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Some viewers are still wondering why George Kotsiopoulos was replaced by Brad Goreski on the Kathy Griffin hosted Fashion Police this season. The first thought that comes to mind is that George wasn’t gay enough. But George is a good sport about it. He told Hollywood Reporter “I had four incredible years with Joan Rivers and it changed my life.” He already has a new QVC clothing line debuting in February, and he’s keeping busy dressing clients for upcoming awards shows.


Posted by Janet on January 14, 2015

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  1. By Emily
    On January 15, 2015 at

    Perhaps no chemistry with Kathy? Interesting he emphasizes Joan.

  2. By Strom
    On January 15, 2015 at

    Plenty gay and maybe the real problem is that: Gay is NOT OK!

  3. By mister baja
    On January 15, 2015 at

    yep, F@ggots go most of the time bare feeted.

  4. By Strom
    On January 15, 2015 at

    Get BOB’s “take” on it!

  5. By Natalie
    On January 15, 2015 at

    So as I read this post, it doesn’t give any information about what happened and why he’s no longer on the show.

  6. By anonTWO
    On January 15, 2015 at

    i cant see what any of the people featured on the panel have to do fashion.
    even the late joan rivers… making crass jokes at another person’s expense doesnt make you a fashion expert.

  7. By Philberto Cardenez
    On January 15, 2015 at

    Complete and utter rubbish on television

  8. By Janet's Filthy Wig
    On January 15, 2015 at

    George was astute enough to know that this show would sck without joan. Kelly’s gained like 50lbs since joan passed, guiliana has resorted to embarrassing herself on the red carpet and even Kathy Griffins new face lift can’t resuscitate this sinking ship. Brad is a sweet person, but I don’t really care for him.

  9. By Strom
    On January 15, 2015 at

    Too bad he didn’t happen to me. : (

  10. By Strom
    On January 16, 2015 at

    Poor little imposter….so jealous of Strom!

  11. By Palermo
    On January 16, 2015 at

    Dress shoes and no socks is one of the stupidest looks out there

  12. By Natalie
    On January 16, 2015 at

    @Janet’s Filthy Wig – good observations!

  13. By Gerseygal
    On January 16, 2015 at

    Bring back George!!!!! Kelly and Olive head need makeovers! Brad nice guy, but wrong fit. Kathy was not herself…..

  14. By Bluejay
    On January 16, 2015 at

    What a cute little leprechaun!

  15. By Colin
    On January 17, 2015 at

    Love Kathy but she’s lost the comedy plot in recent years. It’s as though she doesn’t know what made her funny in the first place. Now she’s all shouty to cover the fact that the jokes are recycled, and not funny.

  16. By Dee Cee
    On January 17, 2015 at

    Lots of oh you are famous, who are wearing famous, what ever is all that worth.. buzz noise, how do you feel.. Kathy’s relentless baiting and shameless harassment, but basically she isn’t all that finished and enjoyable so no great charisma from anyone.. only thing interesting to watch is to see when Guiliana drops into a dramatic faint from starvation..

  17. By Pit bull LOVER
    On January 18, 2015 at

    he was blindfolded when he got dressed for this pic?

  18. By Strom
    On January 18, 2015 at

    I, for one, never miss Fashion Police. So looking forward to the Academy Awards. It won’t be the same without Joan.

  19. By Strom
    On January 18, 2015 at

    Poor little imposter…it just wants to be Strom so badly!


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