joel_madden_and_hilary_duff_show.jpgTrouble in paradise for Hilary Duff and Joel Madden. They’re still in love and want to get married, but money is driving a wedge between them. The fact is, Hilary is making MUCH more money than Joel – an insider sniped “She earns more in a week than Joel has in his entire career.” Joel’s band Good Charlotte hasn’t done much in the last three years. Another issue is trust. Hilary is frequently on tour or on location and Joel has her bodygurads reporting her activities back to him. When Hilary is out with the girls and gets someone’s phone number, she writes it on her hand – so Joel can’t find it in her phone. She and her boyfriend have been known to snoop around each other phone books and emails. They’re trying to make it work – but it’s hard when you’re that young and ambitious and in love – ask Justin and Britney.


Posted by Janet on July 27, 2006

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  1. By Anonymous
    On July 27, 2006 at

    So two cheaters are trying to make a relationship work. Only in hollyweird.

  2. By anonymous
    On July 27, 2006 at

    If she’s paying HER bodyguards, why are they reporting back to the boyfriend with no money ??

  3. By Anonymous
    On July 27, 2006 at

    It will NEVER work!

  4. By Anonymous
    On July 27, 2006 at

    Yep, sounds like a “normal” relationship for that town.

  5. By Anonymous
    On July 27, 2006 at

    Yep, sounds like a “normal” relationship for that town. : )

  6. By AAnonymous
    On July 27, 2006 at

    An actress and a rock star. How original!

  7. By anonymous
    On July 27, 2006 at

    It’ll never work. He sounds too possessive.

  8. By Anonymous
    On July 27, 2006 at

    They are both way too young (especially in that town) to even consider getting married.

  9. By Anonymous
    On July 28, 2006 at

    it will never work !

  10. By probably the only person here that's above the gossip
    On July 28, 2006 at

    BULL SHIT. Joel told teen people magazine a while back that he had trouble trusting people. and naturally they use it as inspiration to come up with this shit. That must really help him trust people. “gets her body guards to give him information on her” what soap oprah did they get that one from *rolls eyes*

  11. By probably the only person here who's above the gossip
    On July 28, 2006 at

    they’re not considering getting married. that’s what they’ve constantly tried to get through to you tabloid puppets. quit believing everything you read. they’re happy where they are and they’re not planning to rush into anything.

  12. By M3
    On July 28, 2006 at

    Agreed with the last two comments. It’s NOT true.

  13. By F*ck the media
    On July 28, 2006 at

    I TOTALLY agree with the last 3 comments, rock on people!

  14. By anonymous
    On July 28, 2006 at

    So they won’t be leaving their Tiffany gift registry up for 2 years like Tori and Charlie ? ? ? ? ?
    : )

  15. By the voice of logic
    On July 30, 2006 at

    you ppl are too naive. You shouldn’t belive what they say neither. So many people in Hollywood lie. It’s a given. The facts right in front of you. Use reasonable doubt for godsakes. Hilary isn’t a virgin.. and the cheating is possibly true. The justin and britney comparison is right on.. only diff is that joel isn’t high calibur as justin.

  16. By ????
    On July 31, 2006 at

    oh well!!!!

  17. By fay
    On August 1, 2006 at

    i think that its ok and there is no prob.

  18. By jeni
    On August 1, 2006 at

    joel does’t even deservese to be with hilary.hilary is way much better than the way joel must find someone else around his age.

  19. By TALYA
    On August 2, 2006 at


  20. By whatever
    On August 2, 2006 at

    That’s a load of bull. Her body guard “TROY” is very loyal to hilary and would never be reporting back to joel about anything. Hilary and Joel might be having a hard time NOW but they’ll get overit. I mean common, she’s a young wealthy and talented actress/singer/entrepeneur, what do all her fans expect, for her just to go out and have “ONE” serious relationship and get married and live happily ever after kingdom where angels bring her breakfast in bed bla bla bla bla….
    FORGET ABOUT IT!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. By Anonymous
    On August 2, 2006 at

    I’m not American but I’m appauld at the goings on.

  22. By mahsa
    On August 3, 2006 at

    well he is hot anfd to good to be with her so why wwont he leave her
    anyway hilary better not cheat on him

  23. By Kristen Madden
    On August 9, 2006 at

    Hilary Duff SUCKS, and JOEL is way to good for her. She needs to get over herself!

  24. By Stephanie Madden
    On August 25, 2006 at

    Love in Hollywood is hard. I don’t believe anything that the tabloids say. Joel and Hilary love each other very much. They’ll get through it. This stuff is gonna happen, their famous.

  25. By Victoria<3
    On November 11, 2006 at

    Hilary and Joel….. It’ll never ever work!!!!
    Hil deserves way better then this emo freak!!! Joels making her totaly goth!!
    Hilary…. ill be really mad if u marry him!!! even though i don’t beleive it!!
    I hope hil dosnt make a mistake!!!!!!

  26. By Anonymous
    On November 29, 2006 at

    wow! this is ridiculous you honestly think joel madden of all people would cheat on his girlfriend do any of you even listen to his musci?! come on and hilary duff is welth but im pretty sure joel would be buying and bunch of name brand stuff if he didnt have the cash to back it up and i think there amazing as a couple and i hope they make they make it just to spite all you little haters oh and to everyone who said only in hollywood what the hell is that? its happens everyday everywhere! not just in hollywood!

  27. By Mandy
    On December 5, 2006 at

    Dude.. i totally agree with some of you. I am a Good Charlotte freak… they will get through this. Joel Madden would be the absolute last person to ever cheat on a girl! He’s been through enough as it is to know these things. Hollywood is full of bull… its all a lie.

  28. By Skanketti Willinelli
    On December 25, 2006 at

    Well its official…he’s been skanked…:)

  29. By 2CentsIsNeverEnough
    On March 17, 2007 at

    Why does anyone care? I mean, we dont go snooping around in peoples relationships at school/work do we? Just because they have money and are generally pretty people doesn’t mean I want to know that Joel Madden cares what Hilary Duff is doing – I like them for their music, not their lives!

  30. By Anonymous
    On March 31, 2007 at

    They broke up because Nicole Richie

  31. By **outrage**
    On April 4, 2007 at

    i think hilary’s the best singer in all our whole world

  32. By Anonymous
    On April 11, 2007 at

    haha were did some person get that bullshit from about joel not being good enough for hilary. so what if joel acts a little immature but you only live once so make the most of it while you can!

  33. By Anonymous
    On April 13, 2007 at

    hes really hott thyshoud stay together


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