Our New York spy was having lunch at Fred’s at Barneys New York and happened to notice Star Jones at a nearby table. Star was bound into a Herve Leger style “bandage” dress – stretchy strips of fabric sewn together – and painfully tight. Our spy said “I felt sorry for that dress – it was STRAINING and STRETCHING as Star tucked into a big meal and an order of french fries to boot.” And Star wasn’t kidding when she said she liked to be seen with people bigger than she is- her companion was a considerably larger woman.


Posted by Janet on June 30, 2010

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  1. By captain america
    On June 30, 2010 at

    ………………..bigger is better?

  2. By Sally
    On July 1, 2010 at

    Here’s a common misconception that I see plenty of times from folks who undergo gastric bypass: they believe it’s magic. They think it’s a cure-all for their obesity. Food can be an addictive drug, and most of these folks have psychological issues when it comes to food and can’t stop eating. They usually don’t want to deal with therapy and looking at their problem objectively.

    Surgery and pills can’t save a person from food obessions. They’re only temporary fixes to a permanent problem. It’s a really sad epidemic honestly.

  3. By Palermo
    On July 1, 2010 at

    I think they do those surgeries way too often. We have seen so many people who either gained it back or had terrible lifetime side effects. Better to lose it slowly and learn the right way, plus exercising. Star doesn’t look like she has ever exercised.

  4. By SebastianCanada
    On July 1, 2010 at

    Looks like Star hit her lowest weight a while ago, and that she is gaining it back big time. She is a rather pathetic character now. she has lost all things most important to her. Even her big exit from the View faded from memory, thanks to Rosie.

  5. By strom
    On July 1, 2010 at

    She is a natural hog so will gain it back,,,,the real question is who would hire her for the no talent she posesses?

  6. By Indy
    On July 1, 2010 at

    She is a sad pitiful case now after having split with the faggot Al Reynolds, who she stated over and over was the man of her dreams. (Don’t have a cow, it’s been pretty much proven he is gay). Anyhoo, french fries fried in olive oil and tomato catsup once in a while is OK. Her main problem is she just looks bad all over and sadly she may turn to food full time to fill her empty life with no man and no career.

  7. By clementine
    On July 1, 2010 at

    Its hard to stay away from burgers and fries…they be mighty tasty! I feel sorry for folks who have the surgery and gain the weight back – its like you say, the over-eating problem will reoccur and you will regain the weight if you don’t address the issues first. Not that I’m an expert, I could lose a pound or more myself. People should be happy with who they are, life is too short!

  8. By strom's small peen
    On July 1, 2010 at

    umm, star has been double this size, and as long as she exercises, she will be able to keep from being obese. janet please!

    btw, umm…is it UNCHRISTIAN to call someone a faggot? isn’t that a SLUR?

    lol. the nutcases on this site!

  9. By Reta
    On July 1, 2010 at

    What I find interesting about her is after her weight came off and her boobs were hitting the floor all saggy and depleted of their fat for the most part, she went out and bought herself some boob implants! She tried to play the new bustline off as her natural breats for a while and then she had to cop to it when she got busted bigtime and couldn’t lie her way out of it anymore. But in this picture they look pretty saggy again, for implants, they’re the worst I’ve ever seen as far as being “perky” goes.
    As for her having a career, she can ALWAYS go back to working as a lawyer which she was very successful at for years. She doesn’t HAVE to be good looking fo that.
    It’s too bad she had the chance to have a career in television and blew it by being so smug and self righteous. She’s made pretty much everybody hate her by now, so I doubt any show will want her again. She was on The Insider for a while and now she’s not even on that. I couldn’t stand her on there, so I wouldn’t watch it while she was on. She sure has a BIG mouth!

  10. By Indy
    On July 1, 2010 at

    Reta, I agree with your assessment of her.

    Regarding calling Al (^^^^^) a faggot. True this may be a strong word, but I think this word applies to him for covering up who he is, since she has been seeking a man for years. Then when she thought she had finally met her soul-mate, it was found out he was a fag (uh, I mean gay), pics being published in 4 or 5 magazines. Even tho she really is rather obnoxious, this part of her life is kinda sad.

