We knew Ronnie Wood was a boozehound, but we didn’t realize he is an accomplished artist! The Rolling Stones musician is seen above, bringing some of his paintings (mostly of women!) to a South London gallery for an upcoming show. Wood has long had a talent for art – he won an award for his drawings as a child and his work has become collectible. Lately he’s been getting lots of negative publicity for leaving his wife for a Russian teenager and other liquor fueled antics. How this affects the value of his art remains to be seen.


Posted by Janet on July 20, 2010

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  1. By Reta
    On July 20, 2010 at

    A Russian TEENAGER???? Has he gone all Woody Allen/Roman Polanski?

  2. By Bettye Bluejay
    On July 20, 2010 at

    Whole lotta damn fools out there running around with Russsian girls.

  3. By Indy
    On July 20, 2010 at

    Yes, seems like we are being bombarded by Russians lately. Maybe these latest young Russian bimbos who are trying to get money out of celebs (**Mel Gibson, etc.**) are really Russian spies.

  4. By SebastianCanada
    On July 20, 2010 at

    Reta, that ship has long sailed with most of the Stones. Remember Bill Wyman and Mandy Smith. How about the story of Mick and Mackenzie Phillips. They are all disgusting slime balls. And their music wasn’t all that!

  5. By Reta
    On July 20, 2010 at

    Sebastian, the Stones music was GREAT, but if they’re all horndogs it probably comes from having endless drugs and women free and availible 24/7, one leaves another steps in to replace her just to have the braggin rights to say they bedded the Stones. Look at Mick alone, one of the homeliest guys on earth, but he sure has had his fill of beautiful women. I’m sure this is true for any musician, try going backstage at any rockshow and count the babes lining up to get laid. The guys even point them out from the stage and their roadies go nab them and have them all ready for them after the show. Sex, drugs and rock & roll!
    Well, I’ve outgrown the drugs part, but the sex and rock & roll still sound pretty good, only I do it in my living room, so I’ll live!

  6. By SebastianCanada
    On July 20, 2010 at

    Reta, great – and very short – story about Mick trying to pick up Andrea Corr (of the Corrs) in a bar in England:

    She: It is never going to happen.

    Only sluts throw themselves at guys because they are rich and famous, and only pedoes chase after girls in their early or mid-teens.

    P.S. You moral relativism is now overshadowing your Political Correctness.

  7. By captain america
    On July 21, 2010 at

    he is focussed on MULE & HORSES.
    ………..see here.

  8. By Kelly
    On July 21, 2010 at

    Ron is just so CUTE!

  9. By funky booty
    On July 21, 2010 at

    looks like he has talent.

  10. By Jeannified
    On July 21, 2010 at

    Teenager…she is (or was) 18 to 20 when they met. Not that I don’t think that isn’t rediculously young, but “technically” he’s ok.

    Man, what a talented artist!!!

  11. By clementine
    On July 21, 2010 at

    Its truly a wonder that any of the Stones are still upright and breathing. I think they’re gonna outlive all of us…

  12. By Reta
    On July 21, 2010 at

    Perhaps all those drugs have mummified them. They sure do LOOK like mummies!

  13. By Reta
    On July 21, 2010 at

    Sebastian: “Only sluts throw themselves at guys because they are rich and famous, and only pedoes chase after girls in their early or mid-teens.”

    I agree with you completely. Did you think I was endorsing their behavior? No, simply explaining the rules of the game as all rocker know them to be, and all girls/women who desire to be close to their idols know them to be. It has been this way since rock & roll began, indeed probably since MUSIC began. Music is hypnotic and sexual and makes people believe they have a closeness with the artist which really isn’t there, but if the screwed up ones can find a way to play out their fantasies, they gladly exchange sex to fulfill that dream. Not saying it’s right, just sayin that’s the way it is and both sides know it.

  14. By SebastianCanada
    On July 21, 2010 at

    Reta, I know what you are saying, and pretty much agree. I suppose one could argue that it is not an even deal when the pop star is an adult and the groupie is underage. However, legalities aside, the maturity levels are probably the same, so what can ya do?


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