Last month Justin Theroux threw a birthday party for Jennifer Aniston on the roof of the Chateau Marmont hotel and there was one unreported guest who slipped in unnoticed: Gwyneth Paltrow. Who knew that she and Jennifer were friends? It’s quite interesting because Gwyneth was once engaged to Brad and they ended up splitting up. (She was accused of cheating) Anyway, we’re thinking Brad must have bored her and Brad has admitted that he was rather dull and sluggish while married to Jen and that’s why SHE wanted out. So it makes sense that years after the fact, Jen and Gwyneth might be friends. It’s likely that their mutual pal Chelsea Handler introduced them. We would LOVE to hear them compare notes on Brad. Of course, neither has ever said anything bad about him.


Posted by Janet on March 24, 2012

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  1. By Walt Cliff
    On March 24, 2012 at

    I am sure if they took the time to yak and gossip, the one topic they both could live without mentioning would be that of Brad Pitt.

    Both seem happy and settled into their lives without his stinky self.

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  3. By Gina Catone
    On March 24, 2012 at

    Goopy Paltrow was a real fool to cheat on Brad Pitt. Brad Pitt appears to be a loyal person as opposed to Chris Martin who has reported to have cheated on his wife. Goopy and Jennifer have Chelsea Handler in common and they both are concerned with their images.

  4. By Christine India
    On March 24, 2012 at

    Gina: I also read where
    Chris was caught cheating. Also Gwyneth was seen in London getting chummy with an unknown man. It’s said their marriage is on shaky ground.

    After Brad and Gwyneth split and when he was engaged to Jennifer, I read this in the Enquirer:

    Jennifer was very unsure of her looks and was jealous of Gwyneth. So she rented out a Mexican restaurant from 10:00 PM til 1:00 AM, went there with 10 of her close girlfriends and cried on their shoulder wondering if he was really over Gwyneth and really wanted her. Of course they all comforted her and said she was much prettier, blah, blah.. A waiter there took pics and sold the story to the Enquirer. Jen’s favorite food is Mexican and of course margueritas.

  5. By Ola
    On March 24, 2012 at

    im dissapointed about this, i used to like gwiny but now? at least gwiny didnt made her carrer after brad on his fame! she always said that brad is awsome and that it was a big mistake to let the relationship end. sooooo what should they have incomon?

  6. By Kitty
    On March 24, 2012 at

    I can’t stand either one of these self absorbed fakes.

  7. By Muffie
    On March 24, 2012 at


    It just really nice to see that Aniston has finally moved on, and ALL parties are content & happy!

  8. By Walt Cliff
    On March 24, 2012 at

    Indy, Oh for goodness sake Indy. Give it a rest honey.

  9. By Walt Cliff
    On March 24, 2012 at

    Happy B-day Reta!!!

  10. By Christine India
    On March 24, 2012 at

    It was a profound interesting true story, not a made-up article.

    I don’t think Jennifer will ever wed her current boy, Justin.

  11. By dandilion
    On March 24, 2012 at

    People with similar interests or shared characteristics group together.. until one of them gets thin skinned and mad..

  12. By Hilary
    On March 24, 2012 at

    I agree that Jennifer will never marry again. What’s the point? She obviously doesn’t want kids, and has plenty of dough of her own. 🙂

  13. By Sylvia
    On March 25, 2012 at

    Both are losers. They should get get on with their lives and stop talking about the past.

  14. By forrest gump
    On March 26, 2012 at

    …they’re both living with a VAGINA, folks!!

  15. By pusssykatt
    On March 26, 2012 at

    Gwyneth and Jennifer have been “acquaintances” for years…I say that because Gwyneth considers everyone in show biz her “friend.”

  16. By pusssykatt
    On March 26, 2012 at

    Also Justin Theroux wrote “Iron Man 2” that Gwyneth starred in….so I’m sure he’s “friends” with Gwyneth.

  17. By gogo
    On March 27, 2012 at

    Ex-Girlfriend club! Or should I say ‘Ex-Beard club!’

    Both of them gross me out. Gwen was a HUGE pot smoker when she first became famous and considering how she lives I’m sure she still is.

    Jen was a HUGE pot smoker too! Maybe they are drug dealers and that’s how they are still rich.

  18. By Lacy G
    On November 1, 2012 at

    You’ve made some minor errors. It was Brad who cheated on Gwyneth (while he was away on movie set — sound familiar?). She found out and broke up with him. Anthony Hopkins talked about how sad Brad was after the break up while they were filming “Joe Black.”

    I’ve not read or seen anything about Paltrow and Martin having marital problems other than in an interview where Gwyn talks about how you have to “work” at keeping a healthy marriage. She’s right. Just celebrated 15 years with my awesome guy but we DO have to work through stuff and every couple has their good and bad days.

    As far as some of the snarky comments about both Paltrow and Aniston here, are these from “St. Jolie fans?” because Paltrow is a class act as is her husband Martin. They do a LOT for various charities but never publicize it. Both have earned the highest awards in their respective careers (Oscar, Emmy, and Grammies) but they still seem very down to earth and NEVER use one another to increase their publicity.

    To India: THe only reputable story printed lately about Chris and Gywneth was the one where he left the stage of his concert to go to where his wife was seated and sing to her.

    You MUST be thinking that by bashing two really fine people (who never cut themselves or shot up heroin) that you are somehow connecting to your idol Jolie.

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