Julie Chen always seemed so ‘”reserved” on TV and not the least bit playful or impulsive. So we were surprised on “The Talk” when she discussed her own plastic surgery. (At least some of it.) Julie, 43, had surgery to enlarge her Asian eyes when she was 25. She had been told by bosses and an agent that it was essential for her to advance in her TV career, so she did it and wasn’t sorry. “It got me where I am today!” She went on to great success and even married the boss, CBS head, Les Moonves, so apparently it WAS the right decision.
Before and After photos via The Hollywood Reporter


Posted by Janet on September 12, 2013

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  1. By Strom
    On September 12, 2013 at

    This is fluff. What you really need to print about Julie, is her lack of tv talent but her unreserved willingness to go after the CBS boss (married) with open legs….and how yiddish Les dumped the old girl for the very willing Asian.

    It took many years for CBS to find a place for her where she could have at least marginal success…but that was the bosses orders.

    Connie Chung
    Julie Chen
    both set out to get the yiddish men for $$$$.

  2. By JimJam
    On September 12, 2013 at

    She’s a slag! No talent but basically a slag!

  3. By Alex
    On September 12, 2013 at

    They’re not Yiddish dumbass, Yiddish is a language, not an ethnicity.

    You’re just another chickenshit little anonymous racist Strom, scared and jealous of all the nasty ole educated Jews Strom ? they’re laughing at you, world wide.

    You wash their car, walk the dogs, and clean up on aisle three …. maybe they’ll send you a card from Cancun, drooler

  4. By nance
    On September 12, 2013 at

    Plus a nose job.

  5. By palermo
    On September 12, 2013 at

    Didn’t even notice her eyes, it’s the difference in the nose that is huge

  6. By Strom
    On September 12, 2013 at

    Poor Alex…..wearing its jewishness on its little sleeve.

    Both Les and Maury are bagel carrying examples of Jews who very out front! No way would Connie and Julie be attracted to such if they were learning clerk salaries insteaqd of the big $$$$.

  7. By Becca
    On September 12, 2013 at

    Poor Strom. He has to somehow compensate for his teeny, tiny penis, so he blames the Jews for that.

  8. By Dr. Isaac Finkelstein
    On September 12, 2013 at

    I for one am tired of all the Jewish jokes, put-downs, and innuendos. After all, we are God’s chosen people.

  9. By Strom
    On September 12, 2013 at

    None of that stopped Les or Maury….actually. Maybe ask their ex wives their opinion.

    Poor Becca….runs to the aid of the yiddish brigade…at the drop of a hat.

    If Isaac is really a Finkelstein, he is very used to the jokes….he knows many more himself! No crocodile tears please!

    Isnt it also generally acknowledged that Julie also had some other surgery, not visible aimed at tightening everything up for Les?

  10. By Janetisracist
    On September 12, 2013 at

    Julie is not only beautiful, she is also a very intelligent, classy lady, as well. Oh yes and dare i forget, very, very wealthy.

    TALK about that for a while won’t ya

  11. By Strom
    On September 12, 2013 at

    Ha, now the enablers come out. Julie scored mucho $$ when she started dropping her panties for Les!

    She was a plain looking Asian woman before all the work and makeup.

  12. By sandy
    On September 12, 2013 at

    Strom, I think ur a panty-dropping female yourself. Except ur alone – and jealous of the success of others.

  13. By starquisha
    On September 12, 2013 at

    troll barrier

    this is simply a troll barrier

    it is a signpost to indicate to the reader that other anonymous posters on this thread are beginning to purposely diminish the conversation into petty, mean spirited, irrelevant bickering

    the barrier is put in place to signal that there is probably little point in reading more replies in the thread past this point

    proceed at your own risk

  14. By Strom
    On September 12, 2013 at

    True, ‘quisha, it’s all been said!

  15. By Lola Lisa
    On September 12, 2013 at

    Julie’s plastic surgery turned out amazing for her! Wow!

  16. By mishmash
    On September 12, 2013 at

    The nose was the biggest change. She looks like a tranny now. The generic cheek implants, chin work and big old hair screams amateur night at Embers.

  17. By Erin from
    On September 12, 2013 at

    Strom, you’re lacking the self awareness gene, its sad and funny simultaneously

  18. By abe
    On September 12, 2013 at

    a new way for attention?
    Make Up can save your ass.

