We’ve heard some juicy new info on why Shaquille O’Neill so abruptly filed for divorce. Shaq,35, says he found out his wife Shaunie Nelson, 32, had been hiding money and investments. But the financial shenanigans weren’t the ONLY reason Shaq called the marriage off. According to our source, Shaunie has been having a raging affair with one of Shaq’s personal trainers – described as “a muscular Cuban.” When Shaunie fell for this guy she started stashing money away and went so far as to put a secret down payment on a HOUSE that she plans to share with the Cuban! Shaq’s team Miami Heat pays him 20 million a year so he’s not suffering much, and remember, Shaq originally stole Shaunie from his BEST FRIEND so maybe it’s a case of just desserts.


Posted by hoodlum on September 22, 2007

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  1. By Anonymous
    On September 22, 2007 at

    Could it be that she was cheating on him because he’s been cheating on her and been doing so for a long time?

  2. By Anonymous
    On September 22, 2007 at

    “Shaq originally stole Shaunie from his BEST FRIEND”
    Don’y you mean EX best friend?

  3. By Bu
    On September 23, 2007 at

    Shaq has been know to cheat on Shawnie for years now!

  4. By Bu
    On September 23, 2007 at

    Shaq has been known to cheat on Shaunie for many, many years now!

  5. By Anonymous
    On September 23, 2007 at

    Maybe if he had paid attention to her instead of running around all the time she might not have strayed. Just a thought. What goes around comes around.

  6. By Margo Channing
    On September 23, 2007 at

    They deserve each other.

  7. By Anonymous
    On September 23, 2007 at

    Why is this news? My dead great grand parents know that Basketball players and today’s athletes are all dogs and will screw around. It’s in their nature.

  8. By yucky
    On September 23, 2007 at

    Trash with money

  9. By Diddy
    On September 23, 2007 at

    Once a cheater, always a cheater!
    Just more monkeys from the zoo!

  10. By Anonymous
    On September 23, 2007 at

    12:03 pm, just another racist getting his jollies.

  11. By Anonymous
    On September 23, 2007 at

    Good for her. Those Cubans know how to deliver the goods.

  12. By Anonymous
    On September 23, 2007 at

    I wonder if she will subpoena Kobe to get dirt on Shaq’s cheating ways, since he acknowledged he did a few years ago during his rape stuff.
    That being said, I don’t blame her for cheating. Shaq seems like a moron, and she seems fairly smart. Must be tough to have a real conversation with him. He has the maturity of a 10 yr old.

  13. By posh
    On September 24, 2007 at

    don’t they all cheat on each other all the time?

  14. By Anonymous
    On September 24, 2007 at

    she needs to get a job.
    shaq has a job.

  15. By Anonymous
    On September 24, 2007 at

    Shaq gave his private (confirmed) phone number to my girlfriend in an elevator 2 years ago. No one can keep their pants on in Miami, it’s a fact.

  16. By Anon 1
    On September 24, 2007 at

    Old news

    On September 24, 2007 at


  18. By OneUP
    On September 24, 2007 at

    Who cares? About either on of them. It’s just another hollywood story….

  19. By Ray
    On September 24, 2007 at

    GOOOO!!!!! LAKERS!!!!!!
    KOBEY!!!! NUMERO UNO!!!!!!!!
    Shaq should off stayed with the LAKERS. His wife was happy in LA. KOBE & SHAQ would be working on the 8th or 9th rings.

  20. By Sunguy
    On September 24, 2007 at

    Well, it’s men’s world is it? He can cheat, but not her. I would do the same if I was Shaq. Women are not supposed to cheat.

  21. By Anonymous
    On September 24, 2007 at

    yes, supposedly shaq had a kept woman or something of the like in MIA a couple years ago. Shaunie was working for a local network on occassion….and hello she had how many of Shaq’s children…if that ain’t work what is…?

  22. By Anonymous
    On September 24, 2007 at

    u white people r so jealous of black people with money its ridiculous. get over it.

  23. By Anonymous
    On September 24, 2007 at

    we (white people) are not jealous of black people with money at all….just that some of them dont know how to act when they have it.

  24. By Anonymous
    On September 24, 2007 at

    all you who are making these comments that you know nothing about, should keep your mouth shut. what secretes are you keeping from your spouts or boy and girl friend. remember oneday your sins will catch you also.

  25. By Anonymous
    On September 24, 2007 at

    The bottom line is cheating is cheating no matter if you are black or white, rich or poor. This has nothing to do with race, this is about the sanctity of marriage. People do not take thie rvows serious any longer.

