Shiloh and her mother Angelina Jolie and her sister Zahara arrived at LAX yesterday and she enjoyed stomping through the terminal in her combat boots. The four year old bears a powerful resemblance to her father Brad Pitt and she prefers to dress like him too. Zahara is content to wear girlish Mary Janes.


Posted by Janet on September 15, 2010

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  1. By Reta
    On September 15, 2010 at

    Can’t stand this “family”.

  2. By XYZ
    On September 16, 2010 at

    Sick of this fake, who’s literally torturing her kids… Enuff to think about Shiloh’s case… Poor girl she was brainwashed into being a tranny/boy and all idiots around the world think this is perfectly normal. From a sweet normal girl, overnight she changed her mind and wanted to become a boy. Who are they trying to fool? Not me anyway…

  3. By Dumbass actor
    On September 16, 2010 at

    That child has a gender reassignment in her future. I read that she won’t even answer to the name Shiloh and insists on being called “John”. Nice job idiots……

  4. By XYZ
    On September 16, 2010 at

    Her “charities” are equal to zero anyway. Who has at least half of brain realizes that. Those money never reach those in need or if it does, there are ridiculous low sums. Instead her fortune grows bigger and bigger. But the lie wont last forever and one day her mask will fall.

  5. By lebezel
    On September 16, 2010 at

    Shiloh Pitt Jolie is adorable! Just what is wrong w/ any of these people who even have to ask such a ridiculous question?
    Is it because she likes to wear boys style clothing?! Ah, ya, so did I. I happened to like them. Just what is the big deal?
    I really don’t understand it.
    I guess ya’ll just might think that it could be an indication of “something”?
    How tragic is this is the case.
    In case others don’t know, women have been wearing men’s clothing way way back. It’s considered chic.

  6. By Muffin
    On September 16, 2010 at

    Shiloh is lucky enough to be aloud the personal freedom to dress and express herself in what she likes. Most parents would try to dictate what their children wear to uphold THEIR image. Way to go Angie & Brad!! There are many more important things in this life to worry about. This may just be a phase Shiloh is going through, who knows and anyone with “half a brain” cares.

    By the way, just seen The Tourist trailer.
    Looks awesome, can’t wait ot see it.

    Way to go Angelina & Johnny!!

  7. By SebastianCanada
    On September 16, 2010 at

    lebezel and Muffin, you are obviously as stunned and pissed off by the rigid gender-role rules of today as I am. What has happened? It was not always like this.

    It is obsessing over gender roles and cues that causes gender confusion and general unhappiness, NOT letting children choose their own toys or dress as they wish.

    Any if someone identifies as a member of the opposite sex, or is gay, so what? God, Mother Nature, whatever you want to call it, wanted great variety in all things…maybe including sexuality.

  8. By SrtaEvita
    On September 16, 2010 at

    That ghastly little Suri Cruise is allowed to pick all her stupid little frocks and even wear high heels, but nobody seems to complaint about that! Leave Shiloh be!

  9. By Mel Zipskin
    On September 16, 2010 at

    How many of you mother suckers have adopted THREE CHILDREN FROM DIFFERENT COUNTRIES?

    Misogyny is so apparent in this case. If it were Brad in the airport with the two girls-zip.

    Using the term HATER is immature. The Angie HATE is, I believe, “Team Jenn” bullcrap. Give it a rest!

  10. By clementine
    On September 16, 2010 at

    I love Shiloh and her tomboy ways. I hated wearing dresses, anklet socks (ugh!) and anything girly when I was little. I’d rather climb trees and play with tadpoles (I had a few in my room that escaped). I think kids should be able to choose the clothes they are happy in, as long as they aren’t dangerous (shoes too big, pants they trip over).

  11. By CoCo
    On September 16, 2010 at

    Dressing like a boy may be a sign of gender issues or it may not, but either way, the parents are not responsible for creating this ‘problem’. And really, there is no problem.

    As for transgendered individuals, the only problems they have are the ones foisted on them by a meddling society.

  12. By captain america
    On September 16, 2010 at

    angelina needs very VERY serious help…….

  13. By Lenny
    On September 16, 2010 at

    I think this is something to do about nothing. Kids do kid things and that’s pretty much how life is. Gender reassignment is something that’s way down the road and something I don’t think people should be talking about right now.

  14. By SebastianCanada
    On September 16, 2010 at

    SrtaEvita, you said it: ghastly little Suri Cruise.

    Prissy little girls like that – all sugar and spice on the surface – are usually nasty little bullies in school. God help the poor little girl or boy who crosses her in Kindergarten.

  15. By Lovely
    On September 19, 2010 at

    Yes, people need to get over the whole angie-jennifer craft. It takes two to tango!

  16. By Indy
    On September 19, 2010 at

    Lovely: I fail to see where anyone above is explicitly stating they are for or against Angie, and that Jennifer is still whining/pining away for him. If I could keep my 2 cents in (which I guess I can’t) I think that Jennifer still despises Angie and wishes her to have back luck. As I’ve stated before in prev. Ang/Jen subjects, I heard Jenn tell Oprah that she loves him and will always love him. No one esp. a well-know star likes to be dumped for another woman for the world to see and gossip about.

  17. By another janet
    On September 19, 2010 at

    Clementine! Tadpoles! I used to slither off from piano lessons ,and collect a wheelbarrow full of eggs from the drains, then hide them till they hatched . BTW I’m a straight female, in fact lezzers creep me out just a little…

  18. By Alex
    On September 20, 2010 at

    Simple, she’s going to be one fortunate lesbian.

  19. By Joe
    On September 21, 2010 at

  20. By Old Broad
    On September 21, 2010 at

    Angelina needs a cheeseburger or 2. She’s getting too old now for the anorexic look.

  21. By Casonia Sade Logenberry and on Hells kitchen season 9 I really like Will and Paul massive alot but on the other hand Elisa gives me the creeps and I can't seem to put my finger on it. Poor Krupa gave up and got Drunk and did a Poor job..Instead of sleepin
    On August 10, 2011 at

    Her Children are very Beautiful and she has the most amazing family and it has to be Joy and love that happens each and every day and having some one to share your life with and being a family and having all the colors of the rainbow in the family and gathers of understanding above and beyond is reasons but the family looks really happy and cheerful and on top of the world.

  22. By Casonia Sade Logenberry and on Hells kitchen season 9 I really like Will and Paul massive alot but on the other hand Elisa gives me the creeps and I can't seem to put my finger on it. Poor Krupa gave up and got Drunk and did a Poor job..Instead of sleepin
    On August 10, 2011 at

    Cute as a Button and all the cloths match in a special way and all the colors blend together well and concerned and worried but seem like they are going some place fun and Mary Janes never go out of style and Black is always standard color that blends well with other colors and classic wear is what…I am seeing and very tasteful and outstanding in every direction.

  23. By Sir Justin Ross
    On April 7, 2012 at

    She is a wonderful mother with a sweet warm heart.

  24. By Sir Justin Jonluke Ross Alldunn Feierabend Jr.
    On May 7, 2012 at

    So what she is wearing Combat Boots,She looks good in them and of course running after all those children and keeping up with them at the same time…A woman who knows how to get the job done!


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