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Russell Brand’s hosting of the VMA’s has been the subject of considerable conversation. Except for his appearance in the movie “Forgetting Sarah Marshall,” few Americans know who the British comic is. The puzzled audience kept asking each other “Who IS this guy?” And a lot of his jokes fell flat- he mocked the Jonas brothers “purity” rings and called our president a “retarded cowboy.” (Wasn’t the word “retarded” just banned in the US?) He urged everyone to vote for Obama and managed to turn off EVEN the people who agreed with him! Despite his lame attempts to be hip and timely, Russell did walk away far more famous than he was before, so it may pay off for him.


Posted by hoodlum on September 8, 2008

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  1. By Katherine
    On September 8, 2008 at

    Apparenty these 2 skanky girls got with Brand after the show last night and have posted a play-by-play of the details on their website. They also have pics. Be careful NOT SAFE FOR WORK!
    Take out the spaces.
    ht tp ;// itsgood tobe us . net

  2. By Anonymous
    On September 8, 2008 at

    FYI, Janet, the word “retarded” has not been banned in this country. I know it’s hard to believe after 8 years of this malevolent, civil-rights-crushing fake president, but we don’t ban words in the United States of America. Yet. Though I’m sure it’s on the McCain/Palin agenda.

  3. By Anonymous
    On September 8, 2008 at

    This guy is a moron. Why don’t people just admit it? He’s a has-been before he was ever a am-are.
    Kick his ugly butt back to the UK! He’s not entertaining – he’s just obnoxious. Man – Brit humor really sucks – maybe that’s why the Brits are so uptight.
    Oh yeah – last I checked, there is no status of “citizen of the world” or whatever corny thing he said.
    I hear he almost didn’t get into the US because passport problems with past drug convictions. They should have held him up and turned his sorry arse back to the UK.

  4. By British humor is weirder than ours
    On September 8, 2008 at

    The British humor is much different than ours. However, George W. Bush IS a retarded cowboy. American humor can actually be more uptight. And his hair is a longer version of Kramer’s

  5. By hewasfunny
    On September 8, 2008 at

    How come it was ok last year for that dumb female comedian (forgot her name) to make fun of Brit Brit but it’s not ok to make fun of those Jonas Brothers and their purity rings?

  6. By Anonymous
    On September 8, 2008 at

    Such an idiot, last time I checked no country in Europe has elected a black leader yet. Why isn’t he calling Europe racist.

  7. By Anonymous
    On September 8, 2008 at

    Seems like the entertainment industry loves putting down the country that affords them such lavish lifestyles, ungrateful bastards.

  8. By yeah
    On September 8, 2008 at

    The USA, best country in the world, nor does any country, afford these no talent ungrateful media whore their lavish lifestyles. It’s the mountains of money that the dopey celebrity worshipping fans spend on them that buy them everything.

  9. By zzzzzzzzzzzz
    On September 8, 2008 at


  10. By Reta
    On September 8, 2008 at

    He DID suck the BIG ONE!!! BOR-I-N-G!!! I was soooo bored with his overly lame attempts at “humor” that I gave up and mostly turned the channel, trying to turn it back to catch the rest of the show without the “bits” with him on. What a colossal ASS!!! And that stupid hair-do has GOT to GO…ratted up crap on the back of his head like he just got out of bed after a 20 year sleep and never washed or brushed it…wonder how many filthy British rats make their home in that rats nest?

  11. By gerard Vandenberg
    On September 8, 2008 at

    hahahahahahahohohohohohohohihihihihihihihihahahahahaha, I understand why he’s a comic, hahahahahuhuhuhu, WHAT A FAGGOT-MORON IS THIS?
    I thought amertica had the patent on ASSHOLES!!

  12. By Anonymous
    On September 8, 2008 at

    This twiglet and marmite eating fool needs to hop on the next flight across the pond. (I did enjoy his slaying of the Jonas brothers though)

  13. By webbie
    On September 9, 2008 at

    He was a wannabe. He tried so hard. When people have no talent they try to be outrageous. Anyone can do it.

  14. By Anon1
    On September 9, 2008 at

    He wasnt bad at all, he was much better than some of the big names that have hosted in the past and it didnt have that uncomfortable and hateful undercurrent like when Sarah Silverman hosted, so he made one offensive joke about the Jonas Brothers but it wasnt so bad, I thought he did good

  15. By Anonymous
    On September 9, 2008 at

    No one should bad mouth our president in PUBLIC no matter how much you hate him you do all that in the privacy of your home. Entertainers seem to do it all the time here and abroad, so guys like this one come here and do the same thing to blend in with the same people he hears bashing the US in his country. It’s wrong and disrespectful to everyone here. I don’t care who’s elected, it should be the same for all leaders. That’s why our country’s going to hell because we don’t show any respect to anyone anymore.

  16. By Paige
    On September 9, 2008 at

    There’s this little thing in this country called The Constitution that allows us the right of free speech and if our elected officials were doing their job they wouldn’t be spoken of negatively

  17. By Anonymous
    On September 9, 2008 at

    To 9:24 am: You may be right that the country is going to hell, but if it is that’s because the citizens don’t even bother to inform themselves of their rights, let alone defend them. You are free to act like a mute sheep, but real patriots speak out. The rest of us value the constituonally guaranteed right to free speech, and the rest of our rights, too. Paige is right. If public officials were not so laughable, especially the “president,” we wouldn’t laugh at them so much. DISSENT IS PATRIOTIC.

  18. By Anonymous
    On September 9, 2008 at

    he told the truth. guess he’ll be punished. loved hsi comments about the retard. so true!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  19. By Anonymous
    On September 9, 2008 at

    he told the truth. guess he’ll be punished. loved hsi comments about the retard. so true!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  20. By Anonymous
    On September 10, 2008 at

    he sucked

  21. By Anonymous
    On September 10, 2008 at

    I would say pot kettle black but his pot is smoked his kettle is full of booze and drugs and he’s black in the sense he’s sleeping with Satan and even Satan isn’t amused.

  22. By Anonymous
    On September 13, 2008 at

    those ‘skanks’ on itsgootobeus.net also say they bagged Constantine Maroulis. Wow, do they have good taste, or what????


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