On Tuesday night The Ten Tenors show opened at the Pantages theater in Hollywood and we liked them WAY more than we expected to. They got a standing ovation when the ten Australian guys sang a tribute to Queen. And were we lucky to be seated in the third row next to the cutest acting couple – Meredith Eaton-Gilden and her husband Michael Gilden. She is currently enjoying success on Boston Legal as a lawyer and love interest to William Shatner‘s character. We asked her what it’s like to work with Shatner and she told us “his character is not politically correct, but HE is a delightful man. ” She LIKES him a lot. This diminutive actress has a masters degree in clinical psychology from Hofstra University. Michael is also a singer and they loved the Tenors show, but they skipped the after-party at Basque to go home and walk their two Pomeranians. We scooted down the street to Basque and met the cute Tenors who are staying at the Roosevelt Hotel for the run of the show. Girls wanting to meet the Australian guys might be advised to check out the show and later – the Tropicana bar, where they’re probably hanging out..


Posted by Janet on October 25, 2006

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  1. By Anonymous
    On October 25, 2006 at

    I’ve never heard of the Ten Tenors but I’m sure they are fantabulous!!
    I’ve never been to Basque but I bet that’s a super place to eat and meet some swell people.
    Anyway, super job Janet and what’s your secret to looking so young?

  2. By Chadwick Lewstin
    On October 25, 2006 at

    How awesome. We love Meredith Eaton-Gilden on Boston Legal. SO talented and SO cute!
    Sounds like a fun time.

  3. By Paul Jumana
    On October 25, 2006 at

    Janet, I am stoked that you featured Meredith on your page. She is a fine actress and although I haven’t seen her on Boston Legal yet, I loved her in Uncondtional Love and on CSI. I didnt know she had a masters degree as well.
    She is so pretty. Her hubby is handsome too!
    I also love the Ten Tenors (I am an Aussie!)
    Glad you enjoyed the show.

  4. By Anonymous
    On October 26, 2006 at

    what a sweet item

  5. By Anonymous
    On October 26, 2006 at

    Finally, some normal people!
    Thank you.

  6. By Anonymous
    On October 26, 2006 at

    I’ve been a fan of Meredith’s for years – she’s beautiful AND talented! What a sexy husband she has too!

  7. By Eric Jacobs
    On October 26, 2006 at

    OMG , LOVE Meredith on Boston Legal . She plays the sassiest character and gives William Shatner so much S*it! LOVE that you know her!
    Thanks for giving her some space on your page Janet!

  8. By Stephano
    On October 26, 2006 at

    Yeah! The Ten Tenors are a great group of singers! And Meredith Eaton Gilden is a sassy little sexpot on Boston Legal !
    What a night Janet!

  9. By J.J
    On October 26, 2006 at

    Wow..Michael Gilden is so handsome and Meredith is beautiful
    Ive seen them both on tv alot.
    Michael is gonne give Peter Dinklidge a run for his money.
    Meredith is a star.

  10. By Deborah Giugliano
    On October 27, 2006 at

    Although I have not seent the Tenors, I have seen both Merrie and Michael perform way before they were ever actors. It is about time they get recognition. They are both wonderful people and fabulous performers. We love you guys!

  11. By Lori
    On October 27, 2006 at

    It’s nice to read about Meredith. I love her character on Boston Legal. She is a truly refreshing actress and I love that she cares so much about her Pomeranians! It shows what type of a preson she really is.
    I’d love to hear more about both Meredith & her hubby! They are too cute.

  12. By Razberry
    On November 6, 2006 at

    I live in Perth, Western Australia and CAN’T WAIT to see the Ten Tenors live in concert in February 2007. I’m counting down the days I love them that much!
    The group that intrigues me EVEN MORE is the Australian band ‘bojeme’. They are really breaking out over here in Aus at the moment and are just so wonderful to listen to. One of the band members was the founding member of the UK pop string quartet ‘Bond’….or so I hear! Definately worth a listen tho!!

  13. By Friends of Michael's
    On December 6, 2006 at

    We just heard of the passing of Michael Gilden. Our condolences to his family — his mother and brother especially. It is a shock to us all.
    Michael, you will be missed by many of us.

  14. By Kate
    On December 6, 2006 at

    I heard that Michael Gilden died today. The funeral is scheduled for Monday, December 11, 2006. Have no idea how…What have you heard.

  15. By Anonymous
    On December 7, 2006 at

    Michael Gilden’s funeral service is scheduled for Sunday, December 10th, 2006.

  16. By Anonymous
    On December 9, 2006 at

    Our thoughts and prayers are with Michael, Meredith, family and friends. The hows and whys are not important. We have lost a good friend who did so much to show that little people ARE people who can do anything they set out to do.

  17. By Anonymous
    On December 9, 2006 at

    MIchael’s funeral is at 2:00 pm on this Sunday.

  18. By Anonymous
    On February 6, 2007 at

    Sadly, Michael committed suicide by hanging…Our thoughts and prayers are with Merrie at this difficult time.

  19. By Close Friend of Mike's
    On July 27, 2008 at

    Six weeks after seeing the Ten Tenors Mr. Gilden killed himself by hanging himself in his garage — almost purposely so that Meredith would be the first to see him when she returned home. Those of us who knew Michael, knew he was sending a clear message to her. Meredith is presently engaged to someone else.

  20. By Marty
    On September 27, 2008 at

    What an absolutely ridiculous thing to say “Anonymous” on Feb. 6, 2007, you coward behind a screen.
    Michael was sending Meredith a clear message? Whaty kind of shit is that to say?He was mentally ill and his father died which sent him over the edge. He wasn’t trying to send Meredith a message, he loved her and didn’t want her to suffer along with him with the depression he battled his whole life.
    Also, get your facts straight, Meredith was NOT engaged in Feb. of 2007 you moron.
    You must really be a jealous little troll to write such shit.

  21. By Anonymous
    On October 2, 2008 at

    Merrie became engaged exactly one year later of the anniversary of his suicide. You seem to be the jealous troll that she is not marrying you. Right? Thats what drove him over the edge you backstabbing idiot.


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