HBO slammed a home run with their Scientology documentary “Going Clear” that debuted Sunday, and we applaud them for it. Everyone MUST see it! Having successful, well known former members lament that they can’t believe they were ever stupid enough to have been involved, was VERY effective. Best of all, HBO exposed the IRS disgrace: decades ago, Scientology harassed the IRS into declaring their organization a tax-free church. They went on to buy up block after block of valuable Hollywood property tax-free. Time for the IRS to RE-EVALUATE the taxation of all so-called “churches.” And Leah Remini wasn’t afraid to applaud the documentary.

(Above, this Scientology center was once a hospital)
Photo: HBO


Posted by Janet on March 30, 2015

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  1. By Philberto Cardenez
    On March 30, 2015 at

    If IRS take Scientology tax free status away they will also do the same for Mormon Church which is a multi billion dollar business enterprise. Then they would have to go after every evangelical Christian Church in Texas and the rest of America which are also multi-billion dollar enterprises. Slippery slope.

  2. By Georgie
    On March 30, 2015 at

    I’m all for it; in fact, I think all “religions” should be taxed on their assets. I wouldn’t mind if the actual churches/synagogues/whatever were kept tax free so as to not let the churches get involved in politics, but all of the holdings and businesses that are owned by churches should be taxed just like the rest of us imo. Is religion really supposed to be about gaining wealth, or serving God?

    Janet, hope you are healing quickly!

  3. By Janet
    On March 30, 2015 at

    Thanks Georgie, it takes time…

  4. By Palermo
    On March 30, 2015 at

    They should also investigate Kris Jenner’s so called church, another tax scam

  5. By Georgie
    On March 30, 2015 at

    Janet, take good care of yourself! And don’t give up hope! Everyone I know that has had knee surgery ends up happy that they had it done.

    Palermo, yes!

  6. By Strom
    On March 30, 2015 at

    3rd window down from the left. That’s me! Waving! Hi! Folks!

  7. By anonTWO
    On March 30, 2015 at

    lol @ strom

  8. By mister baja
    On March 30, 2015 at

    the ‘magicians’ of hollywood are doing quite well at fooling people!!

  9. By John
    On March 30, 2015 at

    We supposedly have separation of church and state in the United States. Tax all churches.

  10. By Strom
    On March 31, 2015 at

    Yep, examine all the churches and the public would be amazed.

    Poor little imposter..so wants to be famous, like Strom, that it runs around like the class pervert and tries to copy him. Sorry, it doesn’t work except in his world of internet forums.

  11. By Natalie
    On March 31, 2015 at

    I agree churches should be taxed. It’s ridiculous what they get away with preaching politics behind the pulpit.

    Wish I had HBO to watch this documentary.

  12. By Bob
    On March 31, 2015 at

    strom you’ll notice NO ONE is copying you. Who in the hell wants to be a boring ass? Only you!

  13. By sandyRED
    On March 31, 2015 at

    This is not a church. It’s a cult that punishes and imprisons people who speak up. No one is allowed to question this cult – or they’re sent to the dungeon. The leader’s wife hasn’t been seen in years. Tear Down these Disgusting Buildings where sick people are controlled and threatened. As for the leader Miscavige — lock him up.

  14. By Daggers
    On March 31, 2015 at

    Scientology is so evil and corrupt that most cannot understand how horrible they are. I think Katie Holmes life is still in danger. They have murdered before (look it up). Lisa Marie Presley almost died at their hands years ago. One of Sci’s quack doctors gave her massive amounts of magnesium and potassium and some of their vitamin concoctions when she was suffering from strep and pneumonia.

    Mega churches are super rich. All the pastors and main pastor live in huge mansions. There are a lot of cover-ups. Churches are run like business and most of them are in the business of raising money and more money.

  15. By Strom
    On April 1, 2015 at

    Poor little Bob…worries about Strom instead of the threads.

  16. By Melissa
    On April 1, 2015 at

    Janet, hopefully you are well on the mend and taking the time you need to heal. Recovering from surgery can be a slow, frustrating process.

    The campaign Scientology launched to discredit the author, the director and the documentary itself, failed miserably. Scientology is losing it’s ability to scare people into silence. The celebrities who still shill for this evil cult, need to be held accountable for their complacency in regards to the abuses of this ” church”. It seems that as long as they are treated like royalty, given special privileges and access to slave labour, they are fine with the atrocities going on. There is no way that Tom Cruise doesn’t know what is going on. David Miscavige is his best friend. I don’t care how much dirt they have on him, standing by while Scientology commits these crimes, is unforgivable. He’s either a pathetic coward or a complete sociopath to continue to support this cult.

  17. By Strom
    On April 2, 2015 at

    I put my fingers in my ears, and hum for all I’m worth, and still I can’t shut off the voices.


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