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American Idol judge Jennifer Lopez claims she’s “on the fence” about returning for another season. Since the show revived her ailing career and helped her get her first hit record in nearly a decade, Jennifer now says she has so many opportunities that she has to make a choice about what she wants to do. She can’t do it ALL. Fortunately, she has time to make up her mind. Of course, what she MEANS is she wants more money! She made around 12 million dollars her first season and she DID help improve the ratings. But Jennifer knows that Simon Cowell was paid 35 million a season and she wants a bigger piece of the pie. (Above, Jennifer attracts a crowd as she leaves her hotel in Paris.)


Posted by Janet on June 15, 2011

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  1. By Muffin Top!!
    On June 15, 2011 at

    Yeah Janet, I thought the same thing when I heard that news. She will probably get it too!! The fans like her, and I haven’t heard of any rifts between her and her co-judges or show staff. She is a smart woman, as well as a good actress, and it comes in handy when trying to woo fans and show brass.

  2. By Alpha Femme
    On June 15, 2011 at

    Muffin… did you say she is a good actress?? I disagree. And as far as being drama-less on the show, well… we all know by now little drama boosts ratings, fake or real some dramz bring audience. I think she will be let go of. Let’s face it, there are better, hotter, talented people who would take her place for less money. JLO’s appeal is on the expire, her post Puffy singing sucks. Possibility of a comeback or a better offer is highly unlikely.

  3. By Strom
    On June 15, 2011 at

    Send the fame whore away. She has no class and preys on the young hispanics who buy the junk she promotes. She can not sing and is a fake as an actress. Her quest for fame by providing unlimited sex to BLACK Puffy Combs has grown old and AI should thank her for the year and move on with better judges. She has prostituted her kids to make more money. She promotes the same junk that has made the BLACK race dumb and poor and made the rappers rich.

  4. By Christine India
    On June 15, 2011 at

    The only acting she’s ever done in her whole life is to pretend to cry when she had to give someone a thumbs down and/or when they were voted off. She could give a rat’s fat ass about some of the contestants’ feelings being hurt. She is a fake, but I must say Ben Affleck picked a helluva unique way to break up with her, if y’all remember.

  5. By right
    On June 15, 2011 at

    You suckers that watch this show are responsible for her able to thumb her nose at 12Million for sitting on her azz.

  6. By Strom
    On June 15, 2011 at

    Why would anyone watch the show? Her fashion style shows no style or class. Without the wigs and makeup she is a very plain looking woman….much like Arnold’s housekeeper mistress.

  7. By Leo
    On June 15, 2011 at

    Jennifer will be back sitting between Steven Tyler and Randy Jackson when the New Season of AI kicks up. Trust Me!!

  8. By Mona Garrett
    On June 15, 2011 at

    “Selena,” “Out of Sight” and “Blood and Wine”—to name three of her better films.

    Like her not, she’s a talented actress.

    And by now it’s obvious that EVERY YEAR some new personnel drama is rolled-out between seasons—in order to maintain viewer interest in this glorified gong show.

  9. By Mona Garrett
    On June 15, 2011 at

    ACK. “Like her or not…”

  10. By Alpha Femme
    On June 15, 2011 at

    Mona please… it’s ok to say ‘I like her acting’ but it’s foolish to say ‘she is a talented actress’. Just as right have said, people create those monsters themselves and then the rest of us has to put up with watching this crap. Nuff said. As far as I’m concerned JLo can just disappear

  11. By Reta
    On June 15, 2011 at

    Some MAJOR hate towards this woman on this site. I’m used to it from the racially challenged strom, but very surprised by the rest of you.

    As for AI I am as tired of it as most of you, but I think we need to devide the contestants from the judges here. I don’t think there will ever be anyone as right on a Cowell was and I look forward to his new show with the exception (and it’s a huge one) to the loopy Paula Abdul.
    But back to Jen. I think she’s done okay on the show, what I object to is the using of the show as a platform to launch new videos by the judges. Much more entertaining is the preliminary rounds where all the nuts and kooks and just plain tone deaf collide. I LOVE those rounds! It’s like watching a train wreck where nothing gets broken in the end (but a few hearts maybe that are WAAAAY overdue for an awakening).

    Nobody will EVER be worth what Simon was, and he helped shape the genre into what it is now, a pretty popular diversion for Americans, Brits, and apparently most other countries.

    What they really have to do is get rid of the verbally challenged Randy. He’s learned a few new words this season but it’s too little too late.

    And The 85 year old Tyler needs to quit sniffing the girls thru his microphone. It’s really not appealing, reminds me of Hef.

  12. By Pit BuLL LOVER
    On June 16, 2011 at

    simon wasn’t even worth what simon was worth
    NO human is unless it is some saintly master healing the planet …..
    stopping the torture of innocent animals
    feeding the poor
    curing the ills
    ect ect ect
    i mean we can’t feed the poor but we can fund warS.

    ok. high horse. dismounted……

  13. By the captain
    On June 16, 2011 at


  14. By Bluejay
    On June 16, 2011 at

    Jennifer looks gorgeous, but she’s not the most beautiful woman in the world. Mona forgot Anaconda. However, those movies were made years ago, and it doesn’t appear anyone’s beating down Jennifer’s door to star in another B movie.

