Brit wore this droopy saggy sundress yesterday when she and her new boyfriend David Lucado (not in the photo) chauffeured her sons Jaden and Sean to gymnastics class. Could she find a LESS flattering outfit?

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News


Posted by Janet on March 14, 2013

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  1. By abe
    On March 15, 2013 at

    please get used to it, AMERICANS DO THESE THINGS!!

  2. By Susi Capacitor
    On March 15, 2013 at

    a thousand years ago, in the Village Voce, Micheal Musto wrote a really scathing essay about the emerging, teen star Brittany Spears.

    When I first read it, (at least 10 years ago) it I was shocked by his words and the picture he was painting of the family.

    He depicted the family turning the naked pop princess Brit upside down, and squeezing money out of her vagina.

    At the time, I was admittedly a bit horrified by his imagery, but as time went on, I began to suspect that while it was a crude depiction, it was also, pin point accurate.

    Americas not a country anymore, its a business. and Brittany et al are the proof.

    I find her, and her ilk nearly as creepy as – Strom, Hello and Sherrylynne, who are all a real argument for planned parenthood

  3. By Hello
    On March 15, 2013 at

    S.c now you figured out that america is all about money. Oh and assassinating people. Who is this boyfriend that Janet just slipped in her comment. Where did Britney “find” him or is he a paid escort/bodyguard to be with her? What does he do or what has he done before? I feel sorry for Britney, like she or her family didn’t pay off the other fool to keep quiet about their relationship.

  4. By Enzo and Tutti
    On March 15, 2013 at


    yep, your a big dummy, and the best part about it, it is so obvious that it shows up immediately, and in every single bigoted line you write.

    I read what you wrote in that earlier post of yours, regarding the actor Peter Dinklege. You know what Hello ? What have you done lately ? Really ?

    He deserves your respect. He’s never done anything to you, ever, he works hard and is human enough, to have found a wife and made a child.

    Two things, that I’d bet you’re not likely to ever do.

    You’re the real “midget”

  5. By CoCo
    On March 15, 2013 at

    I think it is the posture, not the dress that is the real problem.

  6. By Pierre
    On March 15, 2013 at

    Abe-go back to Japan.

  7. By Hello
    On March 15, 2013 at

    E.t. this a gossip site if you didn’t have a clue. I don’t have a t.v nor do I need one or want one to watch a midget or anyone else for that matter. You respect him and suck on his teeny tiny balls.

  8. By Gemma St. Cloud
    On March 15, 2013 at

    Brit needs to be heavily medicated in order to be seen in Public. Her overlords need their cash.

  9. By Palermo
    On March 15, 2013 at

    She’s not right in the head so I can’t say anything nasty about her

  10. By Pinky
    On March 15, 2013 at

    @hello, you are a huge creepy drooler, post after dumb post, virtually illiterate and desperate for any kind of attention,

    so here’s some,

    do the world a favour, and just jump

  11. By mishmash
    On March 15, 2013 at

    So sad. She really looks overmedicated. They just keep trotting her out to make more money then lock her up at home.

  12. By Hello
    On March 15, 2013 at

    Pinky, creepy drooler? Apparently you guys are more into this midget (ock than I am. Why don’t you jump on his (ock and give it twirl if fascinates you so much. You and your cohorts are too stupid to see that it is another day and another post. Move on and stop dwelling on yesterdays news.

  13. By Faye
    On March 16, 2013 at

    I think Strom and Hello should hook up and leave the rest of us alone they are both twisted puppies!

    Poor Brittany she was basically whored out by her family so young and promoted a hyper-sexualized image to very young girls. It
    s no suprise she is messed up mentally and on pharmaceutical drugs which are just as toxic as illegal ones. This is standard when girls are sexually objectified and used during childhood. Her parents are her pimp.

  14. By Donny
    On March 16, 2013 at

    @hello, this is cyberspace asshole, there is no old news,

    keep writing the same pathetic deviant crap, and the readers in this community will call you what you are,

    a creep and full time window licker, go somewhere else you dummy, and take your blow up doll ( Strom) with you ….

