stallonescutntitledSylvester Stallone isn’t too worried about the drug charges against him in Australia. He was detained when 46 bottles of human growth hormone were found in his luggage that were undeclared. These are considered to be performance enhancing drugs like steroids in Australia. The worst that could happen is that Stallone would have to pay $96,000. The interesting part of the story is: what was he doing with these drugs? It seems Stallone’s mom Jackie encouraged Sly to start taking GHB twenty years ago to keep him young. Originally the meds were used to make short children grow taller. We don’t know if Sly got taller, but the drugs are also described as “feel-good” drugs or “the fountain of youth.” They became very popular in the 80’s with wealthy people who wanted to retain their vigor and youthful appearance. The pricey drugs are supposed to build muscle and keep weight down, increase skin elasticity and boost energy. Sounds good, but doctors clash on whether the drugs are safe, so their legality varies. We’re told that people who take them are afraid to stop because they might suddenly get fat, lose muscle tone and energy, and have aging sagging skin – all leading to depression! So the jury is still out on these drugs, but Sly seems to believe in them!


Posted by Janet on April 27, 2007

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  1. By JM
    On April 27, 2007 at

    Stallone looks pretty good for his age.

  2. By posh
    On April 27, 2007 at

    i think he looks awful not a good photo. time has taken his toll on the poor guy sorry !!

  3. By Anonymous
    On April 27, 2007 at

    he purportedly has a small talent and got talent-enhancing surgery…maybe it didn’t work and he needs this to enhance his performance.

  4. By posh
    On April 27, 2007 at

    what’s wrong with his face i guess been punched one 2 many times?????

  5. By Anonymous
    On April 27, 2007 at

    Jackie looks like a space alien all dolled up and trying to pass as a human.

  6. By Anonymous
    On April 27, 2007 at

    Jackie use to schlep some papaya cream years ago on QVC… Thank god I didn’t buy that crap!

  7. By ZsaZsa
    On April 27, 2007 at

    If the growth hormone is so great, why has he had a (bad) facelift??

  8. By Anonymous
    On April 27, 2007 at

    look, there is nothing wrong with wanting to look attractive and younger.
    there is nothing wrong with having surgery to achieve a younger, more attractive appearance but there is such a thing as having too much cosmetic surgery- as these two images illustrate.

  9. By Anonymous
    On April 27, 2007 at

    HGH causes your mouth to
    become crooked!

  10. By Anonymous
    On April 27, 2007 at

    HGH causes your mouth to
    become crooked!

  11. By Sunseeds777
    On April 27, 2007 at

    Why doesn’t this guy just use Cocoa Butter lotion.

  12. By west hollywood person
    On April 27, 2007 at

    poor guy he needs some major work done what happen my man?

  13. By Clementines
    On April 27, 2007 at

    Word to the stallones .. you both look like victims of wax melting and strokes. Stop taking it you idiots.

  14. By Anonymous
    On April 27, 2007 at

    i hope janet meant hgh and NOT ghb!!!!

  15. By Anonymous
    On April 28, 2007 at

    The way these two look are reason enough not to ever touch the stuff!!

  16. By ultrasound
    On April 28, 2007 at

    he’s another one on the list of has beens and your face needs some major work.

  17. By Anonymous
    On April 28, 2007 at

    Where is Austalia???

  18. By Anonymous
    On April 28, 2007 at

    you mean AUSTRALIA it’s down under.

  19. By kait
    On April 29, 2007 at

    Sly would look a lot cooler if he didn’t pluck his eyebrows………

  20. By kait
    On April 29, 2007 at

    Looks like he shares his moother’s plucker…

  21. By Caren
    On April 30, 2007 at

    I’d have to say the product doesn’t work by the pictures I see here!

  22. By Anonymous
    On May 1, 2007 at

    Oops, thought that was Hunter Tylo!

  23. By Anonymous
    On June 13, 2008 at

    he’s making a facial expression their faces arent deformed or anything. if you look at the first movie he played in (a party at kitties) he would make the same expressions, even though it was a porno


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