Online haters seem to pick on Taylor Swift every chance they get, and we can’t figure out why. She’s got looks, talent, style, good manners, and phenomenal success. She’s not crass or vulgar, doesn’t badmouth people, and keeps her clothes on. In other words, she doesn’t embarrass her parents. So why is she a target for so many negative comments? By the way, we loved Taylor’s excitement because Madonna said nice things about her and her thrill at actually meeting her idol.

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Posted by Janet on February 9, 2015

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  1. By Danielle
    On February 9, 2015 at

    Taylor Swift doesn’t badmouth anyone?

    Uh, let’s see. Katy Perry. John Mayor. Carrie Underwood. Diplo. Camilla Belle. Justin Bieber. Joe Jonas. Miley Cyrus. Anyone else who gets in her way.

    I can’t imagine how you missed that about her.

  2. By ah-yuck
    On February 9, 2015 at

    Janet, although some the points you bring up are true, the biggest thing you miss is her arrogance & phoniness.

  3. By Palermo
    On February 9, 2015 at

    She always tries to be the center of attention, when she’s in the audience she ALWAYS has to stand up and dance and sing, let someone else have the spotlight occasionally

  4. By Janet's Filthy Wig
    On February 9, 2015 at

    I agree with the sentiments from the posters above. Katy Perry is right about taylor swift/fake nice girl. Furthermore, she’s not pretty, shes thin, blonde and tall, but that face is really odd, and not in a good way. Her style is decent, but that’s it.

  5. By mister baja
    On February 9, 2015 at

    but don’t forget mom, folks.

  6. By pinkandyellowroses
    On February 9, 2015 at

    I agree with everything you mention; however, I just don’t like any of her music.

  7. By Georgie
    On February 9, 2015 at

    Also, not a fan of her music, but I usually like her style, and I must admit she is talented. Oh, and nothing like a kartrashian, so big points for that.

  8. By xyz
    On February 10, 2015 at

    Fake and talentless, Janet. Sorry to burst ur bubble. And most likely a closeted lesbian.

  9. By Fabu
    On February 10, 2015 at

    Hmmmm…. her songs tend to “bad mouth” every guy she’s ever dated.

  10. By Kitty
    On February 10, 2015 at

    I don’t like her either. I find her very annoying and she looks like a drowned rat to me.

  11. By MissEva
    On February 10, 2015 at

    Yes, her constant singing and dancing at award shows is beyond annoying. At the Grammys this year, however, I noticed that she’s finally doing better at hiding her hatred and disappointment when she doesn’t win. That dress, by the way, is simply hideous, especially with the mismatched shoes. She looks like a stick figure in it.

  12. By Natalie
    On February 10, 2015 at

    Taylor is talented musically and has created a successful career. Like her music or not, at least she’s famous for doing something, rather than so many who are famous because they had a sex tape, their parents are famous/have money, they got pregnant when they were 16 & got a show, they’re a “real” housewife, etc etc etc. With all the bullshit “celebrity” out there circling the drain, people find fault with Taylor Swift’s personality. Unbelievable. Why are people so quick to trash someone who has talent and contributes something positive? Is it jealousy? What exactly is there to complain about? She’s fake? She’s arrogant? WOW! If this is your big issue, then you should apply it equally to every public figure, which means you will hate them all.

  13. By Daggers
    On February 10, 2015 at

    If this hideous dress is fashion, then the world has truly gone bonkers. There is something just so phony about her. She does know how to promote herself and is very crafty and of course very very rich.

    She is always on the front row of any type award dancing around and trying to get the camera fixed on her. Also, that blood red lipstick is too too much and the top lip is thin and crooked. (see her photo to the left below Katy Perry).

  14. By Philberto Cardenez
    On February 10, 2015 at

    Don’t let your daughters idolize this filthy promiscuous corporate drone.

  15. By Bubba Q
    On February 10, 2015 at

    she’s a hideous hillbilly, and merely another white, pop product delivery device, soulless and at her core, as crass a Kayne, landfill

  16. By strom
    On February 10, 2015 at

    she’s perfect, she is white !

  17. By Strom
    On February 11, 2015 at

    Tiny little imposter…so in love w/ Strom that it tries to be Strom!

  18. By strom
    On February 14, 2015 at

    ditto, Kabul liar

  19. By Strom
    On February 14, 2015 at

    Tiny little imposter, never left the ghetto or travelled the world like Strom, so jealous of Strom’s success!

  20. By strom
    On February 14, 2015 at

    I admit, that my best, ” Strom’s success!” by far, is when I’m able to get that sticky plastic clear wrapping off my blow up, anatomically correct lady latex girfriend doll, without any help from my mum …

  21. By Strom
    On February 15, 2015 at

    Tiny imposter…got its hand slapped but has snuck back from the call center.

    It so wants to be the real Strom!

  22. By bella
    On February 15, 2015 at

    what is a “real” Strom ?

    well, he’s a racist and a homophobe, he’s real oily, anally obsessed, deeply insecure and chronically envious, another sub-literate, unemployable high school dropout – who still lives in his poor mom’s basement with his inflatable girl friends … oh, and he lies about being in the military, cause he’s too short, way too fat and far too dull witted


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