  19. By Marsha
    On September 12, 2013 at

    JC is a no talent and is where she is because of her partner. The details of what her previous employer told her regarding her looks is FAR FETCHED and ridiculous reading. Obviously, there is racism (regarding appearance) in the business, but, her account seems idiotic. I think it is just a publicity and she is trying to win sympathy points as she got her partner while he was still married.

    Canʻt wait till they divorce and we donʻt have to hear about her anymore. Also, hope Moonveyʻs wife took him for everything, sleazy pig.

    Strom, I canʻt imagine how insecure and filled with hate you are to spew such bigoted garbage about Jews, Women, Blacks, etc. Feel sorry for you.

  20. By Strom
    On September 13, 2013 at

    Please advise of anything I said which is inaccurate….

  21. By Teddy
    On September 13, 2013 at

    Provide your sources Strom, why are you constantly avoiding this very simple request ? Because there’s no actual story, just your jealousy. No proof, it’s just all Bullshit, all the time, unsupportable envy and hatred,

  22. By xyz
    On September 13, 2013 at


  23. By Strom
    On September 13, 2013 at

    Poor little Teddy…..I wont do your research for you…plenty of stories abound on Julie snagging Les from his wife and Connie and Maury. Both are jewish and that doesn’t take much research either. Neither have talent as is obvious and documented.

    Just did deeper, Teddy…if you really want the facts…which you probably don’t.

    As always, please advise of anything I said which is not accurate.

  24. By Paula
    On September 13, 2013 at

    Strom, you are my hero!

  25. By Strom
    On September 13, 2013 at

    The Pied Piper of JC will not be able to abide that statement. Expect much rainbow soon.

  26. By Patrick
    On September 13, 2013 at

    Strom? What’s with all of the spelling mithtakes in your posts all of a sudden?

  27. By Whatever
    On September 13, 2013 at

    Strom go back to drinking your Pabst in your double wide trailer and STFU!! You are such a waste of space and air. I wish you would eat sh^t and die! I am so DONE with your DA!!

  28. By Strom
    On September 13, 2013 at

    Ha poor little poster……attack Strom because he calls it as it is.

    Go to your Rainbow Club meeting while I have a nice glass of wine or maybe a German beer.

    Please advise of anything inaccurate!

  29. By Steven M.
    On September 13, 2013 at


    you remind me of a nine year old, spitting out the window at strangers below, empty headed, lonely, desperate for attention, quite unremarkable; it’s all you are really, and that’s all you can think of to say, time after time : Jews, blah blah, Lesbians, blah, blah, Chinese, blah, blah, Homo’s blah, blah, Blacks, blah blah …. ad nauseaum

    Rumours, innuendos, falsehoods, exaggerations, lies, distortions and neurotic obsessions, Are just Not “accurate” research or proof of anything, so quit trying to pretend that they are.

    Your “Calling it like it is”, is at the very same level as those folks who “know” the earth’s only 5000 years old. Standing on the corner in their white sheets, delusional, and pathetically funny.

    Just more bullshit, from the “challenged” kid in the window

  30. By Strom
    On September 13, 2013 at

    Poor Steven, not a comment on the thread or of poster’s comments but plenty of spittle at a poster.

    Why not advise of any inaccuracy (if you can) but of course you would rather throw mud instead, wouldn’t you?

    Julie Chen and Connie Chung…….much in common……maybe Wendi Deng as well. See a pattern? How about Elaine Chou?

  31. By Mrs Weaver
    On September 13, 2013 at

    I for one would like you, Strom, to give a simple example of when you’ve said something right ???? When you say things which are, seemingly ridiculous, you must expect people to question your thinking. I suspect that you constantly evade the question, because you can’t provide any proof at all, just more fiction and racist hatefulness.

    and, obviously Mr. Strom, if you didn’t say such hateful and rude things, people wouldn’t respond the way they do to you. You are responsible alone, how else can someone respond to such bigotry ?

  32. By Alex
    On September 13, 2013 at

    what she said !

  33. By Andrea23
    On September 13, 2013 at

    go get him Mrs Waver, stroms a low thinker so tired of his foul mouth not funny anymore just sick of it

  34. By Strom
    On September 13, 2013 at

    Poor Andrea, doesn’t see the game Ms W is playing……blaming Strom but failing to point out anywhere he is wrong.