  26. By Anonymous
    On September 24, 2007 at

    Shaunie if you are reading this, please call me, I would love to hit that too

  27. By dustyoutlaw
    On September 24, 2007 at

    You know what? You people who interject race into these conversations are MORONS. I’m black, raised three kids who own their own homes, have good jobs, never been in trouble and you black punks that are always looking for something to say about white people are idiots. You don’t want to work, you make out like “whites” are the reason you’re lazy and you give decent black people a bad name.Why don’t you shut up, get off the stolen/your mothers computer and GET A JOB.

  28. By Anonymous
    On September 24, 2007 at

    This is great ! Race has nothing to do with this situation ! Personally i dont care if he cheated or not , character on both sides was suspect from the beginning as far as how they met ! That being said nothing gives her the right to steal money from him regardless of whether he was cheating or not , especially if she is planning on buying a house for her and her new man ! Hilarious ! As for Dusty and the comment you posted , a blog is no place to insult people of color especially when you are black ! You put yourself on their level when u do that , its simple let idiots be idiots and represent yourself with class and therefore set the example as opposed to adding to the problem . Thanks

  29. By Anonymous
    On September 25, 2007 at

    I know one of Shaq’s FT trainers and he tells me thatShaq has a very active libido. Not one “etra” woman per night when they are on the road, but sometimes up to 3 or 4.

  30. By Anonymous
    On September 25, 2007 at

    I know one of Shaq’s FT trainers and he tells me that Shaq has a very active libido. Not one “etra” woman per night when they are on the road, but sometimes up to 3 or 4.

  31. By Anonymous
    On September 25, 2007 at

    That’s disgusting. I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s got the big A like the other basketball player what’s his name?

  32. By Anonymous
    On September 25, 2007 at

    What a beast.

  33. By Anonymous
    On September 26, 2007 at

    Oh It is ok for him to mess around. But if his wife does it once she’s out. And by the way 4 children is work. Lots of it. When did motherhood become a vacation. The jop is 24/7. It ain’t all that great either. The pay is low and the money is his. I think she sound pretty smart. too bad she didn’t start doing it earlier in the relationship. hide the money in the Bahamas. Smart lady.

  34. By Anonymous
    On September 28, 2007 at

    I hate to burst your bubble but taking care of kids when u have money is not a job , tell that to the single mom who has 3 kids and makes pennies for what she does ! When u have money its different when u dont have to worry about food on the table and what bills are due and not to mention the nanny ! Dont kid yourself that money was hers as well as his which is why she was able to steal money and invest it and whatever else ! There is nothing smart about stealing and to condone that makes u a uneducated moron ! No one said it was ok for him to mess around , if u read the article of what supposedly happened it was about money that was not accounted for ! The cheating was the secondary factor !

  35. By Anonymous
    On March 9, 2008 at

    i hate all cheaters, what happened to values

  36. By JIMMY
    On November 24, 2008 at

    anyone given the chance,the right person and the right opportunity will cheat. anyone… if they say no they are lying. if you thought about it, you will eventually do until anyone on this panel is not born with the right to choose, then please make your way to hell right now cause your lying. only 1 percent of mammals in this world is monogamous. so please before your start casting stones take a good look at your life and what skeletons you have in the closet.

  37. By Casonia logenberry
    On July 2, 2011 at

    Some times relationship runs out of steam and lust for your partner comes to an end and when people fail to listen or understand that relationships gather frustration!! Of course people often save some money on the side to be able to take care of themselves and when a partner ask for a Divorce..The other person has a tendancy to try to fix the relationship..When the other person wants out of it and that means they are not having sex with you anymore..Because they want to not share that gift of love making with that person? Standards are nolonger there and friendship is to replace the marriage all together and over time frustration of trying to get your partner to understand that the relationship is broken and there is nolonger trust in that relationship and after asking for weeks and mouths and years…Some times people just break and want to make love with some one they trust and that means another man or woman in a relationship has left the marriage on many level and to stay together for the kids is wrong…Because your showing your kids that being unhappy in a relationship is right and to just put up with some one..Who you nolonger feel passion and love of giving your body to and what people don’t understand is that? You allow your mate to leave when the relationship is hitting the bricks and keep a friendship is a good way to leave the door open for the relationship coming back together in the future, On a positive note!!!!But if you force your mate to stay against there will and will not put an end to being with some one who nolonger makes you happy? Then they are never ever coming back to you in the future..BECAUSE THEY ARE GOING TO REMEMBER THE TIME YOU MADE THEM WASTE STAYING IN A RELATIONSHIP THAT MAKES THEM UNHAPPY AND FOR WOMAN IT IS REALLY HARD.. Without passion in the marriage!!!!!Making love to your husband becomes a Nightmare and your not getting off on them at all… And that feel like RAPE.. Rape is when you ask your husband for an ending and just sign the Dam papers and your stuck being with a short temper person..Who you can nolonger stand and you nolonger want to make love to and that is why woman cheat? But for you men!!!!You cheat because your not getting enough sex from your wife and that is the way it will always be until you sign the papers.


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