Oscar nominated Jeremy Renner was set to star in “The Master” – a script by Paul Thomas Anderson (“There Will Be Blood”) that’s based on the life of L Ron Hubbard and Scientology – using different names. It’s about a quasi-religious organization started in 1952 America and features all the Scientology techniques such as auditing and living in seclusion on a ship – all in all, it is NOT flattering to the organization. Despite the writer’s pedigree, it’s been a rocky road to bring it to the big screen and insiders suspect Scientologists pulled strings to halt production. Ironically or not, Tom Cruise wooed and hired Jeremy Renner to star in his movie now filming, “Mission Impossible IV” (with a promise to take over the franchise) and the shooting days overlapped so Jeremy wasn’t available to do the Scientology movie. Universal dropped the project for puzzling reasons and now it is all but dead. We’re inclined to think the conspiracy theories are true.


Posted by Janet on March 13, 2011

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  1. By Seriously?
    On March 14, 2011 at

    I’m sure that Cruise has made Renner more than one kind of offer. Run, Jeremy, run!

  2. By Walt Cliff
    On March 14, 2011 at

    Tom Cruise made Jeremy Renner. Sex and money sure can turn a feller’s head.

  3. By Muffin top!!
    On March 14, 2011 at

    I’d take Mission Impossible money over some Scientology movie that nobody is going to see, and day.

  4. By pusssykatt
    On March 14, 2011 at

    I cannot wait for the shoe to drop on Tom Cruise and all of his antics all in the name of Scientology. It will be such fun to behold!

  5. By joanie
    On March 14, 2011 at

    Spare me. No more of this crapola in the name of religion.

  6. By Hilary
    On March 14, 2011 at

    Doesn’t Renner play on the same (sexual) team as Cruise?

  7. By Belissa
    On March 14, 2011 at

    Great, Janet. And I do think it’s a shame that an Oscar nominee might not be in it. But it still might get made. Maybe. I hope …

  8. By Reta
    On March 14, 2011 at

    The movie would be interesting if done honestly and without being tied back in any way. I think if any present day movies were made about the “religion” Renner would be great to play Tom Cruise.

    By the way, Tom, in this picture above, resembles more of a wax figure than an actual human being for some reason. I don’t know what it is about him, but he just doesn’t look like a real human being here. ICK!

  9. By Reta
    On March 14, 2011 at

    OH, and has Cruise ever heard of deodorant/antiperspirant? Those are some mighty large lakes he’s got lurking under his arms. Maybe he’s not wax after all…

  10. By Indy
    On March 14, 2011 at

    There is definitely a major rumor out there that Renner is …allegedly gay….I’m not saying he is, but since this is a gossip site, you can look it up.

    So, if he is, either Cruise is promoting the rumor about himself….or…..he is talking to him about Scientology. (or both) LOL

    (No wonder Katie always looks glum).

  11. By The American
    On March 14, 2011 at

    tom will fuck him in his anus and will give him a blowjob after it………

  12. By Mel Zipskin
    On March 15, 2011 at

    Missy Cruise has good taste in men!

    If you like that sort of thing, that is.

  13. By Teddy
    On March 16, 2011 at

    I hope that movie gets made. Renner sold out to Cruise, what a joke. I’m sure Scienos are making it hard to get this movie made; and it really, really, really, needs to get made.

  14. By Casonia logenberry
    On July 6, 2011 at

    It depends on the plot and how the movie is to play itself out and it is really up to the people that go see the movie and word of mouth is another way of showing the world that the movie rocks and so again we don’t know what we are getting until we see what is in front of us?

  15. By sdfsdfssd
    On July 9, 2012 at
    REALLY FUNNY Tom Cruise/Katie Holmes Divorce Parody!

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