  11. By Indy
    On July 1, 2010 at

    PS: If memory serves, I think they not only had fights about his love for men, but that he also worked very seldom and she paid all the bills.

  12. By Hilary
    On July 1, 2010 at

    Hi Reta,

    I, too, agree w/ you. Of course, working as a workday attorney isn’t going to be as lucrative as television gigs… but, those days could very well be over for good.
    Re: her “I prefer men” ex-hubby, she KNEW what she was getting into — and thought she could somehow change him. Wonder if she has learned her lesson? Has she been linked w/ anyone since the marriage broke apart?

  13. By Indy
    On July 1, 2010 at

    TO JANET: You have had great subjects lately. What is the latest on Camille leaving Kelsey Grammer?

  14. By Sally
    On July 1, 2010 at

    Palermo, these surgeries are usually “last resort” procedures when the patient is at a point where his/her obesity is life threatening. I’m a registered nurse and I come across plenty of patients who opt for this surgery. It’s an intense, emotionally draining procedure because the patient has a massive lifestyle adjustment to deal with after. Some people adjust and are successful post surgery. Others, like Star, resort back to overeating.

    Like I had previously said this procedure is not magic. If the patient has psychological issues or an unhealthy dependency to food, then the surgery won’t do much good. These patients need therapy. Addiction to food is like any other addiction.

  15. By SebastianCanada
    On July 1, 2010 at

    Indy, I agree with your comment about calling it as it is. After all, no heterosexual man would go near a woman like Star – she always looked like a drag queen, and – I suspect that – the testicles of every regular guy within 20 feet of her shrivel and reascend.

  16. By Bettye Bluejay
    On July 1, 2010 at

    Camille left Kelsey? Do tell more!

  17. By Reta
    On July 1, 2010 at

    Hilary: she WAS photographed not too long ago with a fellow at a ballgame of some sort. He was good looking enough, and she looked happy. I don’t recall the man’s name, but it was listed.

    Indy: Actually USING the term “faggot” is extremely offensive to any progressive modern thinking human being. The accepted term for homosexuals these days (as you well know) is “gay” and you should make every attempt when referring to anyone’s sexuality to NOT be offensive either to that person, OR their entire group, let alone anyone else who might be reading say, what you have written. Unless you PREFER to come off as an utter asshole and prehistoric moron in your thinking, I suggest you come to terms that gay people DO indeed exist, and have every right to be here and have love as much as someone as unlovable as you does. Do try to grow up, being an infant in maturity can’t really be all that fun, can it?

  18. By strom
    On July 2, 2010 at

    Doesnt say much when we have a PC lecture concerning faggots….next will be paedophiles, and women who screw their pit bulls.

    It would be very interesting to see how much a lawyer Star is/was and if she was just got an EEOC bypass to a law degree. She is as much a wanna be fame whore as the J Lo, but not as successful.

  19. By dee cee
    On July 2, 2010 at

    So? And, did she insult her dining companion or run out not paying for her meal?

  20. By Indy
    On July 2, 2010 at

    Bettye Bluejay…yep they are splitting, Camille and Kelsey Grammer. Just key in the words Kelsy Grammer..divorce. Plus it was on Access Hollywood last night at 6:00 CST.

    Ny-ah-Ny-ah…..Maybe I’m old fashioned and not ‘modern thinking’. Did I make a Bad?

  21. By Indy
    On July 2, 2010 at

    PS: Love all you guys, old or young, gay or straight, black or white, rich or poor, liberal or conservative, revilings, cursings, whatever comes my way. Believe it!
    PS Again: I’m a writer for a large newspaper, and writers write.

  22. By Joanie
    On July 2, 2010 at

    She looks fine to me. Also, she looks sensible, wearing flat shoes.

  23. By Reta
    On July 2, 2010 at

    Indy: Now you claim to be a “writer for a large newspaper”…hard to believe in this day and age that you could get a job on any newspaper with the obvious disability you possess in your mentality. Surely your racial hatreds must come out in conversations at the workplace and expose you for what you truly are. I find it hard to believe anyone with your hate for others would remain employed at ANY newspaper printing today. I call: bullshit!

