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Willow Smith, 9, is not about to let her brother Jaden be the only kid STAR in the family. (Jaden is currently riding high on his “Karate Kid” success.) Having famous parents like Will and Jada Smith has certainly given their kids an edge. Ambitious Willow got herself a Rihanna haircut and now she’s scored a record deal with Jay-Z and a new single. We found her song “Whip My Hair” to be repetitious and annoying, but you can form your own opinion. CLICK HERE to listen.


Posted by Janet on September 10, 2010

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  1. By strom
    On September 10, 2010 at

    I wonder if she can even spell: cat?

  2. By Denise
    On September 10, 2010 at

    “repetitious and annoying” pretty much describes any 9 year old, so the song is about what you’d expect.

  3. By Reta
    On September 10, 2010 at

    I am so sick to death of these kids already and they have just started with their “star” crap. I wish I had a setting on my computer that could scree outt certain names..anything Smith; Lohan; Hilton; Kanye; Jersey for starters. whoever invents this button will be rich beyond hope. Get busy world, we’re desperate!

  4. By Reta
    On September 10, 2010 at

    PS…add Spears to that list!

  5. By Palermo
    On September 10, 2010 at

    Blech. I’m sure not listening to any song by a spoiled child, no thank you.

  6. By Bettye Bluejay
    On September 10, 2010 at

    You are so funny!

  7. By SebastianCanada
    On September 10, 2010 at

    Just saw part of a repeat of the Oprah show with the Smiths as guests. There was a very telling moment there.

    Oprah was gushing over the Smiths and commending them for being such wonderful perfect parents, and raising such balanced perfect children. Cut to Will gloating.

    A parent who really was concerned with raising his children properly, and was doing his job, would be embarrassed by such praise, and would have denied being perfect, but claimed he was trying his best.

  8. By captain america
    On September 10, 2010 at


  9. By Sally
    On September 10, 2010 at

    Are Will and Jada that hard up for cash??? Why pimp their 9-year-old who should be enjoying her childhood? You’re only afforded the carefree, innocence of childhood once.

    And since everybody’s bashing Jessica to get a stylist, I think these kids should get one pronto. WTF is this child wearing

  10. By Colin
    On September 11, 2010 at

    What an awful, revolting brat.

  11. By Iceberg Slim
    On September 11, 2010 at

    Don’t you mean marginally famous parents? No one was Michael Jackson before Michael Jackson, No one were the Beatles, before the Beatles. Theses events happened. So I doubt this kid will be the “next” Michael Jackson.

  12. By Indy
    On September 11, 2010 at

    The reason they are ALL in the limelight is this: They have balls.

  13. By Bettye Bluejay
    On September 11, 2010 at

    L. Ron must have preached that for Scientologists they can take their money with them.

  14. By Fabu
    On September 11, 2010 at

    Oh Reta, I agree!!! But let’s not forget to add another name(s) to this list of NO MORE: Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag… they drive me nuts and I hate reading about them, but they’re everywhere! C’mon people, someone make this button Reta speaks of, we want to ignore! lol 🙂

  15. By CityGirl
    On September 11, 2010 at

    Yeah guys, let’s make this one go NOWHERE F-A-S-T ! My neighbor’s cat sounds better…without any… hmmm…technical”help.”

  16. By Meg
    On September 11, 2010 at

    Sebastian, very good observation!

  17. By funky booty
    On September 11, 2010 at

    go Willow!

  18. By starrynight
    On September 11, 2010 at

    Add another to the quickly growing list of sorry excuses for talent being foisted upon us by the entertainment industry. Why are there articles like this one acknowledging and thus reinforcing this trend? Same with ‘acts’ like the Kardashians. Why do people watch them as if they’re inevitable instead of refusing to until producers get off their lazy, self-involved asses, and ditch their mind numbing formulas and talent substitutes?

  19. By princessjohnson
    On September 11, 2010 at


  20. By SebastianCanada
    On September 12, 2010 at

    princessjohnson, it is “envious”, not “jealous”, and yes, of course.

    I would love to have parents who were rich and famous, who could and would buy my education and career, and ensure that I never had to scrounge for a dime, or depend of the whims of some moron in a cheap suit and five-dollar haircut.

  21. By Bettye Bluejay
    On September 12, 2010 at

    That poor kid got a butt-ugly hairdo foisted upon her by the “parents.”

  22. By Lenny
    On September 12, 2010 at

    You get the kind of entertainment you pay for. We have made these people famous and alot them can’t even wipe their ass. Remember the good days when talent was required. Elvis, Aretha, Patsy Cline, Sam Cooke and Jim Croce. Hell even Frank Sinatra. Now you got thugs fresh off death row tell you they can rap (which is anywhere near singing). If you think it’s bad now just wait what’s coming down the road. I’m glad I’ve lived this long to see shit really happen.

  23. By Seriously?
    On September 12, 2010 at

    The Smiths are closet Scientologists, and the Scienos believe in making the kids work as early as possible so as to have the next generation filling their tax-exempt coffers.

  24. By Palermo
    On September 12, 2010 at

    If that’s true then I feel sorry for those kids. You’re only a child once

  25. By Indy
    On September 12, 2010 at

    @ Seriously: yes, Scientologists are definitely about money and nothing else. This is the most demonic off-the-wall cult ever. The idiotic Smiths are definitely in it and I don’t know why they are acting so secretive about it. They must feel so smug about rubbing elbows with Cruise, Travolta, Presley, etc. They won’t feel so cool (literally) when they meet up with their founder, L.Ron Hubbard, who committed suicide and is now in hell. And speaking of Travolta, old devil can’t wait to get him, as he was recently photo’d in gay spas making out with whoever he can. And this is not a rumor. He is gay and Kelly knows it.

    To whoever above claimed I/we were jealous or envious of the Smiths. Get real, and get lost.

  26. By SebastianCanada
    On September 12, 2010 at


    we agree about Scientology – it is vile and evil. What is wrong with the government that it is not going after these freaks? I guess the Church makes sure there are no tax issues whatsoever.

    And, nice response RE the jealous comment. Those types of assertions (as posted by princess) are ridiculous and pointless.

  27. By captain america
    On September 12, 2010 at


  28. By Debbie GP
    On September 13, 2010 at

    they will give anything a contract these days. Pathetic…

  29. By sour grapes and puss
    On September 15, 2010 at

    {Get real, and get lost.}

    you can get real and get a life!

  30. By willowsmithxxxx
    On December 19, 2010 at

    heya guyes,
    this is willow here.
    i just wanna ask you all to stop putting bad commentd bout me i am only 9 but i am grown up for my age so please leave me alone.

    willow smith


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