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Woody Allen is still riding high after his successful “Vicky Cristina >Barcelona.” His next movie, due in 2009, is “Whatever Works” and stars Larry David as a Woody inspired neurotic character. Here he is with Soon-Yi and their adopted daughters Bechet and Manzie – the hapless girls were named after obscure jazz musicians.


Posted by hoodlum on October 28, 2008

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  1. By Long duck Dong
    On October 28, 2008 at

    Woody is a perverted scumbag. He boinking his step daughter! And to add to it, he’s a leftist elitist ahole!

  2. By Jasper's Goat
    On October 28, 2008 at

    The ugly old perverted fool should be under the jail for incest. Soon-yi is a low IQ perv too for marrying him. I feel sorry for the two innocent kids and I pray he’s not molesting them. I would put nothing past that heathen.

  3. By Mrs. Albert Q. Einstein
    On October 28, 2008 at

    Jasper Goat….I’d be willing to bet if the old fart fooled around with the kids that Soon-Yi would turn a blind eye. She is obviously mentally challenged and all she wants is to be taken care of financially. Otherwise it’s doubtful if she could even flip burgers or be a McDonald’s cashier. Truly sick. But be assured he will pay for all he has done. He is already paying by just looking in the mirror. lol

  4. By hilary, who used to work w/ janet at star
    On October 28, 2008 at

    Isn’t it funny how one actually looks like Woody and the other like Soon-Yi? For those who want more info on Woody, read Mia Farrow’s book –“What Falls Away.” According to Mia’s other adopted children, he tried to seduce them first before Soon-Yi (by all reports, yes, mentally challenged) got taken in. “Manhattan” is a brilliant movie, but I haven’t been able to
    watch any of Woody’s films for years…

  5. By Anonymous
    On October 28, 2008 at

    Now THAT is one odious man.

  6. By Anonymous
    On October 28, 2008 at

    I can see the brangeloons in the future playing out the same pervy drama since they are so “progressive” you know.
    By then incest might be the in thing in hollywood.

  7. By Anonymous
    On October 28, 2008 at

    I don’t know anybody that likes his crappy movies.

  8. By Anonymous
    On October 28, 2008 at

    Didn’t he molest his real daughter, and the other one, the boy, also hates him. Ever since the whole taking nude photos of his stepdaughter Soon-yi and then marrying her, I would never watch another one of his movies. He should be in prison.

  9. By SoylentGreen
    On October 28, 2008 at

    Hey – Woody has picked a new wife! And who’s that old Chinese lady on the left?

  10. By Anonymous
    On October 28, 2008 at

    Woody, Soon Yi and the future Mrs. Allens. What a delightful family. And don’t the children look happy?

  11. By Reta
    On October 28, 2008 at

    Yeah, I doubt there are too many deep intelligent conversations around THIER dinner table, what with Soon-Yi being retarded and all, and he has her just to take care of the new little things so he can molest THEM like he did his own birth daughter. What a creepy scumbag he is, wonder why he only adopts GIRLS??? Thesse kids look beyond miserable, probably thinking about what’s coming tonight after dinner…daddy comes to “tuck them in”…yeah, riiiiiight!!!!!!!!

  12. By Reta
    On October 28, 2008 at

    PS>>>I also wonder WHY he finially decided to adpot kids when he didn’t have then all his life, then had a couple in his old age with Mia, who she accused of molesting them, so now that he is married to the girl he helped raised for most of her life, he goes and adopts two little girls? All of a sudden in his ancient years he gets a fatherly nereve in his body? Yeah, we all know WHERE that nerve is growing too, don’t we? Filthy bastard!!! He should have it cut off!!!

  13. By Anonymous
    On October 28, 2008 at

    This man’s films are excellent, Janet your readers should edumaficate themselves.

  14. By Anonymous
    On October 29, 2008 at

    A Saber tooth tiger is excellent too, that doesn’t mean I want anything to do with it, PP. The guy is a monster but oh we should honor his films and ignore is personal life. He’s devastating devastating children, get it?

  15. By gerard Vandenberg
    On October 29, 2008 at

    Meet “DROOPY” in person, folks.

  16. By Anonymous
    On October 29, 2008 at

    I happen to like his films. I guess I do separate his movies from his life because I don’t condone what his life is about. Sorry for those who will hate me for this post, but he has put out some excellent films.

  17. By KarlRite
    On October 30, 2008 at

    You call that crap movie successful????
    Who saw it besides Woody’s relatives?

  18. By coveryerhootch
    On October 31, 2008 at

    This man should be in jail.

  19. By kendall
    On November 1, 2008 at

    Good god, Soon-Yi isn’t ageing well.
    Woody, send her back to the rice paddies!

  20. By Anonymous
    On November 1, 2008 at

    Some of you are pretty damn ignorant yourself. Soon Yi attended NYU and made B’s. Seems like a lot of racist nonsense on this thread. There have been a lot of ugly stories about Mia Farrow and her kids, too. Probably most of them are false as well.


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