  24. By Indy
    On July 3, 2010 at

    Reta, my sweet, I fail to see what you mean by your first statement. This is the first time I have mentioned my occupation. It sounds like you intimated that I said (somewhere in the past) that I worked elsewhere and just changed it NOW to being a writer. That is not ture.

    Also, please re-read where I said I did not hate anyone. Maybe I don’t approve of everything (my right), but I don’t hate anyone. Example, I don’t approve of the 2 wars, but I admire the boys suffering and fighting. And my next door neighbor is black and has cut my lawn 3 times and visited me in the hospital. But I do appreciate your kind words to me.

  25. By Sally
    On July 3, 2010 at

    Indy, being so God-fearing as you are you seem to contradict the bible. Being a catholic school girl, I remember the nuns always preaching “though shalt not judge” because that’s God’s job not yours. Keep repeating this and make sure it sticks.

    For a “journalist” you’re pretty biased and small minded when it comes to certain matters. Doesn’t that go against your professional criteria?

  26. By Sally
    On July 3, 2010 at

    P.S. Yes, writers do write, but journalist are supposed to report facts not personal, bigot-fueled opinions.

  27. By Indy
    On July 3, 2010 at

    See above, 3 comments up…. I never said I hated ones of other sexual orientation or those of another color. How much more plain can I make it. Furthermore, I did not mention the Bible.

  28. By Reta
    On July 3, 2010 at

    Indy: since you are so obviously mentally ill and therefore cannot even reread your own posts above I shall quote you in an attempt to shake the cobwebs from what few brain cells remain in your tiny noggin:

    !.”She is a sad pitiful case now after having split with the faggot Al Reynolds”

    2.”Regarding calling Al (^^^^^) a faggot” & ” it was found out he was a fag”

    3.” And my next door neighbor is black and has cut my lawn 3 times”

    MY aren’t you GENEROUS to allow that black man to “cut your lawn”! Why, you’re a regular humanitarian for even allowing his feet to touch your hallowed grounds aren’t you?

    Sorry, Indy, what makes me the most sad about you is you said your own father came from India. The man MUST have fought predudices to come here and give YOU the opportunities you now possess for free speech, and your right to remain as ignorant as you wish, (which is apparently a lot).

    Please give your lovely father my condolences at his failure in teaching you what America is really about: Accepting others (like yourself) who may be different, but also may possess talents, and abilities that can help our country continue to progress forward, not take steps backward into a racially and sexually predudiced past which was full of hate and dangerous.

    Our country HAS come a long way, but not far enough, and petty minds like yours who obscenely cling to outdated hatreds do not belong in a forward thinking society. You are obsolete Indy, and a true embarressment to YOUR race and sex. Now, go apolgise to your father for being such a disappointment as a son and human being.

  29. By SebastianCanada
    On July 3, 2010 at

    I cannot believe that a thread about Star Jones is turning into a spat between the people posting comments. Save all your hatred for Star! She deserves it most!!!!

  30. By Reta
    On July 3, 2010 at

    Sebastian: It’s called a conversation. One person talks, another answers, another pips in…you get it now, don’t you?

  31. By Lenny
    On July 4, 2010 at

    I’m just picturing those boobs dropping to the floor, slat. She just looks nasty to me.

  32. By SebastianCanada
    On July 4, 2010 at

    Reta, that was not a conversation, it was a cat fight.

  33. By devin weiner
    On July 4, 2010 at


  34. By Indy
    On July 4, 2010 at

    SebastianCanada: I agree this is getting rather grade school. As you can see from above, I have been called many names by two persons. I was in vain trying to say I did not hate anyone and I was not a racist, and I was still dissed. Yet I refrained from calling anyone mentally ill, small-minded etc., as I was. This is getting tiresome.

