Tom Cruise’s son Connor FINALLY got to go somewhere besides his sister’s soccer games. We were struck by this photo of grown up looking Connor – one of the reasons we rarely seen him out and about is because he and Isabella live with Tom’s sister, who HOME SCHOOLS them. That means they are brainwashed into thinking the world revolves around Scientology and their educations will end at a very early age. College is not on the Scientology agenda. Connor is only 13 and Tom is dressing him like a middle aged businessman. And to “celebrate” his birthday, Tom takes the poor kid to a middle aged businessman’s favorite restaurant – Cut, the expense account steakhouse in Beverly Hills.


Posted by hoodlum on January 19, 2008

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  1. By CAREN
    On January 19, 2008 at


  2. By Anonymous
    On January 19, 2008 at

    At least his kids are not doing drugs and showing their private parts to the world..Stop your tirade on Tom Cruise, it’s getting tiresome..

  3. By Juma
    On January 19, 2008 at

    That kid is going to outhandsome his dad in a year or two! LOL.

  4. By gerry vander pyl (eldo)
    On January 19, 2008 at

    He’s a fine young gentleman. Scientology is no stranger than evangelists who think man and dinosaurs walked together (see huckabee for more)and build shopping mall sized churches.

  5. By Anonymous
    On January 19, 2008 at

    Why do you believe everything you read? The children live with Tom. They are with him as I write this.

  6. By Anonymous
    On January 19, 2008 at

    Janet gets her gossip from OK magazine. Now that is a source I trust. Perhaps if you bothered to actually know something about the family, you would know the kids live with Tom and Katie.

  7. By Anonymous
    On January 20, 2008 at

    I dislike Tom Cruise immensely but to be fair, CUT is arguably the hottest and best restaurant in LA right now so having a birthday dinner there is a treat not a curse.

  8. By gerard Vandenberg
    On January 20, 2008 at

    That stinking ASSHOLE named tommy cruise is just as scared as a pile of CHICKENSHIT for his life.
    How much I hate this scientology-loser, I can’t blame him for that!!

  9. By Anonymous
    On January 20, 2008 at

    Uh, I don’t like Nicole Kidman has anything to do with these kids; after all, her marriage to Tom Cruise was an arrangement to further her career.
    Do you EVER see her with those kids??? If she really had a maternal relationship with them, wouldn’t she be with them, at all????

  10. By LULU
    On January 20, 2008 at

    Conner appears to be unusually polished for a 13 year old. By the time he is in his 20’s he will be a very handsome man. I bet that Tom will be competitive with him. Any attention to anyone else besides himself will be dealt with harshly. Where is Isabella? Unfortunatley, she was not blessed with attractive features and appears to have weight control issues. Good Luck Isabella. Can’t wait to see how Tom treats any suitors that come your way. Only a Scientologist will do….Its all about the money, honey!!!

  11. By Yo Ko Oh No
    On January 20, 2008 at

    Google Scientology, L. Ron Hubbard, and dianetics. Andrew Morton is outing this false cult, which is only interested in money. It is true that some evangelical churches have gone off-the-wall so to speak. However, the basic tenet is that in Christian churches, the living Christ is worshipped, not L.Ron Hubbard who is in hell. And, to reiterate, yes, some mega churches have fallen to worldly ways and worship money, which is sad. More will be coming out about Scientology and more eyes will be opened. It’s so terrible that Connor and Isabella are now so totally brain-washed.

  12. By saturn
    On January 20, 2008 at

    some people need HELP and others don’t

  13. By anonymous
    On January 20, 2008 at

    Scientologist don’t really socialize with people outside their organization do they? That would make sense as to why the kids don’t live with Nicole, she’s not a scientologist. Most “religions” are like that, they all think they are better than the others just some are more strict about it. How many people want their children to marry into the same religion, same thing.
    Look around, how many of you can say you associate with or have any friends that you socialize with that are Scientolgist? Probably zero. Yeah, that may qualify as a cult. Hasidic Jews don’t either and barely smile at others in public, are they a cult? Are we bashing them?
    It’s their life and they aren’t hurting anyone. Maybe if other religions namely christians weren’t so judgmental who knows, maybe Tom would be living an alternative lifestyle not a lie, which is a commandment isn’t it?
    It’s a shame people just can’t mind their own business and let people do what they want and live their lives as long as it’s not hurting others.

