Considering how great she always looks when she shows up for work on American Idol, Jennifer Lopez dropped the ball when she went to New York. This scruffy outfit is what she wore to go shopping in New York on one of the most prestigious retail streets in the world. Sorry Jennifer, raggedy jeans and flip flops might work for the beach, but NOT for Madison Avenue.

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News


Posted by Janet on May 15, 2014

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  1. By Arlene Dickson
    On May 15, 2014 at

    I have never understood America’s fascination with this Woman. She can’t sing, and she acts like some sort of Diva. Please.

  2. By mister baja
    On May 15, 2014 at

    what’s wrong?

  3. By JuXtapose
    On May 15, 2014 at

    OMG she looks awful! I always thought she was too vain to look so dumpy and stumpy!

  4. By toomuch
    On May 16, 2014 at

    It probably took her three hours to look like that too.

  5. By strom
    On May 16, 2014 at

    Without wigs and makeup she is an extremely plain looking Hispanic woman. She was able to gain fame and success by using others as she has no talent and convincing companies she brought the “Hispanic” audience, which was untrue. Few but Kardashians have had as many BLACKS between their legs.

  6. By ah-yuck
    On May 16, 2014 at

    That’s the most clothes she’s ever had on & actually looks decent.

  7. By allan
    On May 16, 2014 at

    she is so over rated minimal talent don’t understand the fascination with her apparently a complete bitch as well

  8. By Kelly
    On May 16, 2014 at

    her mother is frumpy looking. She can’t let her daughter get her a makeover?

  9. By exgci
    On May 16, 2014 at

    In NYC Money Talks BS walks. No one cares how you dress anywhere in the city. As long as you have the cash.

  10. By hack facebook app
    On May 16, 2014 at

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  11. By PitBullLover
    On May 16, 2014 at

    the jewelery she is wearing is probably worth more than any of us make in a year….or 2…

  12. By JuXtapose
    On May 16, 2014 at

    And the shame she wears is worth three life times.

  13. By Bluejay
    On May 16, 2014 at

    She looks fine, but which of those guys gets to carry her purse?

  14. By Henry K
    On May 16, 2014 at

    I’m surprised that Janet has not picked up on the Sherry Shepard story. Sherry Shepard is a disgusting Woman who is on ‘The View’ and is currently being accused of abandoning her special needs son. A full expose on this horrible Woman should be done for all to see the filth that goes on in Hollywood and the entertainment industry.

  15. By JuXtapose
    On May 16, 2014 at

    Henry, you are correct. It amazes me that someone as mentally handicapped as Sherri Shepard is on a show giving stupid opinions and getting paid handsomely for it. She is a close minded bigot and her ignorance is just sad.

    Get Sherri Shepard off the tube. She’s a big dummy. So glad barbara Walters is leaving.

  16. By EfromTN
    On May 17, 2014 at

    Sherri Shepard is a black female and therefore untouchable. Noone wants to be called a racist!!

  17. By Angelo
    On May 17, 2014 at

    There goes Strom arguing with himself as Henry K and Juxtapose.
    WEIRDO! Saying it once isn’t enough for you? You must be a perservating masturbator.

  18. By Floritsa Gomez
    On May 17, 2014 at

    Sheppard has admitted to having multiple abortions, having used the procedure as Birth Control. Barbara Walters has allowed her to discuss this on the air to further this practice.

  19. By strom
    On May 18, 2014 at

    Poor PC Rainbow Angelo worries about strom rather than the topic of the thread.

    JLo is the largest fake on television and was left out in the talent department so she chose to lose all dignity by providing unlimited backside to all the BLACKS who helped her. The iRS should also check out her foundation to see examples of the family employment scams that are employed.

    Maybe Angelo will comment again after he returns from the gay day march.

  20. By strom
    On May 18, 2014 at

    Without wigs and makeup an extremely plain looking Hispanic woman.

  21. By Jane
    On May 18, 2014 at

    Flip flops in New York City? Gross.

  22. By Newbie
    On May 20, 2014 at

    She has gorgeous skin though, no doubt about it.


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