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Maddox Jolie-Pitt Jenny Shimizu

Posted by Janet on June 29, 2006

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  1. By Anonymous
    On June 29, 2006 at

    I think it’s disgusting. Why can’t people leave Angelina and her children alone? Enough already

  2. By Anonymous
    On June 29, 2006 at

    Just because someone’s Asian doesn’t mean they all look alike. Bad form Janet, very bad form.

  3. By Anonymous
    On June 29, 2006 at


  4. By How Dee Do
    On June 29, 2006 at

    Not quite sure, but I have a feeling Janet was referring to the mo-hawk similarity. Maybe also hinting at the fact that Jolie and Jenny dated at one time … love child?

  5. By Anonymous
    On June 29, 2006 at

    Oh please, guys, SHUT UP. It’s not mean, it’s funny. This is an entertainment site!!!

  6. By anonymous
    On June 29, 2006 at

    How Dee Do and Anonymous… thank you for keeping it real… Janet, thanks for the photos!
    Let’s look at it another way. Nobody is comparing Madd to Mao Tse Tung. Or Jackie Chan. So there!

  7. By stuck in hollyhood.
    On June 30, 2006 at

    I think i’m going to vomit.

  8. By Otis Rail
    On June 30, 2006 at

    It’s called irony you dimwits.
    Otis Rail

  9. By Anonymous
    On June 30, 2006 at

    Yawn. Like this comparison hasn’t been done at least a million times since Angelina got Maddox.
    Still, yeah, it does reek of a little rascism

  10. By jan
    On June 30, 2006 at

    I am going to toss out a guess…she saw Maddox and had a dejevu…and adopted…because there is an uncanny resemblance of a past affair of the heart ?…but..after the adoption it opened a whole new world for her …etc…

  11. By Genevieve
    On June 30, 2006 at

    Are you people blind? It’s not “just” the asian thing. It’s that they both have mohawks. Geesh.

  12. By BooBoo
    On June 30, 2006 at

    Angie styled her kid after one of her favorite fuck buddies. Is that so wrong?

  13. By Ray Ray
    On June 30, 2006 at

    lmao! good call. thanks for the chuckle.

  14. By How ridiculous
    On June 30, 2006 at

    The hair is the only thing that looks the same too me.

  15. By Anonymous
    On June 30, 2006 at

    Actually, it was rumoured that Angelina adopted Maddox because he looked like Jenny.

  16. By Sara
    On June 30, 2006 at

    Wow, both are asians with short haircuts. Yep, we all alook like. *eyeroll* And please on the it’s the mowhawk thing. If Zahara was sporting a mowhawk, nobody would bring up this kind of comparison.

  17. By Anonymous
    On June 30, 2006 at

    what’s up with the asian persuasion. two posting about jenny shizimo. who cares about her

  18. By Anonymous
    On June 30, 2006 at

    I have never heard that rumor. She was still with the hill billy bob when she adopted her son.

  19. By Anonymous
    On July 1, 2006 at

    No one cares about Shimiuz. Hell, most people don’t even know who she is if it wasn’t for Angelina admitting she had a 19 yr old drugged out girl on girl (at least I think Jenny’s a girl) relationship with Jenny before she married Johny Lee Miller.
    Shimiuz’s a user anyway and a major, major fame whore. She went to the UK Sun and told all about her Lesbo affair with Madonna and some top models. Her relationship with Ione Skye. She’s a bigg ass blabber mouth . Let alone she’s well known drug user.
    Good riddence to bad rubbish.

  20. By Anonymous
    On July 1, 2006 at

    BORING>>>>> who cares about this? waste of time.

  21. By anonymous
    On July 1, 2006 at

    No. It’s not a waste of time, not for a gossip site. Any couple has to look at the previous relationships. By all accounts, Shi-zizzle was more than a one-night affair.
    Now that you mention it, her relationships always have made it into the magazines. hmm…

  22. By Anonymous
    On July 1, 2006 at

    a) I think that it is racist.
    b) more importantly for you, I think that it is unoriginal…. seen it before and the whole “separated at birth” thing is soooo Perez Hilton.
    Boo. Snore. zzzzzzzzzz

  23. By anonymous
    On July 2, 2006 at

    Janet’s site isn’t anything like Perez’s site.
    Also, here’s a clue:
    1) Paris Hilton walking around with her cell phone
    2) Angelina’s personal life
    3) Nicole Richie in a bathing suit —
    None if it’s new. And we never seem to get tired of any of it, huh! If Angie ever leaves puppy dog for a woman, it’s going to be some fun, fun gossip.

  24. By anonymous
    On July 2, 2006 at

    Crap, forget the kid… Angie looks like the Joker in that picture!!

  25. By Lulu
    On July 2, 2006 at

    friggin hilarious! just another thing mad will be discussing in therapy 15 years from now

  26. By Anonymous
    On July 2, 2006 at

    Quit with the racist card already. They look alike. The end. That’s not racist just because they’re both Asian.

  27. By Kasey
    On July 3, 2006 at

    LOL..Too funny. 🙂

  28. By Anonymous
    On July 3, 2006 at

    Jenny Shimizu’s hot. Have you seen the pictures she got famous for? Too bad she’s apparently a user (pun intended)

  29. By art
    On July 4, 2006 at

    Sorry, but the “Funny” beats out thinking of political correctness in this case. It is good because it knocks down the dumb fuck-buddy even further, but at the same time, Jolie. Done well, because it is an ORIGINAL use of the seperated-at-birth format. And timing is good, because Jolie should just dissappear from her supposed benevolence in adopting babies. The argument would be: the first one is for this old flame, the second one with Brad, the third BY brad, and son…
    Give me a break, on the other gossip sites you have “hos” and “bitches” and rude comments about the size of tits and asses etc…
    Well done.

  30. By Anonymous
    On July 10, 2006 at

    Response to first post from Anonymous on June 29. . . The question isn’t “why can’t people leave Angelina and her children alone?” The REAL question is, why can’t Angelina leave all of us alone? I’m tired of seeing their photos plastered everywhere (willingly I might add). Who frigging cares? My suggestion is this, the woman needs to stop smiling that Joker smile, take a break from photo ops for awhile and make a few “PITT” stops at Burger King for a Whopper (or two or three). Those arms look like they are in dire need of something meaty. . . in a hurry and in a big way. I agree with Art (post on July 4). Can we please stop with the “supposed benevolence” for awhile? It’s so transparent and getting seriously OLD.

  31. By willo
    On December 12, 2006 at

    ha ha, how funny, brilliant!

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