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Stevie Nicks took time out from Fleetwood Mac’s massive tour of North America to promote her solo CD “Soundstage Sessions” at a bookstore. The tour must be agreeing with her – Stevie looks happy and cute.


Posted by Janet on April 1, 2009

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  1. By Moshe
    On April 1, 2009 at

    Has she ever sold 5 cd’s of her own music?

  2. By Dieter
    On April 1, 2009 at

    This Woman has hoovered more cocaine up her nose than Oprah and Bill O’Reilly combined.

  3. By pink
    On April 1, 2009 at

    Love her she is a great singer and writer..
    Can’t believe she is 60 time goes by so fast.

  4. By Anonymous
    On April 1, 2009 at

    Obviously you need educating!
    Great singer.. Great woman… and this cd/dvd rocks!

  5. By Anonymous
    On April 1, 2009 at

    Her distinctive voice — especially on “Sara” and the incomparable “Dreams” — is breathtaking. Janet, thank you so much for posting this — Stevie Nicks is awesome!

  6. By gerard Vandenberg
    On April 2, 2009 at

    They “rock” in the home for the elderly, folks?

  7. By Anon
    On April 2, 2009 at

    You’re still awesome Stevie & dam you look good!

  8. By Miss Eva
    On April 2, 2009 at

    She is just fabulous! One of my favorite people/singers EVER. It cracks me up every time I hear that thin-voiced, talentless Sheryl Crow say that Stevie was one of her mentors. Stevie has more talent in her pinky than Sheryl will acquire in 100 lives!

  9. By babygreens
    On April 2, 2009 at

    Thank you for posting this item, Janet. Stevie Nicks is a talented, awesome artist. She has learned from her PERSONAL mistakes and I admire her. She is wonderful!

  10. By Anonymous
    On April 2, 2009 at

    That’s a real woman in the best and every sense of the word.

  11. By Bu
    On April 4, 2009 at

    Hey Moshe….Steve Nicks has sold more CD’s/Album then most musicians as a solo and group act. She writes most of her own songs. She is an Icon!

  12. By David Coffin
    On October 16, 2009 at

    Wow if people only knew the real mis nicks as i do, ill add she’s not the person you see on stage thats all stage persona not the real stevie nicks, stevie is much more complacated and amasing and can be very demanding if pushed,don’t pressure her! i have its not pritty,see i dated her for almost a year in her younger days hum 1981 to 1982, this lady is very pleaseing and down to earth,im not a easy person to be with but stevie made it effortless and plesent,anyone who thinks thay know her just from her stage apearance thay don’t know her, im behaveing by orders of mis nicks! so i can’t say much more so ill take my leave now have fun fan’s of mis nicks, by the way you can get to know her its not imposssable,D/C*

  13. By Casonia Logenberry..Fear and Frighten of Hells kitchen but on the other hand people break down and lose there minds on that show. Jennifer really strong and very lucky girl..She got to work with!The King of Cook!Lucky Girl.Keep up the good work!
    On August 25, 2011 at

    Stevie Nicks is taking care of herself and just doing every thing under the sun and her music really rocks and will always rock and yes her life took some twist and turns and she landed on her feet and she is working her ass off and really busting a move toward her career. She is loved by millions and she is the mother of Rock.

  14. By Casonia logenberry..Hells kitchen cooks should run back and star reading those cook books again and gather a better understanding of what goes with what and this people have all day to read this cook book but are not doing it and no wonder they are still
    On August 27, 2011 at

    That woman has passion and spice and can really push it out like no other in this world..Stevie is timeless and she can hold her own. She is a lady with class and style and she can really move her ass.

  15. By Casonia Logenberry..Kitchen Nightmare Client take advantage of Chef Gordon Good Deads and are full of Fraud and at times! I think he should just walk off and leave them to take care themselves,.Because they are taking advantage of his good deeds.
    On August 27, 2011 at

    This Good woman can hold her own and take care of her business and her music is loved 10 times over by the world and she can sing songs from 20 years ago and they still sound crisp and fresh as today.


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