We feel it’s our duty to warn newly divorced and vulnerable Jessica Simpson to proceed with caution in her budding romance with John Mayer. Although he’s not a social climber like Kristin Cavallari, few people realize what a potent casanova the soulful singer is. Those big tender brown eyes hide the same predatory tendancies Warren Beatty was once noted for. He KNOWS what women want. Girls who SWOON over his love songs don’t exactly put up a fight, so John’s batting average is alarming high. Let’s hope Jessica keeps her wits about her and keeps an eye out for warning signs.


Posted by Janet on August 30, 2006

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  1. By Anonymous
    On August 30, 2006 at


  2. By Anonymous
    On August 30, 2006 at

    note that its not him that has his arm around her, someone else does…..

  3. By Anonymous
    On August 30, 2006 at

    Huge cock. bisexual.

  4. By ha! i amuse me.
    On August 30, 2006 at

    i think he dated heide klum before seal did and jennifer love hewitt too. talk about predators-that girl has dated everyone who has ever be in, been to, or wanted to visit hollywood!

  5. By Scottina
    On August 30, 2006 at

    Add Kim Cattral to his bedpost notches while your at it. They hooked up the first year he was nominated for Grammys. I think he’s a bit like Michael McDonald, although not as talented a songwriter. His voice is similar…didn’t like “Body’s A Wonderland” – – cool melody, icky lyric. He’s better than most of the young rockers out there, though. At least he can write a decent tune, although I wouldn’t deign to purchase any.

  6. By Anonymous
    On August 30, 2006 at

    Can you imagine watching these two sing a duet? Their faces would be contorted – and didn’t he schtup that AWFUL Jennifer Love Hewitt? And there ain’t no one else on the face of the planet that would call Hoessica ‘vulneralbe’. Usually she’s titled the Ho or Pappa Joe’s #1 Ho the chick who let all the Jackasses take a ‘crack’ at her too. Vulnerable? Maybe what she sports in her panties is vulnerable to all the men she runs through it.

  7. By aria
    On August 30, 2006 at

    PR avalanche right as they both release albums. Pu-leeze.

  8. By Scottina
    On August 31, 2006 at

    I can’t believe she or her equally talent-free sister have careers. Just goes to show, having pushy parents can make you a star. She can’t sing and goes overboard on her vocals trying to prove she can.

  9. By laje
    On August 31, 2006 at

    her watch out? are you crazy? this is simply a weak attempt by Jessica’s camp to attach her to a great guy. if anyone should watch out, it should be John – for having his name dragged thru the mud.

  10. By Anonymous
    On August 31, 2006 at

    He is SOOOO UGLY!

  11. By Anonymous
    On August 31, 2006 at

    That guy needs to go on a diet. What a slob.

  12. By Anonymous
    On August 31, 2006 at

    It’s HE who would need to be careful of HER, that is, IF it were true. I don’t care if they have sex on the sidewalk at Hollywood and Vine, I don’t believe that he is shallow enough to want anything but a few hours of headbanging the ho. They are both whores but at least he didn’t sleep around on a completely great spouse who trusted him. I cannot stand the Simpson family and the more “spin” they send out into the world, the more I despise them.

  13. By Caren
    On September 12, 2006 at

    I don’t get it, he’s big and UGLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. By Anonymous
    On September 13, 2006 at

    Yeah, rumor has it that John dumped that blonde stupid c**t!!!!!!

  15. By Anonymous
    On November 25, 2006 at

    John Mayer could do so much better than this dumb slut!

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