Cheating celebrity husbands everywhere must be shaking in their shoes. The Tiger Woods affair in the National Enquirer has started an avalanche of talkative party girls and strippers. Women who’ve had encounters with Tiger Woods are spilling all the beans to the media without hesitation. Naturally that makes Rachel Uchitel’s denials even less believable. Who knew this mild mannered golfer was such a big time cheater? In the past, these sexy, available, homewrecker girls had a code of silence, but no more. Now they ALL want to sell their stories. No male celebrity is safe. And we gossips are thrilled!


Posted by Janet on December 1, 2009

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  1. By right
    On December 1, 2009 at

    The 21yr old cocktail waitress from Vegas is the best looking girl to come forward. Even hotter than his current, soon to be ex wife.

  2. By cal
    On December 1, 2009 at

    “What were Tiger and Elin doing at 2.30am?…. out clubbing

    What was Tiger doing out at 2.30am?… on his way to ‘play around’

    Tiger got a woodie!!!

    Anyone got more to add?

  3. By right
    On December 1, 2009 at

  4. By right
    On December 1, 2009 at


  5. By Sue
    On December 1, 2009 at

    Why even get married if you don’t want to be tied down to one woman, Tiger? Well, I hope that azz on the side was worth the price you’re going to pay!! Nice legacy for your kids!!

  6. By Helena Handbasket
    On December 1, 2009 at

    ‘Avalanche’ is right, Janet. Anyone want to hazard a guess on how long before we hear that Tiger’s wife has filed for divorce?

    My guess is before the end of the year.

  7. By Village
    On December 1, 2009 at

    Tiger’s wife is married to one of the best looking billionaires ever. Who is she going to marry after Tiger? And what about her children? He will get them part of the time with his house of rotating women. Her best bet is to bed the pool boy, and get a closet full of condoms. She’s got no place to go.

  8. By L'il Off Broadway
    On December 1, 2009 at

    I don’t think he is good-looking, whether rich or poor.

  9. By Bettye Bluejay
    On December 1, 2009 at

    The text messages will continue to create fall-out. Tiger is screwed in more than one way.

  10. By Mandy
    On December 1, 2009 at

    Living with a cheater is not worth it at any price! Elin won’t ever have to worry about her financial future–even if she divorces his azz she’ll have many, many millions and she’s young enough to do anything she wants, including finding a new relationship and having a very bright future. Women shouldn’t put up with cheating and frankly, neither should men. You make a vow when you get married–keep the vow or stay single!

  11. By captain america
    On December 1, 2009 at

    not driving a CADILLAC anymore?

  12. By clementine
    On December 1, 2009 at

    Janet, there have been blind gossip items regarding Tiger’s cheating for the past couple of years now…many folks weren’t surprised this story broke, I bet even Elin knew about it, but is more pissed about it going public than the cheating aspect…most high profile athletes cheat, the public just doesn’t see/hear it…

    Magic Johnson got AIDS from it, Michael Jordan was cheating and his wife divorced him, Kobe supposedly raped a girl, even Ben Roethlisberger was accused of rape recently, even tho it was consensual…so, why are you still so surprised?

  13. By dimes
    On December 2, 2009 at

    Because of all the people you mentioned, Tiger is the one who has carefully cultivated a squeaky clean image.

    It sounds like he’s been pulling this behavior for a while, but for someone who has until now maintained an an iron control over his brand image, he was amazingly stupid to leave a voicemail and text message trail.

  14. By 6767
    On December 2, 2009 at

    Douche tiger, Elin should go back to Sweden and find some hot Swede.

  15. By Guest
    On December 2, 2009 at


  16. By pinkstar
    On December 2, 2009 at

    She’s got no place to go.
    How about a real life with real love?

  17. By strom
    On December 2, 2009 at

    Kobe, Shaq, Tiger, Michael J., Steve McNair, Morgan Freeman….let’s see, what do they all have in common?

  18. By 6767
    On December 2, 2009 at

    Black men can’t keep it in their pants, can’t they?

  19. By Aeduko
    On December 2, 2009 at

    6767 your post is disgusting. I hope it gets removed.

  20. By PoopieStryker
    On December 2, 2009 at

    Let’s see Strom, Tiger is the only caublasian.

    I thought the racist senator from NC was dead and buried.

    If I were black with a 10 inch or more peen I cheat too, and with white women who can’t get satisfaction elsewhre. OK Strom.

  21. By PoopieStryker
    On December 2, 2009 at

    Oh another commonality Strom, those guys like to screw around with gullible, stupid white whores. Black women all over the world are ROFLTAO.

  22. By SebastianCanada
    On December 2, 2009 at

    Ladies, if you want to be sure of a faithful spouse, marry a lesbian. Otherwise, you are taking your chances.

  23. By Apres Ski
    On December 3, 2009 at

    You must all remember, after those cute babies arrived, the sex machine went by-by! And if you know sports guys, they need their sex or the game isn’t going to go well. No game, no money no endorsements.

    Elin wasn’t putting out, so Tiger shopped around & around & around . . . You can’t blame the guy cause if this were a woman, she’d have a boy toy, a man or two or three on the side. I know I would. When the well drys up . . . you go lookin’ for more water . . .

    End of story . . .

  24. By Apres Ski
    On December 3, 2009 at

    Will Elin’s sex drive come back now that Tiger’s put a cool $1 million in her bank account???

    I’m betting when Elin gets her $55 million, her sex drive will come back after the divorce. But in the meantime, he’ll have to beg for every crumb of sex from her.

    He needs to have his relationship be like Will & Jada Smith. They have an open marriage. He goes after what he wants & so does she. They stay together because Will is the bread winner & the children are still young.

    But he’ll need to make an arrangement because men are not like women. They cannot go without sex and no one wants to see Tiger’s game suffer because of that . . .

  25. By Casonia logenberry
    On July 13, 2011 at

    He is a Pig and a lieing cheating Bastard who should had left the relationship sooner if he was not happy instead of taking this risk with his wife health and opening her up to Disease and crap health is so very wrong and Yes I am glad she took his ass to the cleaners and She deserves that and she is never going to trust him in a relationship again as long as she lives and Tiger you should had asked for a divorce as soon as you knew that you had not got your groove on to a large degree.!!!I have no respect for you and good some one is rocking there ass out on the court breaking your records…May they kick your ass completely when this year ends.?

  26. By Zack J. Bailey
    On November 24, 2012 at


  27. By Zack J. Bailey
    On November 28, 2012 at

    Sagal Abby loves pain!!
    She lives through me!!
    so follow me!!!!
    🙂 ((:))((:))

  28. By Zack J. Bailey
    On November 28, 2012 at

    Cause what you think is real
    is not…
    I AM the curse…
    -Call me

    more to come


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