Times are tough, so the Kardashians have cleaned out their closets and put everything up for sale on eBay. Kim has her own “store” called “Kim’s Closet” where she and her boyfriend Reggie Bush and her family are unloading mountains of stuff. Besides cars, they’re selling clothing and designer handbags and shoes. Lots of elastic Herve Leger skin tight dresses with stretched out backsides. The sisters Khloe, Khourtney, and Kim plus their mother Kris, are all different sizes, so there’s something for everyone. Bruce Jenner is even selling his ties. They claim a “portion” of sales are going to charity, but exactly what that portion is, remains unknown.


Posted by hoodlum on December 2, 2008

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  1. By Reta
    On December 2, 2008 at

    Have these fatasses ever heard of WORKING for money instead of living off others? If it weren’t for their dad and Bruce they’d have no money at all. And that one on the left is a huge cow compared to the others, she’s as big as Bruce!!

  2. By Reta
    On December 2, 2008 at

    Janet, WHEN are you going to get your site fixed?? it cuts off half of the text!! There is ALWAYS something wrong here, and it takes FOREVER to post something…better get it together girl!!

  3. By We hate Reta
    On December 2, 2008 at

    a “portion” of sales are going to charity” this is code for we aint got no money and the money we get from this S*** is going into our bank account
    Junk is Junk no matter whose Junk it is!

  4. By Anonymous
    On December 2, 2008 at

    The Jenners’ mortgage is not my idea of a worthy charity.

  5. By chewonthis
    On December 2, 2008 at

    The ‘charities’ will have to de-germ and de-bacteria all these frocks, which will cost more than they’re worth. Not only that, when you mix Armenian germs and American germs, gee whiz, we could be wiped out. If the invisible sex filth on the clothes start to multiply and an expert looks at them under a microscope, he would surely advise them to be burned.

  6. By Bitchie McSnit
    On December 2, 2008 at

    their sh*t stores DSH and SMOOCH in Calabasas are taking a blood bath with their overpriced schmattes and crappy fashion sense- they are not making money there…and Jenner scares us locals at the WAMU across from the commons whenever he shows up with his odd plastic surgery scars

  7. By Anonymous
    On December 2, 2008 at

    Their father is probably rolling over in his grave. After his death, they have become a bunch of fame-whores with no talents.
    Mom and step-dad – well, they are the leaders of the herd.

  8. By Strom
    On December 2, 2008 at

    As they get older and fatter, the girls will end up only as coke whores for the blacks. The real fools are anyone who watches or buys their castoff’s.

  9. By betty
    On December 2, 2008 at

    Everyone posting has made good points, all true. They are very sleazy to vaguely say ‘a portion’ is going to charity. That could mean they are giving one penny! And don’t forget, everyone, most of this stuff was more than likely given to them because even though they are all no talent attention whores, they are photographed all the time and designers give them countless outfits, shoes, and bags. DON’T BUY ANYTHING.

  10. By "Don't shoot the messenger."
    On December 2, 2008 at

    Old news, but…
    Years ago a friend was studying for his doctorate in Psy. @ UCLA.
    And he swore that among the outpatients who were undergoing pre-operative counseling before transgender surgery was former decathlete Bruce Jenner.
    This coincided with Bruce’s strangely feminine new look, which was obviously achieved in part through cosmetic surgery. His body appeared to be undergoing a transformation as well, which some tabs reported was the result of estrogen injections.
    So…many years later, what happened? He’s still strange looking, but not nearly as scary as he was then — particularly in the fitness infomercial that he was fronting at the time.
    By the way, the friend disclosed that Bruce’s sexual identity was that of a female, but lesbian — implying that that was the realtionship he had with Kris, who he had married not long before.
    Strange story, I know — but I’m wondering what the outcome to all of that was…?

  11. By Anonymous
    On December 2, 2008 at

    I wonder if Kim cleaned Ray-J’s juice off of her clothes.

  12. By Anonymous
    On December 3, 2008 at

    So, does Brucie have a weiner or a vageegee?

  13. By gerard Vandenberg
    On December 3, 2008 at

    I HAVE “NOTHING”, folks!!

  14. By J-9
    On December 3, 2008 at

    “Stretched out backsides !” HaHaHaHaHa!!!!!!!

  15. By Anonymous
    On December 3, 2008 at

    The best evidence suggests that Bruce stopped the transgender process.

  16. By Anonymous
    On December 3, 2008 at

    Bruce was so gorgeous in the 70’s, the envy of alot of men I’m sure, why would he want to change his looks for the worst? will never understand it.

  17. By Bu
    On December 3, 2008 at

    Bruce was so handsome before he did that face/eye lift.

  18. By Badder than bad
    On December 3, 2008 at

    Played on TMZ several times: Kim caught on camera saying …QUOTE…I love my big fat ass…UNQUOTE. hilarious

  19. By Strom
    On December 4, 2008 at

    Reggie loves to hit her ass too but he is also doing a few blondes on the side…..He isn’t gonna be around long.

  20. By mee too
    On December 4, 2008 at

    Hey i am 1/2 armenian, and I would never sell out to the devil like these girls.
    and as for Bruce Jenner, he ought to be ashamed of himself.
    he was an olympic medal winner and hangs around this group like it’s his meal ticket.

  21. By Anonymous
    On December 5, 2008 at

    The Mother of this revolting group is soooo phony and unattractive…it’s painful to watch this Insider Show with her doing a side by side with conceited Lara Spencer. Why is she on there, CBS please dump her as she’s moronic like her gang and her very stupid girl…wide fat butt idiot no talent Kim.

  22. By Anonymous
    On December 7, 2008 at

    this show should have never been a show.
    it is just misery. the girls whine and whine and whine and are miserable no matter how much supposed wealth and fame they have. so like, i guess they think or want us to be jealous of their luxe lifestyle? i’m not jealous of them at all.
    its like the jerry springer family.
    two words: go away.

  23. By La La Luna
    On October 12, 2010 at

    So, there is a concensus. I have only watched the show for the last couple of years catch-as-catch-can. I happen to like Khloe. I think she is the healthiest of the bunch. I would like to see her break away. She has a wonder woman figure. When she dresses well for her figure, rather than like her sisters she looks great. Kris appears to be a big HO-monger, pimping out everyone in the family. I don’t know about the femininity issues with Bruce. I don’t see it. I am sure Kris bullied him into a face lift. Hey, and she talks like she is Armenian…..NOT…Her ex was, but not her. Now she is throwing herself at younger men. They are playing her along like some rich old matriarch who can throw some money or fame their way…yuk, she looks like a bull dog. Anyway…they are an example of how not to behave, even it they do get a lovely home out of the deal.

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    On July 18, 2013 at

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