  35. By Reta
    On July 4, 2010 at

    Indy, you are indeed mentally ill or deficient if you STILL cannot understand the points made above. And you are as well Sebastian if you think I was only trying to “fight” with this person. Maybe YOU need to reread that post as well. I can’t BELIEVE you could read Indy’s racially and sexually predudiced crap and think he was right! Also, I do NOT hate him, or anyone on this site with the exception of Cap’n Crazy who is just TOO vile to be allowed to breathe.
    Indy, you absolutely cannot call me small-minded. I believe in equality for ALL people and think anyone’s sexuality or race should NOT be a factor in regards to anything in their life or ours. It should be a non-topic. I hope to live to see the day when ALL people are TRULY equal!

  36. By SebastianCanada
    On July 4, 2010 at

    Reta, your offensive and abusive language, and personal attacks on other post-ers, do not do your argument, that your are engaging in “conversations”, any good. Your posts bring an appropriate quote – from one of my favorite novels – to mind: “Talk about what you know, and you won’t get so cross.”

  37. By Reta
    On July 4, 2010 at

    I’m not cross at all Sebastian. Merely TRYING to get thru a couple of obviously THICK sculls. By the way, I ALWAYS talk about what I know. And I KNOW Indy is a racist and sexist homophobic person. I am saying this from his words not his denial. You only need to read the above posts to see what I am saying is true. It’s possible to state facts without anger, and that’s exactly what I have done.

  38. By SebastianCanada
    On July 4, 2010 at

    Reta, you know the schoolyard chant, “sticks and stones can break my bones, but words will never hurt me”? Well the PC crowd has given words too much power, and when you do that, people end up picking up sticks and stones. Just as sometimes a cigar is just a cigar, sometimes a word is just a word. The only way a word has a victim is when a person chooses to be a victim.

  39. By Reta
    On July 4, 2010 at

    Sebastian, you’re COMPLETELY wrong. Ask any homosexual person how they feel about being called a “faggot” and you’ll find out it hurts them, which is the intended result of its use. As is the use of the “N” word towards black people. They are ugly, derogatory terms. Outdated and ugly. They come from hate and still hold that feeling when used against the people they are used on. If you’re too dumb to realise that words can and do hurt, then I don’t know what to tell you, but you sure do need help.

  40. By SebastianCanada
    On July 5, 2010 at

    Reta, you are wrong.

    First, for one thing you need not ask a gay man about being called “faggot”. All males, at one time or another are called that – it is a term of abuse among males. So, if a straigth male using terms like “faggot” or “homo” it is inappropriate and uncivil, but you cannot say that he does not understand the impact of those words. Unfortunately you are quite typical – a woman who does not understand the depth of male group dynamics. (It is not a big deal that you do not. Why should you? What is annoying is that most women, in their chauvenism, do not think there is any complexity to men or their relationships.)

    Second, I did not pull what I last wrote out of my hat. It is an idea expressed in, among other places, modern political theory. The statement I remember best is this: one cannot wait for other people to give freedom, but must first firmly believe that one is deserving of it.

    If you believe there is something inherently wrong with you, then, yes a slur can really hurt. If you believe you are a person worthy of respect, then, OK, a slur, may hurt but not so much.

    Your calling someone dumb does nothing for your arguments. In fact, it clearly demonstrates who the dumb one is.

  41. By SebastianCanada
    On July 5, 2010 at

    Reta, you must be aware that different groups have appropriated slurs once used against them, and redefined them. Some black youths will use the N word, gays use all the words we are arguing over with each other. And some women see the word “bitch” as a badge of courage in the fight for gender equality.

  42. By Sir Justin Jonluke Ross Alldunn Feierabend Jr
    On May 12, 2012 at

    I almost did not know who that was…She is little and of course in real life…Just because you are thin and lost weight does not mean you have to say goodbye to all the foods you love forever?

  43. By Sir Justin Jonluke Ross Alldunn Feierabend Jr
    On May 12, 2012 at

    I will never ever feel sorry for some one who is Rich and does not have to worry about there future money wise….And the reason she hangs out with people that are bigger is a gentle reminder to not go back in that direction again in the future.

  44. By Sir Justin Jonluke Ross Alldunn Feierabend Jr
    On May 12, 2012 at

    As far as Tightness of her cloths she just wants to show her new body off to the world and keep your attention at the same time.


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