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The biological parents of Michael Jackson’s kids must be getting concerned about their welfare now. Debbie Rowe was happy having Katherine Jackson care for the kids but she’s not sure about cousin TJ. She wants more information about the situation. We noted the resemblance between Prince Jackson and Dr Arnold Klein growing more obvious every day and decided he was the test-tube biological father, although he will not confirm or deny. (No doubt there were documents signed.) Paris seems to have inherited Debbie Rowe’s blue eyes but not her hefty size. Surely both parents are having second thoughts about the well being of the children considering the Jackson family chaos. Will this bring the REAL parents out in the open?


Posted by Janet on July 29, 2012

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  2. By Patrick
    On July 29, 2012 at

    Who are Blanket’s bio parents?

  3. By Bluejay
    On July 29, 2012 at

    Mark Lester’s daughter is very similar in looks to Paris…

  4. By Anna
    On July 29, 2012 at

    Blanket looks very much like Salma Hyack to me. Not that she is his mother but that their ethnicity could possibly be the same. In an interview, MJ said Blanket had black blood. I don’t think so. MJ was a self-loathing black man, he didn’t want black kids. I think Blanket (stupid name, hope he changes it soon)has Latino blood and is probably the result of a donor egg and sperm.

  5. By Noblecascade
    On July 29, 2012 at

    no, I don’t think that damn Debbie cares anything about those kids and what happens to them. She got her money that is all she cares about.

  6. By palermo
    On July 29, 2012 at

    1) I’m sure Debbie was not big at age 14
    2) I’m sure both of these so called parents signed away all of their rights, so why would they have any say whatsoever in what happens now?
    3) I heard that Blanket was actually fathered by Marlon Brando’s son, can’t remember his name now

  7. By forrest gump
    On July 29, 2012 at

    the boy will be an *sskisser indeed, but the girl is blessed.

  8. By georgie
    On July 29, 2012 at

    Michael was obsessed with looks, I doubt if he’d use that dermatologist to make a kid, and frankly, not sure about Debbie Rowe being the bio mother either. She may have just been a surrogate. His genetic customized baby making worked out well with the girl, but not so much with the boys, looks wise, I mean. They may be very nice kids. btw, I am not sure I believe all the crap that tmz is spewing out about this latest ridiculous scene. I think there is probably more to it, than just the four sibs “kidnapping their mom becuz they want Michaels money” spiel.

  9. By cal
    On July 30, 2012 at

    Seriously, in this day and age, to clarify for you Janet and the other lollies, the parents are the people or persons that ‘put the time in to raising these children’. Not those who provided genetic material.

  10. By Strom
    On July 30, 2012 at

    Way too many JAckson threads…..where is BALCK Morgan Freeman these days and is he still pounding his step-grandaughter/fiance?

  11. By XYZ
    On July 30, 2012 at

    No matter what’s the take on this story, there is just one sad and painful truth: these kids are victims, these kids are MK ULTRA/mind-controlled victims. End of story….

  12. By yoyo
    On July 30, 2012 at

    Now the baby factory workers are concerned? They should have given a dam when they were born not at this point in time. They need to shut up.

  13. By anonTWO
    On July 30, 2012 at

    my guess is Marlon Brando’s or one of Marlon Brando’s son’s seed was used to create the boys, IMO there is a resemblance between the boys and Brando.

    Brando was a long time friend of MJ, had fathered many children of his own and was very hard up for cash in the last years of his life.

    One of Brando’s adult children worked in MJ’s entourage who admitted his father loved being a guest at MJ’s estates where he was pampered as if at a 5 star hotel.

    It could not have been difficult for MJ or his reps to approach Brando to “help MJ become a father.”

    I think it strange that MJ insisted his children be white or white looking.

  14. By Jojo
    On July 30, 2012 at

    Jesus, Janet, really? You are going there about a 14 yo girl just to make a snide remark about her mother? Low.

