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TMZ finally posted a picture of Rihanna revealing her bruises right after the “incident” and it clearly shows exactly what we told you– she has two black eyes and broken teeth. (We’re betting the teeth have already been fixed.) Also remember, OUR source revealed exclusively that this wasn’t the first time Chris Brown abused her.


Posted by hoodlum on February 19, 2009

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  1. By FunMe
    On February 19, 2009 at

    Freaking Chris Brown deserves to go to jail. Without collecting $200!
    That COWARD … hitting a woman is death of his career.
    I don’t care who was at fault, the moment someone causes BODILY HARM to a partner, is the moment he becomes 100% at fault. End of story. No explanation needed.
    I pray that Rihiana, such a young girl just turning 21 today, that she realizes that she may may forgive, but she cannot forget. And she CANNOT go back to Chris.
    I would tell Rihana: have self-respect. Don’t ever let any other guy do this again. DUMP Chris. FILE charges. Let him pay.
    Otherwise, Rihana will become a Nicole Simpson if she does go back to Chris. And we know how that turned out.
    F*** Chris!

  2. By Anonymous
    On February 20, 2009 at

    I hope Rhianna uses this incident as a public service announcement and to tell all women who are being battered that it is not their fault and they do not deserve to be in an abusive relationship. Maybe she doesn’t want to be the poster child for domestic violence, however, I think it would be an awesome thing for her to stand up and say this isn’t right, I’m not standing for it, and neither should you. P.S. Chris Brown, and all other abusers, need to see some jail time and mandatory anger management classes.

  3. By always anonymous
    On February 20, 2009 at

    well said FunMe…do you hear that Rihanna?

  4. By Anonymous
    On February 20, 2009 at

    you are disgusting for even posting this picture. Give the poor woman some privacy. How would you feel if that were your daughter? Would you appreciate the rag hags surmizing how many broken teeth your child has becuase she was brutally beaten?
    Take a look in the mirror, what stares back at you is far worse than that picture.

  5. By gerard Vandenberg
    On February 20, 2009 at

    Give MICHAEL JACKSON’s “nose-surgeon” a call, please!!

  6. By Etienne
    On February 20, 2009 at

    How does this picture “clearly” show broken teeth? Are you new? Maybe you think your readers are new!
    Rihanna is a very famous lady and her handlers will tell her this kind of publicity is no good for her image. My bet is Brown will get indicted but convicted on a much lesser charge because Rihanna will want it out of the public eye as fast as possible. If she does go back to him, though, that’s sad. When a man hits a woman for the very first time and her response is, “If you ever do that again………..” she just set the tone. He now knows she’s staying and that gives him the license to do it again and again. She’s lucky in that she has friends, family and money. Most abused women have none of those things and discover they can’t leave their abuser.

  7. By AngrySquirrel
    On February 20, 2009 at

    I second Etienne’s comment.
    Sorry Janet, but this photo does NOT show anything about her teeth. Perhaps they were broken, but I suggest you be more careful with your wording.
    I expect to read a lot of speculation, rumor, and gossip when I check your blog. But don’t lower yourself any further by assuming that your readers aren’t capable of critical thought.
    If a photo doesn’t show it, don’t say it does, okay?

  8. By Anonymous
    On February 20, 2009 at

    Tim Geitner-US- treasurer and tax-cheat
    Eric Holder-US attorney-general tax-cheat
    “A nation of cowards”
    Know your govt.-works for YOU/Obama’s-cabinet.
    How do you like the change so far?

  9. By Anonymous
    On February 20, 2009 at

    Who knew CNN….had kinky employees.

  10. By Chris
    On February 20, 2009 at

    @9:24 AM..I think you’re the coward for posting anonymously. If you feel so strongly about these people, be brave and write to them under your real name. Stop going into gossip sites and posting crap like this without signing your real name. I’m neither for nor again Geithner or Holder..I just think you’re the coward for hiding your real identity.

  11. By Anonymous
    On February 20, 2009 at


  12. By Chris
    On February 20, 2009 at

    And still posting anonymously!

  13. By biscuit
    On February 20, 2009 at

    Pretty sure she won’t go back to him. But believe me there will be tons of chicks chomping at the bit to get to them….such is the way of these less-than-brilliant fluff heads.

  14. By biscuit
    On February 20, 2009 at

    Meant to say get to him, not them.

  15. By willma
    On February 20, 2009 at

    If today is Rihanna’s 21st birthday, that mother-fletcher deprived her of a joyous celebration into adulthood. I hope that she is able to shed those scars and move on. There are great things in store for Rihanna that don’t involve an abusive man.

  16. By Erika Stossel
    On February 20, 2009 at

    You’re being ridiculous Janet and more than a trifle creepy. Surely how accurate you were or were not, in stating the obvious, is the last thing, at least in this instance, that is important. Who cares, when you said what ? really ….

  17. By Strom
    On February 21, 2009 at

    She is no prize and maybe instigated the fight, but she shouldn’t have been beat.

  18. By Anonymous
    On February 21, 2009 at

    If it wasn’t the first time then she likes it.. No way a woman with her wealth and power would stand for this unless she likes it. I think she insulted him and hit first and kept screaming insults and grabbing onto him as he fought to get away or there would be more damage to her.

  19. By nicole
    On February 21, 2009 at

    Where is the black eye?I must be blind,but her eyes look fine 2 me.Yes he was wrong 4 putting his hands on her.But what really happened there are so many stories out here.Did she really give him an STD?If u ask me both of them need help.Chris 4 anger,Rihanna 4 self-esteem!

  20. By bora bora
    On February 21, 2009 at

    She looks daid.

  21. By anonymous
    On February 21, 2009 at

    She deserved this… lololol XD

  22. By SIREN
    On February 23, 2009 at

    Lovely young Rihanna is so very lucky he didn’t permanently maim her or kill her. She must NEVER let him near her again.

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