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THESE are the demonstrators that caused Tom Cruise to sneak into his own “Valkyrie” premier through an underground tunnel. He didn’t want to come face to face with them so he was furtively smuggled into the Director’s Guild in West Hollywood. Once inside, he posed with movie posters, and appears to have lost some weight.


Posted by hoodlum on December 19, 2008

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  1. By Reta is white trash
    On December 19, 2008 at

    Who cares about Tom or Reta

  2. By little princess
    On December 19, 2008 at

    I wish Katie would tell Terrible Tom flat out that she will no longer go to auditing/teaching sessions at the Scientology Center. I mean just flat-out refuse. See how fast World War III will erupt, and then he’ll see his lawyer.

  3. By Anonymous
    On December 19, 2008 at

    Yes, Tom has lost weight. It’s called the Oh my god my career has imploded diet. It’s very effective. One of the unfortunate and bizarre side effects is that it makes you look even smaller. Go figure!
    Reta , I am so jealous! You have a cyber stalker! Of course, no offense, but they must be pretty sad and desperate to be stalking a nonentity on a celeb site, and their posts are a little on the thin side….you know, not many words. Ideas. Simple basic thoughts. Still…

  4. By gerard Vandenberg
    On December 19, 2008 at


  5. By Bill Johnson
    On December 19, 2008 at

    Um, can you say face lift?

  6. By Reta
    On December 19, 2008 at

    I’ve seen Tiny Tom a lot lately on several places pumping his new movie and DID notice he was LOTS tinier, seems the muscles have all gone buh-bye.
    As for th freak morons who call me names or say other stupid things, yeah, I don’t get it either. No one knows me or anything about me. I have been called everything on this stupid site…all I know is I’m not a gay basher or racist bastard like that Gerard Vandenberg prick. So, they can say what they want, I know who I am. I’ve gotten a lot of support on this site as well, so there’s that!!

  7. By Anonymous
    On December 19, 2008 at

    Reta you suck. Your sub-Neanderthal intelligence is reflected in your posts.
    Support? You must be joking ….ROTFLMAO!

  8. By Anonymous
    On December 20, 2008 at

    He looks damn cute in these pix. What’s different? For a while he was lookin like he got beat with the fugly stick.

  9. By Anonymous
    On December 20, 2008 at

    I’ve heard from very reliable sources that Tom is big where it really counts.

  10. By kendall
    On December 20, 2008 at

    He’s gotten some facial work done, obviously.
    Lots of botox & probably a thread-lift/face lift.
    Funny that Katie just turned 30, but looks older than him.

  11. By Cheerleaders for Reta
    On December 20, 2008 at

    11.11, actually read back through old diff posts and people have. That’s got to be the longest post you’ve done yet. That’s rich accusing Reta of sub-neanderthal intelligence – yours are usually just “reta is a pig/whore/etc. Bet you had to reach for a dictionary. Did you have to have a lie down after the strain?
    I was away for a while – what happened to Margot Channing? I liked his/her posts. She ALWAYS had something yo say about Tom. I think he’s looks pretty hot again.

  12. By libby
    On December 20, 2008 at

    He looks great!
    For those kooks that keep protesting
    there is such a thing as freedom of religon..

  13. By chewonthis
    On December 20, 2008 at

    When he loses weight, it makes him look even shorter than his 5 foot 6 1/2 inches. In turn, it makes his nose look bigger. The profile view of him really shows his huge honker, has nobody noticed this?

  14. By poopsie
    On December 20, 2008 at

    He looks good. If he had work done they did a good job.

  15. By dandy lion
    On December 20, 2008 at

    I think “Valkyrie” will be a colossal flop. We may be surprised, but the clips looks so boring.
    It is amazing why he always picks the long tall sallys to get hitched to. At least if Penelope Cruz had snagged him, he would not have to stand on tippy-toe for a little smooch.
    Btw, did you know that France, Germany, Italy, Greece and Russia have put out fliers all thru their country condemning Scientology..It was in USA Today a few months ago…I promise it was.

  16. By Anonymous
    On December 20, 2008 at

    He has had work done lately and it is very good. But even the best plastic surgeon can’t remove Tiny Tom’s head from his own ass.

