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It finally happened. Whitney Houston has died. It’s a miracle she lived this long, considering her self destructive predilections. But it’s awfully sad because she was once a great beauty and a formidable talent. We thought Simon Cowell had lost his mind when he considered hiring Whitney to be a judge on X-Factor. It COULD have been a new start for her, but most likely would have turned out badly. Our sympathies to her family and especially her daughter Bobbi Kristina. (Above – probably the last photo taken of her)


Posted by Janet on February 11, 2012

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  1. By Strom
    On February 12, 2012 at

    Looks like in the above picture Whit was mad because the camera’s interrupted some major lesbo action between her and the big forehead girl she has her arm around….Whit is all sweaty and her hair is disheveled.

  2. By Walt Cliff
    On February 12, 2012 at

    The past unchangeable. It is forever concrete. It is difficult to not remain a fan even through all the drugs & mayhem of her life when one can recall her young voice in the 80’s. That range that just made you love her because no one else sounded like that…except the amazing Cissy Houston.

    The first time I saw her live in concert, I left thinking that she was a bit of angel. I don’t recall the song but I remember toward the end of one of her concerts she was singing and hit the high note (dam it, I forget the song) and took up a notch in perfect clarity. I swear I think I cried a little. I left with my heart full of excitement and immense love for the precious voice and that beautiful face.

    Oh I will still remember all the unfortunate things (That is just part of life.) that followed Whitney through the years but nothing can taint the entertainment and love she brought to so many people especially throughout the 80’s/90’s.

  3. By Muffie
    On February 12, 2012 at

    It is very sad indeed! Hopefully her daughter can pull through this dark tragedy and come out the other side, a stronger, wiser person.

    I feel that her “god given” gift was ruined by the drugs and her careless lifestyle. At the caliber of talent and success she once had, I don’t feel she could ever live healthily without her gift and this,IMO, is what took her down. She could not measure up to her past success and the pressure of having to perform live for The Grammy awards was just too great.

  4. By Selene
    On February 12, 2012 at

    very well said Reta….I agree with you…its sad….but its the truth….you cant blame Bobby for everything wrong with Whitney….she said it herself she was very much like him….she was no better than he was.

  5. By Nina
    On February 12, 2012 at

    I loved Whitney’s voice, and I am so sad for her beloved daughter, Bobbi Kristina. That said, I find it hard to feel that bad for Whitney. She had one of the most glorious voices the good Lord ever gave anyone, beauty, wealth, and fame. Millions of people would give anything to have even ONE of those things, and Whitney let drugs take over her life and threw all of them away, including her most precious thing — her life. Dumb, dumb, DUMB. As Christine India said above, if Whitney was saved, she is singing with the angels in Heaven. I pray that is what is happening.

  6. By forrest gump
    On February 12, 2012 at


  7. By Say Something Nice
    On February 13, 2012 at

    Walt, that was beautifully expressed.

  8. By Dawn
    On February 13, 2012 at

    RIP Whitney. That said junkies die each and every day and the only difference is some are extremely talented like Whitney and other are not. I do feel sad for Bobbi Kristina who will carry this for her life time. But Bobbie Brown has been out of her life for some time now and there were plenty of people who tried to help her kick the drugs. What a waste of an incredible voice.

  9. By love whitney
    On February 14, 2012 at

    Why tear her down now? She was a human just like everyone else in this world. Humans aren’t perfect, we have baggage as we get older. Her inner demons won in the end. But, maybe it is a good thing for her and her mom.
    Her mom doesn’t have to worry, if she is doing drugs and is in trouble. Whitney doesn’t have to deal with being a joke or trainwreck in the media anymore. She is finally at peace, the demons have been silenced. Ray J and the other industry hanger on’s can move to the next gullible target.
    The woman in the picture with her wasn’t a lesbian. That is the rapper snoop dog’s wife.

    Whitney was a great entertainer, she won over 415 awards for her singing talents. No one can ever take that away from her. RIP Nippy.

  10. By indi
    On February 16, 2012 at

    You talk like you knew her personally.
    “bankrupt, loser and druggie who got her started and fucked up her career and her life”
    But as usual just babbling your un educated opinion. So according to your argument then, who is to blame for Bobby Brown taking drugs, as there appears to be someone who gets a person started.
    Or as a grown woman did Whitney decide to use drugs on her own accord. Did Bobby hold her down and force her to use? I am sure you have an answer as you do to everything else.

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