  15. By linga
    On March 16, 2013 at

    Poor,Britney.I think she is mentally ill,but is forced by her daddy and handlers to perform and bring home some bacon.She always looks unkept and sad in the eyes.

  16. By Hello
    On March 16, 2013 at

    Donny & Faye you are riding on my (ock. I am not riding on yours but thank you for keeping me in your thoughts. A creepy window licker?!!? What is that? Where are you from to use that euphemism? Go and watch tv and stay dumb.

  17. By Abby
    On March 16, 2013 at

    @Hello, your certainly are a sub-literate (which sadly is the only amusing things about your posts), and you also are, as have many posters recently pointed out, a “windowlicker”.

    It’s a term I’m not really familiar with, but I bet if you think hard now, you’ll be able to deduce its intent.

    Presumably, it’s a word (judging from all of your posts) reserved for someone of a lesser intelligence, or extremely crude ways, someone who is broken, and likely limping along in life alone.

    Someone, of no value.

  18. By bon
    On March 17, 2013 at

    Britney just looks like a tired pop star who dresses like a mom.

  19. By Christine India
    On March 17, 2013 at

    @ bon: I agree.

    She looks worse in this pic than any I’ve ever seen. And many many times I have read that she seldom takes showers, and her dogs poop all over her mansion unchecked. In fact, it is said that that’s one of the reasons Trawick called off the wedding. This girl needs help, such as a full time caregiver to see she bathes and washes her clothes. Alsok, she is bi-polar and many times doesn’t take her meds. Pitiful poor little rich girl.

  20. By Hume SF.
    On March 17, 2013 at

    Brit looks like your typical Southern Baptist proselytizer, and before you protest, we’ve had them banging on the front door this week. I guess it’s sweeps week or something.

    The aw shucks accent, the white stuff in the corners of their mouths, smelling a little rancid with the sickly aroma of too much cheap perfume, voices too loud, eyes not able to really focus as they gaze, creepy in the extreme frankly, a little frightening, blank, nothing to say except the usual idiocy, clutching their Bibles and pamphlets in the doorway.

    Ewwww … Pod people, submerged in their collective delusions. I shooed my kids away from the door.

    I get that very same vibe from Brittany, identical, she would fit right in, addled, disconnected, stumbling, rattling along, like a tin can with a pebble in it.

  21. By abby
    On March 17, 2013 at

    @ Hume,

    your right Brit does have that empty vacant look that pamphlet pimping Baptist have. I always thought it was the lithium and vodka. well said.

  22. By Enzo and Tutti
    On March 17, 2013 at

    “Alsok, she is bi-polar and many times doesn’t take her meds.”

    Jesus @christineIndia,

    do you have any friends ? I’d bet no.

    What nasty crap you write. Send us some info about yourself will ya ?

    We can discuss your victories, btw. How’s that double wide ? and your GED ? Still handin out leaflets on the street, cause, there’s an army base just down the road from us, I bet they’d love you to come over there and hand em out, you are a piece a work girl.

    “she is bi-polar” …… whats your diagnose ? oh it’s …. asshole

  23. By Pimple Marvy St. Bullshit
    On March 17, 2013 at

    for the win, E&T

  24. By Christine India
    On March 17, 2013 at

    Two my 2 adorable sweeties above: She is bi-polar, her pappy stated it, Federline stated it, she stated it. It’s a terrible thing to have (Today interview) I’m gonna pray for her, is that OK?

  25. By jojo
    On March 17, 2013 at

    Not going to hate on the Brit, but willing to offer her some dressing advice:

    Girl, you be in LA. Jeans long or short are always acceptable.
    Even those flip flops you like are acceptable.

    So, please heed girl if you read gossip rags about yourself:

    Any T-shirt long or short or muscle is acceptable with a rock band name on it. Period.


    You don’t even have to try, but boy would I love to see you in some Chuck Taylors and a Rolling Stones T shirt.

    Really, it IS THAT EASY

    But bless her heart. You go girl


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