  15. By Stella
    On July 30, 2012 at

    The only resemblance I see between Prince Jackson and Dr. Arnie Klein is both have brown hair. What are you talking about?

  16. By Denise
    On July 30, 2012 at

    Love him or hate him, Michael Jackson was their father. I’m sure the “real” parents were paid very well.

    This Jackson family drama is worse than sickening.

  17. By Reta
    On July 30, 2012 at

    This entire thing could well stand as a “how not to” on “baby buying” in the U.S. as well as other countries. Rich people should not be able to just get a kid because they have huge sums of money, but should pass a mental exam to get an adopted child. Not such a bad idea in letting “natural” children be born either. There are so many unwanted children around the world already, and it seems the worst people are having babies and raising them, or trying to.

    MJ himself stated on camera that when Paris was born her took her right out of the hosp. umbelical cord and all. He was afraid someone would take her from him. I think if that is true, then they certainly SHOULD have done so!

  18. By dandilion
    On July 31, 2012 at

    There are some desperate and fiendishly evil Jackson’s that will stop at nothing to get their hands on all that money.. I would be frightened too..

  19. By dandilion
    On July 31, 2012 at

    There appear to be some desperate and fiendishly evil Jackson’s that will stop at nothing to get their hands on all that money. I remember Micheal on trial and his brothers trying to force Islam on him for protection and to take care of his money and wealth.. didn’t work. I would be frightened of anything they could and would plan to do too. But why do they think they can bully their mother and force those kids to obey and agree with their greedy plans, after they frightened them in public and tried to shut them up.. and the whole world knows the truth of what they did to them in the open and caught on film.. They are crazy-impossible failing fools.

  20. By RealityHurts.
    On August 1, 2012 at

    Prince Michael has already been diagnosed with a light case of Vitiligo, which Michael himself claimed to have for a numerous amount of years & pictures of his skin back up his claims.. I don’t understand why it’s s hard to believe this guy fathered kids, excluding all the biased media garbage a majority of people believe without even thinking twice & not saying Jackson’s not to blame for his own “eccentric” marketing, but to judge someone based on eccentricities, just seems ridiculous to me.. It seem like no matter what actual physical evidence comes out & loss skin pigmentation passed down by genetics is a huge freakin’ piece of evidence, certain people are so brainwashed by what they read that they’ll never think other wise. Prince has Vitiligo, So did Michael Jackson.. Common Sense my friends apparently isn’t so common.

  21. By Mary Houston
    On August 2, 2012 at

    I’d love to see a side by side photo of Paris and Debbie Rowe (high school age).

  22. By phillytom
    On August 4, 2012 at

    didn’t dr. klein do porno back in the day, we hear he is gay so maybe all the stories about Michael and Liberace and drag queens like diana ross will spell the truth!

  23. By Ashley
    On August 7, 2012 at

    Dr. Klein has already pretty much said that he didn’t father the kids. Besides, I’d like to know how Prince got dark brown eyes when neither Debbie nor Arnold have dark eyes. I’d like to know how Paris got green eyes when Debbie has blue. Joe Jackson has the same color eyes that Paris has. Prince has vitiligo. I’m convinced that Michael’s the father. You don’t have to have brown skin to be bi-racial.

  24. By Strom
    On August 7, 2012 at

    50% of BLACK females in USA have herpes…how many of the Jackson sisters? It will not be long before the BLACK Jacksons attempt to get to white Paris, if it has not already happened. That would be the real tragedy.

  25. By anonymous
    On August 30, 2012 at

    Klein is clearly the father of Prince and Paris. Prince’s eyes are pretty much the same as Klein’s. Looks do not lie. People are so stupid. Let it go, Michael did not father those children. he bought them, he obviously did not want black children. Sick, sad freak.

  26. By Strom
    On August 30, 2012 at


    50% of BLACK females in USA have herpes…how many of the Jackson sisters? It will not be long before the BLACK Jacksons attempt to get to white Paris, if it has not already happened. That would be the real tragedy.

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