Russell Crowe, 46, is a little like Janet Jackson in that he lets himself go, quits exercising, and eats whatever he wants between commitments. He was last seen as “Robin Hood” and it took considerable effort to get in shape for that. In December he’s filming “The Man With The Iron Fist” and he plays a kung fu expert so it’s back to the gym. Above, he was photographed playing with his sons Charlie, 7, and Tennyson, 4, in the park in Sydney.


Posted by Janet on September 18, 2010

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  1. By Bettye Bluejay
    On September 18, 2010 at

    Besides slimming down from being a fattie, Russell has to shower and brush his teeth. Lot of work for the guy.

  2. By Reta
    On September 18, 2010 at

    Why doesn’t he just stay at an even keel? It would be so much easier. That much of a weight fluxuation up and down over and over can be deadly. A massive strain to the heart and other organs. Pretty stupid for just a role, considering he has brought two children into the world. But looks to me, from looking at him that he has a terrible drinking problem. That body type on a guy usually IS from drinking heavily and often. Again, beyond stupid if you’ve a wife; and kids to get to adulthood. I haven’t thought him much to look at ever really and this sure as hell doesn’t help!

  3. By SebastianCanada
    On September 18, 2010 at

    Crowe was “in shape” for his last movie? Really? I did not see the film, but saw enough footage, and heard enough gossip about Crowes weight issues to know that it should have been called “Robin Hood: Prince of Pies”, for British release “Robin Hood Prince of Pints”.

  4. By Indy
    On September 19, 2010 at

    He looks like he ate the dingo who ate the baby.

  5. By Lenny
    On September 19, 2010 at

    When you get a certain age taking weight off it’s to be real hard. Putting the weight on is alot easier and working out becomes a bitch. Very few actors his age can put it off.

  6. By susan smith
    On September 19, 2010 at

    also when he looks like that no one recognizes him, & he can come & go as he pleases.
    Notice in the photo that NO ONE is looking?

  7. By SebastianCanada
    On September 19, 2010 at

    No one is looking?

    They may actually be averting their eyes!

  8. By Pippa-London
    On September 19, 2010 at

    Janet Jackson was last relevant back in 1985.

  9. By captain america
    On September 19, 2010 at

    ……..being FAT?

  10. By right
    On September 20, 2010 at

    He wants the post office to issue him his own zip code. He’s almost there.

  11. By Danny
    On September 20, 2010 at

    Janet is irrelavent yet you made it your business to type and post about how irrelavent she is. Your the irrelavent one now go play in traffic idiot.

  12. By Frijola
    On September 21, 2010 at

    He quit smoking!

  13. By Casonia Logenberry
    On July 25, 2011 at

    Russell always looks wonderful in every movie that he has made so far and his body looks amazing and….He is very sexy man and I love his chest and his legs and his face is fantastic and Janet is so Beautiful and lovely and I love her as an actress and a wonderful singer and Yes it is great to stay in shape and look great. So I agree 100%.

  14. By Casonia Logenberry..Hells kitchen..Tommy Honey speak up and talk and take charge..I want you to stay on the show! Jennifer stop screwing up and double check your food first and Will keep your eye on the prize and don't let Drama get in your way and Pauly
    On September 7, 2011 at

    This people really work there ass off and I Bet they are really tired and need a break.. Janet is so Beautiful and lovely and Russell your smoking Hot and Sexy..Yummy and there mates are very lucky to have this people to love and share there time with.

  15. By Casonia from Seattle..I already know that...I am going to be roasted for my age? Being older then Chef really pisses him off! What ever happened to Jason? The Taco man! He there one day and gone another? This is not the first time this has happened?
    On September 17, 2011 at

    They both like fat pay checks.

  16. By Where is Casonia Logenberry? Chef Gordon This? Ramsay That
    On October 1, 2011 at

    Russell and Janet make more money in one year then 50 people will make in a life time.

  17. By Sir Justin Jonluke Ross Feierabend
    On May 5, 2012 at

    Good Father having fun with his children and truely amazing hard working father…Miss Jackson is a wonderful Aunt and thoughful and kind and warm and wonderful and lets face facts this people work hard at putting a smile on are face and giving us Drama and laughter and Tears and they do everything but jump over the moon.

  18. By Jailed in Seattle C.S.L.
    On August 28, 2012 at

    With his strong good looks this heart breaker can still carry a movie… Good and thoughful and loving father having fun with his children and working his butt off in the business but looks like he is having an amazing time with his family and at this point he can let his hair down and relax with his family.


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