Our astute friend Stephen Saban at The Wow Report discovered a treasure trove of old celebrity photographs from sometime around the 50’s and 60’s, and we have never seen this one of Elizabeth Taylor looking concerned about her daughter Liza Todd on the set of some movie. Poor Liza inherited more of her father’s looks (Mike Todd) than her mother’s, but she grew up to be an artist and sculptor and now lives in upstate New York, far from Hollywood.


Posted by Janet on November 8, 2010

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  1. By Indy
    On November 8, 2010 at

    Two things:

    1) The old icon has been near death so many times, she deserves a lot of respect. She has kept many paparazzi in business keeping up with her many romances and escapades. A true Hollywood legend.

    2) I’m sure some of you have been worried sick wondering where I was. My computer has been down for almost 3 days. You can relax now; the wise one is back (LOL really).

  2. By SebastianCanada
    On November 8, 2010 at

    So I can get back to jokes about End of Days and Hell fire, right?

  3. By SebastianCanada
    On November 8, 2010 at

    Also, Indy I agree RE Liz.

    First it was the post about Anderson Cooper’s rather tastelessly indiscreet revelation about his mother, now this.

    Janet, we need joke-worthy posts. Posts about obviously-closeted gay boys, young starlets of questionable virtue, and media whores of all shapes, sizes and colors.

  4. By Indy
    On November 8, 2010 at

    Regarding Sebastian’s numero uno commento: Only when it is pertinent and appropriate, and possibly educational. lol

  5. By SebastianCanada
    On November 8, 2010 at

    Oh Indy you slay me…in the name of the lord.

  6. By Muffin
    On November 8, 2010 at

    What this Indy was MIA. Who noticed? I don’t recall any comments about us missing her/him. Must be a figment of her/his imagination huh.

  7. By SebastianCanada
    On November 8, 2010 at

    Oh Muffin Top, I would say the same about you.

  8. By wim
    On November 8, 2010 at

    women are supposed to be this way………

  9. By Helena Handbasket
    On November 9, 2010 at

    Oh, Janet… Every child has an awkward stage and a slew of ‘bad photos’ they’d like to see destroyed… just like Liza Todd.

    While it’s true she does favor her dad in that photo, she eventually grew into a BEAUTIFUL woman–her most striking feature being of course, her mother’s famous eyes. She turned out to be a very smart lady too… carving a life for herself far from Hollywood.

  10. By Teddy
    On November 9, 2010 at

    OK the cigarette cracks me up. Both my parents smoked *cough cough* and it was totes acceptable then; and I hated it. And they wouldn’t even let us roll down the windows in the car…..where they both smoked freely…..while we slowly died of second hand smoke, happy and well adjusted, in the back seat, which had NO seatbelts. And I survived. And thrived. And happily, so did little Liza Todd. (Memoir time, Liza.)

  11. By Rita
    On November 9, 2010 at

    poor you janet you oaf. liza looks like a very good looking little girl.

  12. By Maisie
    On November 9, 2010 at

    Janet, sometimes you are a total pinhead. If you had bothered to do even a modicum of research, you would have discovered that Liza Todd was not only a beautiful child, as is evident in many other more flattering photos, she grew up to be a beautiful (as well as immensely talented) woman.

  13. By SebastianCanada
    On November 9, 2010 at

    Teddy people over a certain age did not give that ciggie a second thought, while the ones under were probably horrified. It is great that such a change in consciousness has taken place over the last 20 or 30 years.

    I am not that old — 45 — yet I remember people smoking everywhere — in movie theatres, office buildings, etc. — when I was a child in the seventies. And I remember people smoking outside class when I went to university in the mid to late-eighties.

    I feel like I spent the first 25 years of my life coughing and gagging.

  14. By Indy
    On November 9, 2010 at

    Muffin, this was just a little joke, duh. You know how one gets when one is computer-deprived. Chill.

  15. By Indy
    On November 9, 2010 at

    Sebastian, thanks (RE: the above “you slay me”). BTW, methinks you are progressing nicely and according to plan.

    Oh, almost forgot, capital “L” please.

  16. By SebastianCanada
    On November 9, 2010 at

    Indy, the minute I hit Submit Comment I realized — “L”. I am doing penance as I write.

  17. By Miss Eva
    On November 9, 2010 at

    All the twisted “political correctness” which has so vilified smokers these last years–even if they smoke outside in the open!!–has so irritated me that there are times it makes we want to start back up just to piss these P.C. people off–and I quit at only 25!!

  18. By SebastianCanada
    On November 9, 2010 at

    LOL Miss Eva! I don’t hold a PC attitude toward smoking, and still smoke occassionally. I firmly believe people should not smoke around children, and certainly not in enclosed public areas. But I think banning smoking from restaurants and bars was insane, and the current push to even clear smokers off the streets and out of parks and other open spaces smacks of facism.

  19. By Miss Eva
    On November 9, 2010 at

    You said it, Sebastian Canada!!

  20. By Indy
    On November 9, 2010 at

    Well, just go look at an X-Ray and/or a cross section of a blackened lung, that’s all.

  21. By Denise
    On November 9, 2010 at

    Oh Teddy, you brought back such (cough cough) memories (cough)of such wonderful (cough) family outings.

  22. By SebastianCanada
    On November 9, 2010 at

    Indy, I know YOU are going to want all your body parts in good working order for the Second Coming, but I am not a believer, so am not going to worry. Smoker or non-smoker, consumer of saturated fat or not, we all rot in the ground at the same rate.

  23. By Lenny
    On November 9, 2010 at

    Teddy, I remember when you could smoke in the hospital room, grocery store and in the movie theater. My mother and father in law’s smoked so much in their home that their bird fell dead in his cage.

  24. By Indy
    On November 10, 2010 at

    My mother-in-law’s sister always made brownies and sent them to her sister. She threw them away because they were full of smoke. Even her cat smelled of smoke and we almost gagged every time went to her small apartment.

    BTW, pay no attention to that man behind the curtain, whose name is the Great Wizard of Oz, alias Sebastian.

  25. By SebastianCanada
    On November 10, 2010 at

    LOL!!! Indy, haven’t you heard? I got a gig on Lake Shore — I am going to be the Canadian version of the Situation — so I am outta here!!!

  26. By Teddy
    On November 10, 2010 at

    Listen to this guys. Hospital waiting rooms used to allow smoking. My mom died in a hospital. Where patients who were there, dying, went to smoke. As a way to ease their death. Now, tell me about Political Correctness again. puff. puff.

    I do love all you bitches up in the house. We’ve come a long way baby. And no, I would NEVER take a cigarette client in my life. Ever. But I didn’t care who did. It’s a legal product in the USA. It still is. Rock on free enterprise in America.

  27. By Lenny
    On November 11, 2010 at

    Who said anything political correctness, I was telling you that I was old enough to remember when smoking was allowed almost everywhere. Didn’t agree with it, just live in that time.


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