  17. By Totally
    On December 20, 2008 at

    Don’t support any Tom Cruise movie in any way or you’re funding Scientology

  18. By Red Rooster
    On December 20, 2008 at

    It’s been fun watching him in interviews trying to act “normal”. His voice is more modulated, the tone is pitched soothingly. He smiles, and tries his darndest to avoid his previously-overused maniacal laugh. He tries really hard to control his physical movements so that they don’t appear jerky and hysterical (although he still has a leg twitch and stretch thing going on that I’m sure he’s working on, too). He’s hoping average Joe will look at him now and see a calm, handsome man who just wants to entertain us, and wonder what all the previous fuss was about and his career will be resurrected. Let’s see if the public buys it.

  19. By Anonymous
    On December 20, 2008 at

    Who wants to be the next John Lennon? Sounds pretty wise move to me.

  20. By Anonymous
    On December 20, 2008 at

    Bi-polar poster boy

  21. By Jeri Sinefelt
    On December 20, 2008 at

    He is totally self-conscious now, since TMZ has repeatedly played that demon-sounding laugh that he does (love TMZ). Anyhoo, he and his SCI cronies are still watching Katie’s every move. Some day she may get fed up, tell him to f**k off and collect whatever amount she gets for each year she was married to him, as outlined in the pre-nup. Suri will be just another little rich kid, shuffled back and forth. Plus, I’m sure Katie is tired of trying to slouch over so he won’t look quite so short.

  22. By Judge 'n Jury
    On December 20, 2008 at

    Just one more auditing session in the Scientology Center may be the last straw for Katie, as I have heard she is basically a strong-willed girl. Leaving Scientology has always been dangerous to one’s health (such as many have been killed by SCI fanatics). Methinks she has already clashed wills with the tiny terrible one.

  23. By Reta
    On December 20, 2008 at

    Thank you “cheerleaders for Reta”….actually it IS funny to see the morons try to denigrate me here, knowing of course, that no one knows a fucking thing about me.
    Well, I HAVE blasted Gerard Vandenburg often and I have a sneakin suspicion that those “I hate Reta” Posts come from his tiny non entity “brain”… he is a neanderthal who thinks everyone is a “faggot”…his word, not mine. You know what they say about people who constantly see “homo’s” in every crack and crevice, don’t you? Well, I have often accused Mr.V of being a flaming closet queen himself, of course to no answer…he was busy sucking his daddy in the shower at the time.
    Oh, and by the way, for those morons who think I’m sub-par…my I.Q. (that’s intelligence quotient) is 148, so that would be in the genius class for you “white trash” writer’s and gay bashers such as Gerard Vandenburg and his ilk (that means people similar TO him). In other words FUCKTARDS!

  24. By Anonymous
    On December 20, 2008 at

    Reta, we know you are a slack-jawed hillbilly. Your IQ is probably closer to 86. Can you tie your own shoes?

  25. By Anonymous
    On December 20, 2008 at

    He looks fantastic and Katie looks tired and she’s probably feels it!
    Their little Suri is darling and extra beautiful and leave off all the mean coments about his religion. Everyone, MYOB!!!

  26. By Anonymous
    On December 21, 2008 at

    Oh I agree completely Reta! I’ve always suspected Gerard was protesing too loudly. At first I was annoyed by his ugly hateful posts but now I’m kinda used to them and look on them indulgently as the eccentric ramblings of someone who’s not playing with a full deck, you know, like a crazy old but harmless uncle or neighbour. I’ll actually miss him on here when he finally gets carted away in his straitjacket.
    They’ve repeatedly proved it in scientific tests – gather together men who are proudly homophobic, wire their bodies up, show them gay porn – ta da! They get erections! I suspect Gerard’s room is lined with cut out face pics of Tom et al pasted onto porn pinups. Tee hee.
    The Reta haters – please don’t accuse her of such a low IQ when you yourself only post one line posts!
    Tom does look back on form here. Don’t write him off folks – whether you like them or not,stars like Madonnna and him are like the Terminator 2bot. Everytime you think they’re finished they reform again.


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