Paris Jackson is fifteen now and it’s understandable that she would become curious about her birth parents. All she has to do is look in the mirror to note that the father she loved, Michael Jackson, was not her biological father. She has had little contact with her mother Debbie Rowe, who married Michael in 1996, bore two children for him (Paris and Prince,) and divorced him in 1999 giving him full custody. She later admitted it was a business transaction. Paris has been in contact with Debbie and has been spending time with her. Certainly she’s hoping Debbie will eventually open up about who her father really is. We’re guessing that Debbie won’t reveal her former boss, Dr Arnie Klein, as the sperm donor father as long as he’s alive. But she might drop a few hints to Paris.


Posted by Janet on April 7, 2013

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  1. By Gemma St. Cloud
    On April 7, 2013 at

    Was Jacko spermless or just not into passing on his defective genes?

  2. By Shawna Rae
    On April 7, 2013 at

    in other words, you have absolutely no idea

  3. By abe
    On April 7, 2013 at


  4. By Ash
    On April 8, 2013 at

    Why are you so concerned about her biological parentage? You don’t knoe any better than anyone else. Just because she is light skinned doesn’t mean Michael can’t be her bio dad. Even if he wasn’t that doesn’t make the bond she had with him any less real.

  5. By jojo
    On April 8, 2013 at

    Good for Paris. Rowe wasn’t just a womb. It may have been a “business transaction” because Michael wanted to be a parent, but the bottom line is – Michael wanted to raise children. Rowe must have cared enough about him to participate. Paris should get to know people who knew and loved her dad, to include her bio mother. Good on Paris. Even though it is none of my d@mn business.

  6. By Ash
    On April 8, 2013 at

    @jojo, I agree. Debbie clearly cared for Michael, and I think she could really give Paris more perspective on him than his own mother could. I do hope Paris and Debbie are able to have a strong bond. With Michael being gone, it is important that she have someone to confide in that won’t go blabbing to the media.

  7. By Noblecascade
    On April 8, 2013 at

    why would you want a relationship with someone who only created you as part of a business transaction? No bond there.

  8. By Ashley
    On April 8, 2013 at

    She had the babies because she loved Michael, and she wanted him to be a father. That doesn’t mean she didn’t love her kids. It was an unusual arrangement. But the kids turned out just fine, and there’s nothing wrong with Paris spending a little time with their mother given all the chaos in the Jackson family right now.

  9. By HopeSpringsATurtle
    On April 8, 2013 at

    Paris looks exactly like her biological father. If you’ve been paying attention, and you’re a fan of musical adaptations of Dickens, the answer is obvious.

  10. By Nancy
    On April 9, 2013 at

    Do we know for sure it was DR egg and not a Donor egg (in which case she would just be the carrier). As weight obsessed as MJ was I would find it hard to believe he would chose someone with DR body type to be his egg donor.

    It continues to amaze me how gullible people are when it comes to celebrities and their star suckers. Mentioning love amongst any of this group is laughable. Both DR, MJ and his family were/are driven by money, ego, narcissism and mental illness(fame whoring on DR part included). Most people have kids for all the wrong reasons. This is just a more extreme example of it.

  11. By Ash
    On April 10, 2013 at

    @Nancy, Debbie was not always overweight. She was quite thin when she and Michael met. She was actually not even that big during her pregnancy with Prince. Being pregnant 3 times (she and Michael lost one baby in early pregnancy before getting pregnant with Prince) and having 2 babies pretty close together is gonna mess with a lady’s weight. I just don’t think she tried to get her figure back after that.

    Besides, if you look at high school pix of Debbie, she looks just like Prince does now. And if you wanna deny that Paris is Debbie’s daughter, you need to adjust your glasses…or get some glasses. That’s like saying Blanket doesn’t look like Michael. He could be his twin.


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