It’s amazing how “Glee’s” publicity people have been cashing in on the tragic death of Cory Monteith. Since the 31 year old actor died from a heroin and alcohol overdose on July 13, the show has been churning out what seems like daily press releases about the other cast members,’ including his girlfriend Lea Michelle’s, devastation and remarks. Memorials and tributes to Monteith popped up everywhere. Glee’s episode dedicated to Cory had tremendous build-up and the cast recorded six songs in his memory. That’s nice, but ENOUGH ALREADY! Cory didn’t die trying to save a child from a fire, he OVERDOSED. It was a stupid, selfish thing to do. Does he really rate a pedestal?


Posted by Janet on October 11, 2013

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  1. By Justine
    On October 11, 2013 at

    I completely agree.

  2. By JimJam
    On October 11, 2013 at

    Agreed…sad… But he was an idiot! Enough!

  3. By palermo
    On October 11, 2013 at

    I read several places that his so called “girlfriend” wasn’t even real, it was a fake relationship. Give it a rest!

  4. By frank
    On October 11, 2013 at

    One of your better posts, Janet.

  5. By abe
    On October 11, 2013 at

    ………….he can’t kill himself again?

  6. By frank
    On October 11, 2013 at

    A more sinister view, however, of this situation. is that the network/industry has been using this as a way to compel viewership. Or something like that…

  7. By Shelby
    On October 11, 2013 at

    Janet, I could not agree with you more. I am so freakin’ TIRED of reading yet ANOTHER piece about the tribute episode, who will song what song, etc. The show hasn’t gotten this much press since it came on. He was a junkie who took that heroin willingly. Nobody held a gun to his head. Selfish, self-centered dope head. Yes, he was a human being who has loved ones, but enough is enough. STFU about him! PLEASE!

  8. By imgeorgewill3
    On October 11, 2013 at

    Right on, Janet! I am fed up with seeing his face everywhere I turn. I am still burned up over how many really great actors were not included in the Emmy “memorial” segment (Jack Klugman to name one). I understand he was a young actor in a popular show, but he doesn’t deserve a special segment at the Emmy awards when really seasoned actors were ignored. I hope the hell his name is NOT included in the Oscar Memorial tributes!

  9. By xyz
    On October 12, 2013 at

    Sorry, but more and more I believe his death was fake/d. Reality is stranger than fiction, dont forget

  10. By Strom
    On October 12, 2013 at

    Enough with the tributes. Next a holiday will be named for Amy Winehouse.

    Corey is not a Yid, so the tributes from all who think he is, can stop!

  11. By Carlos Danger
    On October 12, 2013 at

    because he was a closet homosexual and we all know the gay mafia in hollyweird honor their own.

  12. By christine
    On October 12, 2013 at

    I do tend to agree. Handsome, rich, white boy with talent and success. Poof, he’s mourned and idolized. They should have turned the tribute show into a cautionary tale. Just down the street from the chi chi hotel he OD’d in is the lower east side where addicts die in squalour all the time.

  13. By JimJam
    On October 12, 2013 at

    He knew what he was getting into… Screw him ! You do that shit– don’t expect sympathy…. Neither should your acolytes…
    You chose it/ you did it / it killed you! Period!

    I should feel sorry for a dumb ass junkie??????
    NEVER..!!!!, Who knew or cared if he had any talent… He was an asshole…PERIOD!

  14. By JimJam
    On October 12, 2013 at

    Go out and find and BUST and lock up the bastards that are out there peddling and selling and importing this shit!!!

  15. By pinkandyellowroses
    On October 13, 2013 at

    So so true Janet. There is nothing commendable about this guy and his lifestyle.

  16. By Tamsin
    On October 13, 2013 at

    It’s not any different from what the WB marketing execs did with Heath Ledger’s death and used it to make The Dark Knight a hit and even managed to get him an Oscar.

    Seriously, why are people so shocked now? Nothing is sacred in Hollywood.

  17. By Strom
    On October 13, 2013 at

    Tamsin hit it!

  18. By Kitty
    On October 13, 2013 at

    I’m sick of hearing about him. I’ve never even watched the stupid show either.

  19. By Denise
    On October 14, 2013 at

    Have to agree with Tamsin. There’s no shame in Hollywood where they exploit someone’s death just to cash in. I think his so-called girlfriend is doing the same.

  20. By christine
    On October 14, 2013 at

    I hear the girl friend has her own problem, if you “blow” what I mean ..

  21. By Strom
    On October 16, 2013 at

    True,,,blow in several senses.

    Enough with the tributes. Next a holiday will be named for Amy Winehouse.

    Corey is not a Yid, so the tributes from all who think he is, can stop!

  22. By Patrick L.
    On October 16, 2013 at

    haven’t you posted that post before Strom, ? take your meds, you off topic monkey

  23. By Noblecascade
    On October 19, 2013 at

    Amen, Amen, Amen…one of the worst offenders is the magazine “Hello”. They go on and on and on. I said something about being tired of the drug addict and someone posted that I was rude!

  24. By Shrey
    On October 21, 2013 at

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