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Seeing this photo of Victoria Gotti’s son Carmine and his fancy car brought back a rush of memories of “Growing Up Gotti.” We realize how much we MISS that show! Why did it ever go off the air, anyway? Can’t we get those boys on other reality shows as bachelors or chefs or whatever? We were most fascinated by all the yelling (not to mention the much-needed subtitles) that went on in their house and when they had those big “homemade” Italian dinners they were served out of huge aluminum foil catering trays on the table. Not to mention the eyebrows. Now that the house has been foreclosed upon, maybe they’ll be motivated to get another show.


Posted by Janet on May 13, 2009

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  1. By Dieter
    On May 13, 2009 at

    Janet, the show is off the air because it had no content, no interesting story lines and focused on criminals living under the proceeds of crime. American are generally quite shallow and small minded, but even they were offended by atching these street gutter criminals self destruct in a hail of hair gel.

  2. By Bu
    On May 14, 2009 at

    It was so bad that it was good!

  3. By Reta
    On May 14, 2009 at

    Who cares? Those hoodlums couldn’t even speak English, and the “mother” looked like a bleached out old dried up overly sugeried hooker anyway.If that was MY mother I’d be so ashamed of her!! Well, if THOSE were MY boys I’d be so ashamed of THEM so it’s a tie!

  4. By Anonymous
    On May 14, 2009 at

    They were white trash with cheese and marinara sauce.

  5. By Anonymous
    On May 14, 2009 at

    “fogedda ’bout it.”

  6. By Anonymous
    On May 14, 2009 at

    …And the little one (who is actually the oldest) — John Gotti III? Surely he is doing gay porn by now.

  7. By gerard Vandenberg
    On May 14, 2009 at

    you know the reason celebs drive BMW?
    Because, especially the big ones with full options all around it, ARE USED AS CHEAP AS HELL AND THEY FEEL RICH, folks!!
    (I say thisone was fifteen thousend dollars)

  8. By Bambi
    On May 14, 2009 at

    So she and all her offspring should live in a shelter. When you are mixed up in the mafia the end is always BAD.

  9. By Etienne
    On May 14, 2009 at

    Janet, once again you show how stupid you are. The show went off the air because it was embarrassing, tacky and boring. Victoria Gotti and her sons are jokes and they deserve nothing good. All that money she made from Star Magazine and her TV gigs and this train wreck of a show, and she couldn’t make ONE payment on that house? Whoever buys it should bulldoze the entire thing and start from scratch because that is one of the tackiest, gaudiest pieces of garbage anywhere and it truly drags down property values in the area.

  10. By Anonymous
    On May 14, 2009 at

    I used to enjoy watching how creative the camera-people had to be, to disguise the fact that that house is practically sitting on the Long Island Expressway! And its Ticky-Tackiness was a bonus! There was even an episode where Victoria tried to “sell” that pile. There were lots of looky-loos, but no offers.

  11. By Anonymous
    On May 14, 2009 at

    And she got her realtor from 1-800-JEWISH-STEREOTYPES.

  12. By Anonymous
    On May 14, 2009 at

    As a Sicilian-American, this type of show makes me ill. They were the essence of money not buying any class. If they were too stupid to put money aside then they deserve to be out on the street.

  13. By Sebastian Stoker
    On May 14, 2009 at

    Janet you must be such a vanilla to find these sorts of characters interesting. Anyone who grew up in or around a stereo-type-New-Jersey-like community or ever had to associate with Married-to-the-Mob types would have been disgusted by that show. The Gotti boys were examples of the worst sort of walking Italian-America stereo-types. Surely they were playing it up for publicity.

  14. By frank
    On May 14, 2009 at

    I wasn’t sure before now, but this woman must not be very sharp(Janet). I mean, were there actually people who found value in this show? If there were, I guess it really exemplifies where this country is at, and where it’s going. People who hone their talents and skills to become something are constantly ignored. While anyone willing to make a fool of themselves(and believe their stench) are heralded for their mediocrity. Bravo…

  15. By Anonymous
    On May 14, 2009 at

    Victoria hasn’t made a payment in 2 years and is $650,000 in arrears. She claims that her ex-husband took out a mortgage on the dump behind her back. Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight.

  16. By Anonymous
    On May 14, 2009 at

    Early on she had a butterball sidekick called “Tuba” or “Tubla” or something. Anyway, Tuba was the one-woman version of the “surround yourself with ugly girls so you always look better” strategy as practiced by Vicky. In addition to agreeing with everything that Vicky said, Tuba’s duties also included murmuring approval about whatever Vicky was wearing — which she had to do between bites of food, and she was always, ALWAYS EATING.

  17. By Anonymous
    On May 14, 2009 at

    Theirs was actually the last show I remember watching before I donated every television I owned to Goodwill. Haven’t thought about these Gotti characters since, so thanks for the memories, Janet — (and the MAMMARIES [Charlene Tilton article]).

  18. By Anonymous
    On May 14, 2009 at

    Trying to hang on to that ridiculous house is just one of Victoria’s delusions — which were always on display on that show. Somehow, they managed to push out one episode where her son John “was trying to get into Harvard.”(!!) Uh-huh. Maybe Victoria has brain damage from years of peroxide, silicone and Asti Spumanti abuse. Because everyone in America knows that only members of the BUSH CRIME FAMILY are admitted to Harvard and Yale.

  19. By Kittee Kattee
    On May 14, 2009 at

    I loved that show! It was my guilty pleasure. No, it had no redeeming value. That’s why it was so fun to watch!!!!! Half the time I wanted to slap those people silly, but then I just laughed at them.

  20. By Meg
    On May 14, 2009 at

    I also watched that show for entertainment purposes. And I had my kicks 🙂
    Who says all the shows must be Mensa approved only? Gimme a break. I used to live in Italy and know many Italians, and will tell you those characters were nothing like real Italians are. Shows like that one capitalize on stereotypes and prove that only silly people believe in what they see. The boys were dumbing it down on the camera and Victoria… oh well… let her be. Not everyone can be Mother Teresa. I really enjoyed the episode with an older woman asking Victoria to send a hitman because someone was breaking into the house. LOLz.

  21. By Anonymous
    On May 14, 2009 at

    I remember Tuber!!! She was Victoria’s BFF for a handful of episodes. She was always stuffing her face because she KNEW that gig wasn’t gonna last!

  22. By Bella
    On May 14, 2009 at

    Watched about a total hour of “Growing up Gotti”, at 3 separate times. All I remember is: 1) It was super boring. 2) the boys always appeared surly, spoiled, and irresponsible. 3). Victoria looked totally miserable.

  23. By Anonymous
    On May 14, 2009 at

    That show was DISGRACEFUL. Those boys are spoiled brats who were disrespectful to their mother. I did not enjoy watching it. It was a sad statement on shallow, unfocused and vacant lives. Those boys have nothing redeeming to offer.

  24. By Anonymous
    On May 19, 2009 at

    I just can’t believe that this wholesome reality show about the daughter of a sociopath (50+ murders) and her obnoxious spawn isn’t still on the air.


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