia thing…that is the cause of death of Katherine Hepburn’s brother’s death many decades ago but it is still prevalent…just a thought and I think this is enough coverage…the man is dead, let him rest in peace.

  7. By anonTWO
    On August 14, 2014 at

    this does not provide a real
    reason for his brutal suicide.
    we are all gonna die of SOMETHING.
    natural or unnatural, death is each of our destination.
    to conclude the parkinson diagnosis was the real
    cause for his suicide is a stretch for me . the tv show was cancelled, no I did not watch it , it looked dreadful but he had 4 pending projects.
    suicides never genuinely make sense.

  8. By Neeli
    On August 14, 2014 at

    It does seem odd to me that he wasn’t sleeping in the same bed/room as his wife. It also seems odd that his wife didn’t bother to check on him before she left for the morning.
    Happily married men don’t generally commit suicide.

  9. By mister baja
    On August 14, 2014 at

    oooooooooooooooh please shut up, you aren’t aware of the thing men are capable of.


  10. By libby
    On August 14, 2014 at

    daniel, this was a suicide…he tried to cut his wrists first with his pocketknife…they say this is very painful.

    grabbing the belt was a fast way to go (30 seconds)

    whole thing is really sad

  11. By xyzc
    On August 15, 2014 at

    Robin pulled a Paul Walker and hoaxed his death. Hard to believe, but its the truth

  12. By Natalie
    On August 15, 2014 at

    I agree I found it strange his wife slept in a different bedroom. If he was in a serious depressive mood, which people around him have now said, it seems logical she would have known this and, minimally, checked on him often. I agree that, on top of other issues, the Parkinson’s diagnosis likely was the last straw. Do we know if he left a note? I’ve read conflicting reports…first there was no note, and then second that the police would not confirm if there was a note. In any event, it’s a very sad situation and I feel for his family.

  13. By Bill
    On August 15, 2014 at

    Should have stayed single and moved to Chicago where one has to walk a jillion miles to get anywhere. Plus, from what I understand the place has a huge thriving gay community. In the winters, he could have hopped “The City of New Orleans” (The City) and been a Diva in some stage show in New Orleans, like…….. Well, you know who.

  14. By Annie
    On August 15, 2014 at

    This is a sad and tragic situation, and I am not surprised that our friend Patrick has such an ignorant, disgustingly ignorant attitude. The man was suffering, obviously, and felt that suicide was his only option. Patrick posts as if he is a family insider and knows aaaaaaall about Robin and Susan’s sleeping habits. He isn’t and he doesn’t; it’s just conjecture. I’m sorry for Patrick because he constantly looks for the negative in any situation. He certainly has a right to his OPINION, but he should not post as if what he says are facts. For those of us who loved Robin’s work, please, put a sock in it, Patrick.

  15. By Carlos Danger
    On August 15, 2014 at

    Janet has no frickin idea why Robin took his life. In fact, why can Janet take her pathetic life so someone else can take over this site and actually make it worthwhile.

  16. By Angelo
    On August 15, 2014 at

    Gotcha! Strom! Posting as Annie and Carlos Danger you sure got a no nothing life to make up crap all day and all night long. you put a sock in it strom you ninny.

  17. By Patrick
    On August 15, 2014 at

    I guess his wife was distracted by something and missed her husband hanging from her bedroom door when she arose in the morning.
    You can use that big ole brain of yours if you want to, Annie.

  18. By namers
    On August 17, 2014 at

    Janet, you sound as freakin’ ignorant as Gene Simmons. His wife was ‘wrong?’ She probably was right but didn’t feel obligated to reveal that to YOU. More devastating that Alzheimer’s? To whom?



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