  14. By Anonymous
    On January 20, 2008 at

    Sorry, long post :).
    Before April 2005, the children were living with their mother in New York in 2003, 2004 and early 2005 before then they lived with her in LA between 2001 and 2002 after the divorce. They were with their mother in Oz until March 2005 but then they left for LA. I think they permanently moved to LA once Holmes got pregnant because I remember the kids and Kidman visiting that sick kid, Dylan Hartung in the hospital a few times in July/August, well, according to the boy and his mother. Even when Kidman was in LA in 2004 filming for 3 months, the kids were living with her in that short period and not with their dad. They popped over to their dad’s and then went back to where their mother was renting. The news out there that he has had them since the divorce is quite false. Nicole Kidman has made it clear that she doesn’t want anything to do with scientology but Cruise wants every member of his family to be one and they all are, his mother, sisters (their kids), cousins, wife and kids are all scientology and frankly, I don’t believe he would have allowed his older kids not to be, too, especially since Kidman favours Catholicism. Also, it is only recently i.e. in the last 3 or 4 years that he has stepped things up regarding scientology. Things were easy before.
    Kidman tried to get those kids out of scientology according to Morton by speaking to someone who left the cult and that scientology was a big point of contention but I guess Cruise won and I guess it is not as easy as it looks. I have a feeling that Kidman has been “declared” as an SP, Cruise just can’t do it publicly. I saw Isabella in Oz with her mother and the pics have a similar look to them, smile on her face, chirping away and holding her mom’s hand. Conor, the cool kid, was said to have enjoyed his time with her last year, riding horses to his contentment, getting his first paycheck. On the matter of getting the kids, I don’t see anything that Kidman can do now that won’t hurt those kids more, causing more problems for them. They chose to live in LA, the fact that their dad palmed them off to his sister to be indoctrinated is another matter.
    And now that she has a baby on the way, will Kidman allow scientologists into her home and have them interact with the child regardless of whether they are his or her siblings, at least, when he or she is a bit older when he or she can be influenced by his older siblings? I mean, we’ve all seen what they may turn into a la Tom Cruise, Jenna Elfman. If I were her, I’ll stick to the webcam if it is true.
    Cruise/Holmes went to Louisiana then Germany to make their movies then holidayed all over Europe spent the holidays at home then went to NY then back to LA, all of these covered a whole year and while they were doing all these, his older kids were with his sister. And since the whole family is in LA, why didn’t they all go out for this birthday dinner? Why can’t the one who has them living with him not palm them off? He went off to make his movie and the soccer games disappeared, in 2005 and 2006, he couldn’t get enough of the cheerleading. Did anyone think then that the kids just started playing sports? Also, why are Cruise, Holmes, Suri living in the scientology centre but his older kids live with his sister? don’t they have enough room at the centre? because despite all of them being in LA, they don’t all live together so all through 2007, did Cruise actually live with his son and daughter? did Holmes live with them? how much time did Suri spend with her siblings? why no outings? they must have breaks from studying surely. Well, I guess he is more of a parent than Nicole, he can brag about that. If ever there is an opportunity for NK to do something, this might be the time when the shit is, up to a point, hitting the fan for Cruise.
    It is just a sad, sad thing. Brainwashed dad now allowing his kids to be brainwashed.

  15. By Jiminy Cricket
    On January 20, 2008 at

    Scientology is definitely hurting Connor and Isabella. Nicole wouldn’t buy into it, and Tom told her it’s either my way or the highway. Apparently she left the kids to Grand-Master Tom to ply them with Sci, and not let them make up their own minds which ‘religion’ to follow. They are following the wrong one and Andrew Morton and others know it.

  16. By Anonymous
    On January 20, 2008 at


  17. By Money ain't everything
    On January 20, 2008 at

    Tiny Tom is major pissed off, ’cause Scientology is at last being exposed for what it is. His ex wife, Mimi Rogers, introduced him to it and she has always looked crazy out the eyes. Also, why does not Nicole see her kids…she certainly would have the legal right to have them for a few months off and on. Maybe the scientologists have blocked her from seeing them. This is a mystery and I think Andrew Morton is brave; no doubt his life will now be in danger..Scientologists are vicious. Remember, they followed Katie around for months during her engagement period to ‘Mighty Mouse’. Stay tuned.

  18. By Anonymous
    On January 20, 2008 at

    I think that it would be equally significant to really expose the #1 head of $cientology,
    David Miscavige. He really plays dirty. his own mother in law was shot several times in the face and chest, and her death was listed as being suicide.

  19. By The Truth
    On January 20, 2008 at

    Well the kid will be a psycho look who raised him. God only knows whats in his DNA. I bet the kid will end up on drugs & writting a Daddy Dearest Book

  20. By Susie Q
    On January 21, 2008 at

    Hi From Downunder,
    Most of us have friends and family members that embrace all sorts of religions, and quite often we work with people who have an assortment of religions, however very few of us would ever get to rub shoulders with Scientologists, possibly because they either keep very quiet about their “religion” or they mix only amongst themselves, a bit those followers of the large Pentacostal Churches.
    And the reason I placed apostrophe’s around the word religion is because I believe L. Ron Hubbard decided to call Scientology a religion because of tax avoidance purposes as well as his oft quoted statement that the best way to make money is to start a religion.
    People like Tom Cruise et al are unable to see that and are indeed worshipping another human being as if they were an icon. I guess they are in their blind eyes!!

  21. By Seller of shoe lifts
    On January 21, 2008 at

    To 8:39 PM: Today on TMZ, they were showing a video of David Miscavige shaking hands with Tom. TMZ said Miscavige is one of only 37 people in the world that is shorter than Tom. David is indeed a tiny tiny man. TMZ rocks!!!

  22. By
    On January 21, 2008 at

    I’m sorry to say this, but I did not make the rules (that is..the Gospel). If a Scientologist dies without accepting Jesus and having their sins washed away, they will wake up one second after death and shake hands with the devil in hell. This is the Gospel truth, and now I am open to any and all heathen remarks, because such is the way of the lost world.

  23. By Lili
    On January 22, 2008 at

    Janet THIS was uncalled for. First of all, did the HILTONS insist their kids go to school? Uhhh no. No they did not. Many people choose home schooling because it DOES benefit their BELIEFS. Since this is America, and these kids will certainly not become a burden on society anytime soon, WHAT is with these nasty remarks from you? Maybe the kid wanted an off the hook steak? COULD YOU HONESTLY IMAGINE Cruise kids in public school? HELLLLOOO? what planet did YOU just come from? This was rude. Very rude. And very wrong. I dont agree with his beliefs AT ALL but last I checked, this is America. Butt OUT. At least their are no drugs, alcohol, abuse or neglect things here!

  24. By Anonymous
    On January 25, 2008 at

    Dear LiLi,
    STFU. In america there is freedom of speech. Go back to your office at the OSA. Good try, Scientologist.

  25. By Hellena66
    On January 25, 2008 at

    Tom Cruise Sucks!!! That bullshit religion he is forcing on his children sucks even more!!! Where is Nicole?


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