What can we say about the Trousdale Estates area of Beverly Hills, except that it might be the most important neighborhood in California for anyone who loves mid-century modern architecture. We wouldn’t think of missing an open house or estate sale in Trousdale, just so we can drool over the house close up. According to the RealEstalker, Ellen DeGeneres has finally bought a house we really envy. She paid over 17 million for an 8500 sq ft 4 bed, 6 bath, Hal Levitt masterpiece built in 1958. (Jennifer Aniston’s last house was also a Hal Levitt design.) Famed decorator Kelly Wearstler redid the interior to the max before selling to Ellen at a hefty profit.
Photos via: The RealEstalker


Posted by Janet on May 17, 2012

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  1. By walt cliff
    On May 17, 2012 at

    Gorgeous home. How many times has Ellen and Portia moved since they have been together? It just seems like it has been several times.

  2. By Strom-forrest gump
    On May 17, 2012 at

    That house looks cold.

  3. By walt cliff
    On May 17, 2012 at

    Did anybody else read the rumor about John Travolta and Jeff Conaway? (per the National Enquirer).


    Below is from the P. Hilton website.

    “Jeff Conaway used to be best buds with his Grease co-star, but the deceased actor’s longtime girlfriend Vicki Lizzi (pictured above) spilled that their friendship abruptly ended after he awoke to discover Travolta performing oral sex on him!”

    “Vicki says she discovered the incident while reading a note Conaway left after a failed suicide attempt in 2006.”

    “Unlike the tabloid reporting the news, Marty Singer doesn’t buy the story. Instead he argues that this is just another addition to a long line of fabrications that Lizzi sold.” He explains:

    “Vicki Lizzi, the late Jeff Conaway’s estranged girlfriend, has been a regular paid source for the [Enquirer and its sister publications]…yet this is the very first time we are hearing this new outlandish story that is supposedly based on a six-year-old notarized suicide note. Vikki Lizzi sold more stories than we can count to [Enquirer parent company] AMI publications both before and after Jeff Conaway died.”

    “Whether Mz. Lizzi is telling the truth or not, she’s talking to other tabloids too. In fact, she told Star magazine that Travolta’s marriage to Kelly Preston is a sham.” explaining:

    “Jeff told me that John and Kelly’s marriage was an arrangement. Jeff said that Kelly knows that John is gay, and that’s why she’s OK with it.”

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  5. By Strom
    On May 17, 2012 at

    There can be no sight as scary as a naked and aroused Ellen, resplendent w/ strap on, leading Portia to the bedroom!

    Well, Orpah leading Gayle to the bedroom would be pretty close!

    Well, Hillary leading her Paki assistant to the bedroom would also be close!

  6. By yoyo
    On May 17, 2012 at

    Well, “Enquiring minds wanna know.” She seems a couple beer bottles short a case. Perhaps the story may be true but I’m betting, she was telling these fables to feed her own drug habit. Last I seen of her was on Dr. Drew & she was making me drunk just watching. I personally don’t care what people do behind closed doors, don’t wanna know cuz I don’t wanna be an accessory after the fact. Whatever Lizzie Borden says, needs to be taken with a grain of salt & perhaps a bottle of JD. As for Ellen’s house, nice digs.

  7. By Christine India
    On May 17, 2012 at

    Call me old-fashioned.

    It’s so icky to hear Portia diRossi introduced as ellen’s wife. (this morning on Rachael Ray, Portia was RR’s guest and this is how she was introduced).

    yeeww, gross. I’m old-fashioned and believe in the Bible.

    So, they should enjoy their mansion now while on this earth, for there are no mansions in the devil’s enternal domain.

  8. By Hilary
    On May 17, 2012 at

    I think the house is absolutely lovely and just oozes style! 🙂

  9. By Christine India
    On May 17, 2012 at

    PS: I guess everyone knows that Ryan Seacrest purchased ellen and portia’s previous mansion for $49 million. Julianne Hough just moved in, so I guess she never was a devout Mormon, otherwise she would have been banned from this false cult, which bans fornication in their rule book. Julianne now looks hardened and tough; two or so years ago she proclaimed she would remain a virgin until marriage (lol). I guess the multi-millionaire 18-years older Ryan changed her mind.

  10. By Bluejay
    On May 17, 2012 at

    Just because Julianne moved in with RS doesn’t mean she is no longer a virgin…

    The house is gorgeous, and tastefully decorated.

  11. By Conspicuous Consumption MUCH?
    On May 17, 2012 at

    i know it’s her money blah blah but wtf do TWO people need SIX bathrooms for??? or 4 bedrooms???? i will NEVER understand rich people living in such ginormus places with so much space they DO NOT NEED… do they need a “commercial kitchen” for?

    insane….. take some of those twenties of MILLIONS and DO SOME GOOD WITH IT FOR PEOPLE OR ORGANIZATIONS WHO NEED IT FOR CHRIST’S SAKE….. srsly!!

    i heard ellen’s mom lived with them at one point but then again she’s so rich she can buy her mother a 5 bedroom home of her own….

  12. By forrest gump
    On May 17, 2012 at

    no surpise.

  13. By Muffie
    On May 17, 2012 at

    Not my style. Doesn’t look like a very warm or happy place to me. Actually it looks more like a mausoleum, I would be afraid to touch anything.

    That being said, I have 2 dogs, 3 young grand children, so I am used to things being a little out of place. I suppose though, if one could afford this property, they could definately afford a maid or two.