  15. By Miranda Hobbs
    On June 16, 2011 at

    She’s not a bad actress, “The Cell” was pretty good and so was that movie she did with Clooney. It’s her music and attitude that suck. Btw what’s going on with her hair? It looks so fake lately like she’s wearing a wig. Is she going bald?

  16. By Strom
    On June 16, 2011 at

    Not lately, she has always worn wigs…her hair is spooly Puerto Rican special…look at the old pics. Certainly not a talent in anything but self promotion.They know how to pull at heart strings of the poor and ignorant young hispanics who she could care less about unless they help her.

    Paging BLACK PUFFY COMBS….he knows her well inside and out!

  17. By dimes
    On June 16, 2011 at

    Is it me, or does she look a lot like Snooki (with a better wardrobe) in that photo?

  18. By Walt Cliff
    On June 16, 2011 at

    Indy, How did Ben break up with her? 🙂

  19. By Dalstongirl
    On June 16, 2011 at


    What is your problem? You come across as mean-spirited and bigoted. Take a chill pill.

  20. By Casonia Logenberry
    On June 16, 2011 at

    She is Beautiful and smart and has a bagging body and she can dance and she has lovely hair that shines in the light and she dresses to kill and she has a light lovely laugh and a Beautiful Smile and she is pushy and aggressive and works really hard at her life and I Thank God that she had children and She is in love and she has a family that is really close to her and she has some one to love each and every day for the rest of her life and that is a wonderful attractive and Hot Husband..Who is remarkable and off the Hook singer and a wonderful family all go hand and hand and being rich and being able to go all over the world and see different things and learn more about yourself and Yes Jennifer really rocks in so many ways and she is a classy lady..Who Crossed History with Big Pun and that is fantastic and she did some music with the late rapper and she did a great job and matter of fact this woman never changes and she is so beautiful and lovely every single time she is in a person presents and I am a Woman and straight but Jennifer has it going on and she is sexy and has it!

  21. By Christine India
    On June 16, 2011 at

    WALT…..The way Affleck broke IT off (teehee) with J-Lo was: He realized he did not want to marry her, so instead of breaking up over dinner or via e-mail, he did this: He went to several strip clubs, being followed the whole time by the paparazzi. He got sloshed, flirted w/ strippers, got lap dances, yada yada yada. When all this hit the rag mags, papers, etc. then la Lopez told him to take a walk, much to his delight.

  22. By lettuceprey
    On June 16, 2011 at

    Casonia is absolutely killin’ me…..HAR!!!!

  23. By Christine India
    On June 16, 2011 at

    Mr. (or) Ms. Casonia, do you ever take a breath? lol

  24. By Mona Garrett
    On June 16, 2011 at

    OK, “talented” is a relative term. And yes, Jennifer’s been in some stinkers, but she’s also done some very good work, as named above.
    (And yes, I agree, those days may be long gone at this point.)

    But put it this way: You know that Madonna would kill to have had even a portion of the film career that Jennifer has had.

    Reta: “And The 85 year old Tyler needs to quit sniffing the girls thru his microphone…” 🙂 🙂 LOL

  25. By Mona Garrett
    On June 16, 2011 at

    In fact, box-office-wise (the ONLY yardstick Hollywood cares about), I’m willing to bet that Jennifer has brought in more $$$$$ than C. Zeta Jones—to name another similarly-aged and positioned actress.

  26. By Strom
    On June 16, 2011 at

    No mean spirit…but here you havea total fame whore who is not what she appears to be….no way a singer or an actress and like the black rappers, becomes wealthy while playing on the poor people of her race to sell overpriced products. If you investigate you will see the “foundation” which pays no taxes contains high paid family members but does almost no charity work…just publicity. She was voted most beautiful but is a very plain looking woman without wigs and makeup and just has a large ass….which was frequently pounded by a very BLACK Puffy Combs. Send he back to Spanish Harlem or better yet south of the border. American Idol should just say NO!

  27. By Strom
    On June 16, 2011 at

    Casonia much be J Lo in disguise. No one who knows her sees her in that way.

  28. By Denise
    On June 17, 2011 at

    Strom your ignorance is showing yet again. Send her south of the border? She’s of Puerto Rican ancestry and last time I checked, they were Americans. Oh, and my sister in law is Puerto Rican, and I’ve never noticed any “spooly” hair on her head.

  29. By Denise
    On June 17, 2011 at

    Oh, and someone get Casonia some punctuation. Quick.

  30. By Strom
    On June 17, 2011 at

    Jlo wants to be all things Hispanic and most of those are south of the border,…send her there.

    If you look at original pics of Jlo before the quest for fame campaign you see a large amount of spooly hair….the wigs have long covered it up or she ties it in a bun otherwise but check out the relatives that are hanging on the payroll and you see plenty of make up and spooliness!

  31. By Tagg
    On June 18, 2011 at

    I agree that Hollywood is bat ass crazy in what they pay most celebrities but than again the production company and Fox would not pay any of these jusges what they do if they didnt make boo-coup bucks themselves. The network is still making mega millions after all expenditures. Sad state of affairs. Go Free Market! Lol


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