  35. By Hello
    On September 13, 2013 at

    I have to agree with strom on this chink. No-one was looking for her when she looked dowdy. She must have love him a long time with her slanty bush. Way better than the Jew he was married to.

  36. By crazylegs
    On September 13, 2013 at

    Funny she’s just talking about her eyes and didn’t mention her obvious nose job!

  37. By Strumpets Trumpet
    On September 13, 2013 at

    your point is unsupportable Strom, as usual

    as an example —- if I say “Tom Hanks is an Alien Lesbian from another galaxy”, and you disagree and then say “show your proof”, which is reasonable

    I’ll say, “Im not going to do your research for you” or ” show me where I’m wrong”

    here’s a simple question for you in this little tautology of yours,

    Show ME where I’m wrong strom, prove that Hanks isn’t an Alien, go on, give it a try, just for a second, …. you can’t, just like there’s no proof for any of the ridiculous stuff you write, it’s all just Strom’s garbage.

    lies, and obsessions …. so very creepy.

  38. By Alex
    On September 13, 2013 at

    Tautology, now that’s a word I never thought I’d read on this site

  39. By Strom
    On September 14, 2013 at

    Poor loudmouth ST…the affair of Meeso Julie and married Led is well documented and should not be a problem for even you to locate…..of course, that’s not what Reta wants, is it?

  40. By Strom
    On September 14, 2013 at

    What it really is is Reta learned a new word and wants to show it off….just like a new coat or maybe like a new BLACK man.

    The Tom Hanks example has no bearing. JC made the original claims in the thread and I simply expanded upon them with facts that are well known and easy for others to find, should they choose to do so. Same is true about Connie, Wendi, and others of the same persuasion.

    Les has much in common with Maury, Rupert, but less in common with Woody the Woodster Allen who cultivated his Asian in house.

  41. By CharlestheButler
    On September 14, 2013 at

    Great to see you got released, Patrick 🙂

  42. By Denise
    On September 14, 2013 at

    Is that “our” Patrick? I’m not sure how much talent Julie Chen has. The only show I ever see her on is Big Brother which is simply awful and appears to require very little talent of its host.

  43. By Patrick
    On September 14, 2013 at

    Hi Charles. I very much regret reading these comments, again. A form of self mutilation.
    Once again, I need to go wash my brain.
    The window to a very strange world, indeed.
    Don’t open that window. There is a monster there.

  44. By Strom
    On September 15, 2013 at

    No doubt a quick rush back to Hamelin to retrieve the pipe!

  45. By Strom
    On September 15, 2013 at

    Julie’s talent was never a qualifier….there is no overt evidence of any talent or personality but once she set sights on the married boss (Les), Julie used a much more covert form of talent to get him away from his jewish wife!

  46. By Strom
    On September 16, 2013 at

    To repeat:
    Misho (HJulie’s talent was never a qualifier….there is no overt evidence of any talent or personality but once she set sights on the married boss (Les), Julie used a much more covert form of talent to get him away from his jewish wife!

  47. By Strom
    On September 17, 2013 at

    Oh the PC crowd loves to call people with different views “haters”. Julie does as well:

    Few if any people hate Julie….she doesn’t garner that much attention. What they hate are Julie’s actions, the blatant affair with the married boss that landed her a ring and a career, a quota system that gives minorities more jobs and perks, based on their minority status, than they would otherwise gain, and then the ability to use the threats of going to my hubby the boss to keep out any dissent.

    It has nothing to do with the eye surgery or corrective surgery in other parts of her body.

  48. By Strom
    On December 30, 2013 at

    To say again:

    Misho (Julie’s talent was never a qualifier….there is no overt evidence of any talent or personality but once she set sights on the married boss (Les), Julie used a much more covert form of talent to get him away from his jewish wife!

  49. By Howard Boyer
    On March 19, 2018 at

    OK so do you think Julie Chen is doing the Female Version of Harvey Wienstiens game with Certain well hung members of her crew and other notables who may be guests on THE TALK ?
    Yep I would pay a nice price for Video or photos of that POWER PLAY.Yes perhaps there is more to Julie Chen then is openly visable

  50. By Strom
    On August 5, 2018 at

    Nope Julie is totally in it for the $$$$ and it didn’t taker horny and married Les more than a couple of asks to get her not only to say Yes but say Why Not Now!


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