Posted by Janet on May 9, 2007

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  1. By Anonymous
    On May 9, 2007 at

    they need to make a video showing all the times paris got drunk, stoned, coked out and show how its just really humiliating to be stupid enough to make a series of sex tapes to get attention, especially in the case where she let joe a-hole francis completely exploit her and then go on to defend that pig. they could do a picture montage including the most recent photo of her smoking a joint.
    as i see it, if it were possible to add up all the countless times paris drove about hollywood completely wasted and high on every drug and drink out there…and take all those times and divide it by the one time she got caught, this ho is doing pretty good.
    and i think her parents are disgusting too…i just read the book called “house of hilton” in which it talks about how her parents would expect to get the vip treatment at any hilton without any reservation, and then proceed to trash the room and have any kind of help they could come and babysit their kids while the two parents went out partying. her mom was a child actress and the grandma was a stage mom….they totally raised paris to be just the way she is. by the way, it also said that the whole facade of her being this humongous heiress isnt all true, and that she would have to earn her own money if she wanted to live that kind of extravagant lifestyle. also, paris dropped out of high school after transferring to many schools and having problems.

  2. By Anonymous
    On May 9, 2007 at

    elliott mintz is totally stupid for going back to working for the hiltons as paris’ pr jockey.
    he could have totally moved on. i wonder how much he gets paid?

  3. By Anonymous
    On May 9, 2007 at

    i read the letter that a representative for gov schwarzenegger which said that the govenor only steps in in extreme situations and that in this case, he will entrust the judges involved to determine what the terms of her sentence will be.

  4. By Anonymous
    On May 9, 2007 at

    Maybe she’ll start shooting her mouth off in jail and start calling her fellow inmates poor broke bitches from Compton like she does in the Paris exposed video. I’d like to see what would happen to the smart ass then.

  5. By Anonymous
    On May 9, 2007 at

    Elliot Mintz should be in jail too for perjury. Lying under oath that he’s the one that should be blamed. Please!Thank goodness the judge saw right through their bull and put them in their place. Their all bad apples the whole bunch. Especially that mother. Damn! The judge should have had her arrested too for disrespect, heckling him. No wonder Paris is like she is.

  6. By Anonymous
    On May 10, 2007 at

    I’m only sorry the judge didn’t give her the full 90 days. It’s time people like her take responsibility for their actions. People like her expect teenagers to buy what they are peddling without accepting the responsibility that those same teens are copying their lifestyles. Let her cry all the way to jail.

  7. By Margo
    On May 10, 2007 at

    Hello. I like Paris Hilton because she’s for the animals/dogs-cats-etc!
    Plus, she’s always polite at the Coffee Bean and tips more than $20.00 for a cup to go.
    And she gives cash lots of it to the homeless. She has a right to party and have fun.
    You people should ‘Look In The MIRROR’ before judging others. Only God is perfect!

  8. By Anonymous
    On May 10, 2007 at

    If she’s such a humanitarian why did she refuse community service? Apparently she was given that choice and she blew it off. Didn’t have time for it. And as far as the animals go,yeah she owns alot of them and pays other people to care for them.

  9. By Anonymous
    On May 10, 2007 at

    This site is boring and not updated often enough.

  10. By janice
    On May 10, 2007 at

    Margo I agree with you that not everyone is all bad, even Paris. And she does have the right to go out, have fun and party it up. No one has a problem with that. The problem is when she chooses to drive while drunk and/or wasted, which she has been caught doing many times, they just finally arrested her this time. And she keeps talking about respecting the law-why didn’t she respect it by following the terms of probation? She could have paralyzed or killed herself or others driving while buzzed. She certainly has the means to arrange a driver for the nights out partying. She brought this on herself, and now doesn’t want to face the consequences. She only got 1/2 the sentence you or I would have gotten if we had violated our parole that many times.

  11. By kellygrrrl
    On May 10, 2007 at

    The overwhelming level of disdain for this POS (thank you Tina Fey) is just the shot in the arm we Americans need to restore our faith in our Countrymen!!!!!!! As a parent, I am elated that the youth of America is thinking, hmmm, if she can’t get away with it, then surely I can’t. There are consequneces, justice and KARMA!!!!!

  12. By Anonymous
    On May 10, 2007 at

    I agree Kellygrrrl, millions of impressionable girls who unfortunately admire her are watching this unfold. They need to see that it ain’t cool to drink and drive and what the consequences are if you do. If her imprisonment helps one person see the light then it’s time well served.

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