When these photos of Madonna,54, at a charity event in London were released the press jumped all over them, gleefully pointing out changes in her face. This time we have to admit that she DOES look different. Her face is fuller and plumper and rounder in shape. Of course there isn’t a wrinkle in sight, but the fullness cannot be denied. She doesn’t seem to have fake cheekbones. What did she do?


Posted by Janet on June 3, 2013

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  1. By imgeorgewill3
    On June 3, 2013 at

    She obviously had botox and check implants and anything else she wanted. And why not? She works hard on her body so why not spend some of those millions on her face?

  2. By mama
    On June 4, 2013 at

    She has had fillers injected into her face to to plump up her thinning skin. As for cheek implants, she got those about 3 or so years ago. Most female celebs get work on an ongoing basis. This is just the latest in a long stream of “work” she’s had done.

  3. By RHC in FLA
    On June 4, 2013 at

    You can see the injection sites for the filler in her ‘smile lines’. Whoever did it did not do a very good job…

    She is overdue for an upper an lower eyelid lift too.

    What about the texture of her skin? Is it the heavy makeup?

  4. By diva
    On June 4, 2013 at

    Holy crap she looks terrible.

  5. By abe
    On June 4, 2013 at

    ………..her tongue?

  6. By susieserb
    On June 4, 2013 at

    Another celeb morphing into the cat woman look. These old gals (and young ones too) start to look resemble one another in a fierce way, like aliens from the plastic surgery planet?

    PP she does have the right to spend millions on her face except it’s really sad that the money is going to waste..

  7. By Colin
    On June 4, 2013 at

    I’m so sad seeing these photos. I’ve been a fan for a long time but this is disturbing. I’m all for a nip/tuck if you can afford but this is verging on Michael Jackson territory.

    I also feel bad that she’s scrutinized in this way, but if you live by the sword you die by the sword?

  8. By missyco
    On June 4, 2013 at

    She is getting old and there is no amount of money to fix that. Some are lucky and can fight it off better but she isn’t one those.
    Can’t buy youth! Well maybe young guys!

  9. By nance
    On June 4, 2013 at

    must be the same prednisone that Ashley Judd used.

  10. By Bluejay
    On June 4, 2013 at

    She looks like a Mafia wife.

  11. By mishmash
    On June 4, 2013 at

    She is morphing into Mae West.

  12. By CoCo
    On June 4, 2013 at

    I don’t know about surgery. She just looks like a woman her age: her face it a little puffy & saggy. What others see as surgery, I just see as aging. Maybe she had an eyelid lift though. What surprises me is the texture of her skin. I am only a few years younger. Is that what menopause does to your skin?

  13. By Paula
    On June 5, 2013 at

    She looks like the “Reptilian” she is!

  14. By CC
    On June 5, 2013 at

    There are a lot of women her age that haven’t had the benefit of the best cosmetic surgeons money like hers can buy and they look much better than her. I wonder if she had let nature take its course and laid off all the cosmetic work she’s had done that she would look better than what she looks like now.

  15. By Mary
    On June 7, 2013 at

    Madonna has chosen to have a fat-free, muscled body and has forsaken her face in that choice. Her arms look like skeletor and I would imagine her face would be the same. So she’s gotten check implants and fat and other substance injections.

    So sad. Would like to see Madonna allow herself to age appropriately. She has to see how horrible this looks.

  16. By Noblecascade
    On June 10, 2013 at

    @mishmash……Mae West….you nailed it.

  17. By E
    On June 24, 2013 at

    If you’re going to go the plastic surgery route, don’t cheap out!

    She looks as if she got cut rate from Joan Rivers’ or the formerly beautiful Priscilla Bealieu Presley’s, er, “doctors!”

    Photos from when she lived in the UK show how dried out and saggy her face got from all the smoking (look ’em up), so she apparently decided to “remedy” this by getting some really bad work done.

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