    PS A little color might do wonders for the place!

  14. By Denise
    On May 17, 2012 at

    I agree with Muffie, it’s too antiseptic for me.

    As for the Jeff Conaway story, who the hell has their suicide note notarized?

  15. By Hillary's Duff
    On May 17, 2012 at

    Most Americans that make the disgusting Ellen Degenerate rich can’t afford to put Mac & Cheese on the table.

  16. By Strom
    On May 18, 2012 at

    Poor hello,can’t bear to hear anyone call out the Gays for what they truly are! Send your donation to Prevent AIDS by Supporting Gay Island Society.

  17. By j. chesley doright
    On May 18, 2012 at

    To Bluejay

    Are you living in the f***ing twilight zone? Julianne Hough is shacking with Ryan and yeah, sure, right, she is still a virgin. Get your head out of the sand. Julianne has been f’ing him like a mink ever since he started dating her.

  18. By Strom
    On May 18, 2012 at

    Poor, poor hello can’t add anything to conversation so has decided to be a stalker!

    It’s not about posters….you can return to watching Ellen if you like.

  19. By Strom
    On May 18, 2012 at

    Why dont you go over to see Hello and you both can rant somewhere alse…..these posts are more than foolish.

  20. By Just Sayin'
    On May 18, 2012 at

    All I see in that mausoleum are the thousands of places where Ellen can slip and break a hip.

  21. By Bluejay
    On May 18, 2012 at

    Hey Mel!

    I see you got a new handle.

  22. By Strumpet's Trumpet
    On May 18, 2012 at

    Strom : strap ons, anal sex, BLACKS, Ellen, large knarly lesbians, Paki assistants and thats just this page ????

    You are one delusional creep Strom, obsessed with other’s lives, because you hate, and because you have no family, no friends, no job, no life of your own…


    prove me wrong, go on shithead, give it a try. Where’s your proof of life ? BULLSHIT, YOUR’RE JUST A PILE OF HATEFUL, ENVIOUS BULLSHIT STROM !!

  23. By Bunny Will
    On May 18, 2012 at

    Woa ….. im sure Strom has some redeeming qualities … err … nope, your right.

  24. By avoir du pois
    On May 18, 2012 at

    Hello is right on you Strom, as you are the one with all the sick sex talk all of the time, c’est evident ncp ? ( sorry my english is poor )

    this post was to about real estate, but you cant stay topic can you ?

    I think you are a creepy one too ! Too much of sex talk, whats wrong aren’t you getting any sex ? so you talk talk ? i think so

  25. By Strumpet's Trumpet
    On May 18, 2012 at

    hello ?

    and this helps how ? what you’ve written is just as reprehensible as Strom’s crap, are you two related ? are you the same person …

  26. By Strom
    On May 19, 2012 at

    “Strom : strap ons, anal sex, BLACKS, Ellen, large knarly lesbians, Paki assistants and thats just this page ????”

    No, actually, that is just in Ellen’s waiting room.

    Hello can’t help it…it has a third grade education based on language but got passed on w/ flying colors based on Affirmative Action!

    Hope & Change

  27. By Strumpet's Trumpet
    On May 19, 2012 at

    you “has a third grade education based on language but got passed on w/ flying colors based on Affirmative Action! ” Strom !

    hypocrite Strom, fraud, coward, creep, you avoid the question ! wheres your proof of anything, ever?

    go away, back to your mothers basement troll

  28. By Strom
    On May 19, 2012 at

    hahahahah the poor and ignorant line up with the PC flag

    There was no question and not much of a statment that makes sense in English. Eubonics is only spoken in the ghetto!

    Hope & Change!

  29. By Strumpet's Trumpet
    On May 19, 2012 at

    you are a fraud Strom, you never back up what you say, never address anyones questions, and always avoid the truth

    bullshit and fear from Strom

  30. By Strom
    On May 19, 2012 at

    so what if I live in my mom’s basement, it’s free.

  31. By kip and LaWanda
    On May 19, 2012 at

    leave Strom alone, not everyone did good in school much.

  32. By Sir Justin Jonluke Jr
    On May 19, 2012 at

    Ellen Degeneres Looks Happy and Cheerful and she is so Positive…She is Thoughful and Nice and works her butt off to take care of her family.

  33. By Strom
    On May 19, 2012 at

    Poor little imposter,,,it cant make a name for itself or have successful book signings, so it can be important as someone else on a blog!

    Ellen has plenty of outside room now to screw Portia without the neighbors hearing!

  34. By Strumpet's Trumpet
    On May 19, 2012 at

    you are a fraud Strom,

    you never back up what you say, never address anyones questions, and always avoid the truth

    just bullshit and fear from lil Strom

  35. By Strom
    On May 19, 2012 at

    Poor, ST is a laughing stock,,,cant ask a question or answer one or make a legit comment about thread at hand…can only bristle when gays or welfare queen BLACKS are mentioned.

    Hope & Change!

  36. By bunny Will
    On May 19, 2012 at

    we’ve all learned that Stroms is just a hypocrite

    only BS and cowardice outtta Strom’s mouth !

  37. By Strumpet's Trumpet
    On May 19, 2012 at

    ya we’ll hope you’ll change, but you cant – you thin foreheaded gay nazi

  38. By Strom
    On May 20, 2012 at

    Ha you have shown nothing except blather and fail always to point out any mistakes you clain I make… cant!

  39. By Patrick
    On May 20, 2012 at

    Remember when this place was less insane?


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